Shannen Doherty opens up about what's next after her battle with cancer

The actress discusses her recent reconstructive surgery and more in an exclusive interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts.
7:16 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for Shannen Doherty opens up about what's next after her battle with cancer
We have our "Gma" cov Stor our exclusive interview and Cance slay iras she llf, shannen Doherty. She is about to return televisi a facing breast er. 'Lk to her live in just a moment. T first hers a look ahat she's overcome the past three year ?????? so many of us watched shannen herty grow up on early S 90210 at Ken through the yin the hit series. But it's H recentreal-l LE battlg breast cancer has had so ma of us following her journey. Looike Burt Simpson. Orter: Diagn 2015, her treatment included chemo, radiation and suery. Documents every step here with he husband saying his supporring the ccer battle marriage roger. And even herde into empowerment. Appearingn thstand up to cancer telethon and shannen is headed back to TV withew starring role the lifetime mie "No one would tell." D Y dare twist this around on nikki?ause ] It up for shann Doherty, live here in our studio. You feg theve I'm feeling Remission so how is everything G. Everything isng really well. You hear the W mission. I know. There's - it's rus of different right Uh-huh. It's like what isnext? -- I lost for a send. I S ke, nowwhat? Like my whole lif has been about this battle. Whelt likeyhole life which was not whole. But it just seems to take then joyous and you get soxcited T you G to wait for that fiverk then theten-year mark so remison a crazy word to me. Yes,is.s. And because you're -- you've gotten your bate and it's over with and you're like, okay, W ? Now what. You'ven S incredibly it's bn really H for a lot of peoee the reconstruction surgehat you through andou were very detailedbout WHA it D for you. Ah, im going to get more detailed. I'm wkingn sometight now that be notbook, it'll be very interact with PEOP it'll help other people with all sorts of drent K of ncer, I'llre my sty. My doctor, like different experiences. So I definite to share more and K H much sharing helpedme,ec what I got E these beautiful stories from oth . Ou know, what they were going through, what they ha en through giving me hope, gi me support and love and, know, it really -- it Reay helped. It's truly a. It's LE you join up and everybody embraces you and okay, you, you're going to be a fighter you hav all O sort of lean on stranger peopleou never knew there'somethin so beautiful T's an incredible community. Incredible community. And spng of your other family, your and you wife -- your husband and your wife And my Breaking news, your husband and your mother werehereith you as well. Mean, why Whynot. I know. But they were there Is that lel here? Yes,is,hone Okay. But they were E, very supportive a helping you along E way. H an amazing support husband was phenomenal. Ow, too off ton of work, really took fantastic care of my my mom, you know, just S alwaysere. They would tag and S really Y, I had some beautif angiend, one friends is cis who is standing right over there D he -- wa, chrer. Yokn, he's the reason I got oncologis that I switched oncologis and it wasr.ence Pierro who of too me out of - got me out of theoodsan you know, friends LI Sara Michelle and Anne miend Deborah I did stand per wi had this a support team a a wd out and just go, , I don't know if ihis many pe around me. I just need the people are really hot and there a love me for me anything else and it was a great moment to be very clear in my life. Ou said that itn - that you're better for ityour profession. We can't wait to see you bk on re we will. You sat mad you a better actor. D. Ink it made me a better actor.I think I made me a better human Bein takes dll your wall, the barrier,ry T life sortt youand, you B this like wall up becausyou're guaingrself so, yeah, Thal comes tumbling down. You want T sea littleit of "No one would tell"? I she'lldoing, the movie she's going te ING. U do want to see it because we're ING tohow it right now. Would tell." Nikki bught me up to date -- you neverit her. No. You never threw her down at your house. You never smacked her - That's S saying then she lyin I will nevurt Sara. Don't you de T this around on Nikki. N't do it. Oh, my goodness. Sorr I had -- You don't like to H yourself. No. I cat -- can hear myself D I C't watch myself. Yeah, judiciary -- Vy powerful role. Tell people a it. The movie is a remake O 1996, it was cdace came played the er. So "No one would tel it's a sry about emotion physicalabuse, in this case teer but for me it was an amazle becau the mom was not completelyorfshed out, I don't think and way that york ise to bld the very beginning of conception and so I was really able to explore and thetor and the uc you know, two great women W are verypen and just let us really delve that our chaers Ando different things but it's Vant because it'alut abuse. That thing V imant for Yo to have this Y role. Yeah, I wanted to know that doit I you K-- Girl, Y got this. "Healthers bs was really on med to makeure that I was back ready item. Wouldn't you say she's back? You'll make me cry. THA you know what,s not 'S not easy to be as open as you have been. Th and thank you. It makes ce. You're making a difference. You're Ming me cry No,no one would tell" premieres Sunday on Is not done after that

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"The actress discusses her recent reconstructive surgery and more in an exclusive interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57793139","title":"Shannen Doherty opens up about what's next after her battle with cancer","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/shannen-doherty-opens-battle-cancer-57793139"}