'Skin' star Jamie Bell on playing a white supremacist skinhead

The actor appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers," and talks about the making of "Skin."
19:46 | 08/02/19

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Transcript for 'Skin' star Jamie Bell on playing a white supremacist skinhead
You already know about a movie called rocket man and they both arm against him I don't know we have time. Your new father again yes I gotta hang. We I don't through mr. look at look at right now I'm programs. Because it's all good yet to solve this. Now we can see by this with him in the poster and it's is this true story. I did nothing about the story in Elena whenever it is for the first time. You know as as a movie that. With that would have is going on the news of us who was Clinton's injury was a movie that felt very urgent very sure Israel with starlets everything exactly. And I felt like it it Sean a light on something that. I think ordinarily we could choose to have been on I think. Any kind of normalization but this is dangerous. Is obviously a redemptive element to this no is the film can have. Tying things up and a nice because life isn't like that but I'm. We'll tell us a little bit though for those people that don't troops or that you're playing somebody who decides. Basically the path he took as a white supremacist is not the way he should guff and how basically do you get rid of that I'd really love now. Literally. He tries to get rid. Bad ink and that stuff on his skin to do it but it's a way to dramatize. What he's doing what he's ripping. True I mean I can that Brian line it was a Korea and announcing. A Muslim that worries those meetings complete and definite. And he's the way I that the Jennings the cactus very much wanted to an unconscious man who who comes to an awakening. He realizes. Choices he has meant jobs and once he meets this woman who changes is like for evidence he has these. Beautiful goes he becomes obsessed with and he tries to get himself back which for a lot of people who do trying to do that a lot of very grave consequences. But it's typical I think these people to leave once there and the ideology so strong. Is almost this. Call almost an addictive quality to to it's added to the families that their ends of these groups that they're in most of these people are very win it would with a get involved with this and suddenly you belong. Should they have they have a purpose in that there feel like as a pat on the back and as a kind of a good job. I'm sad by somebody's. Yet is this this is the real owner of the stories tackle Darrell LaMont Jenkins he worked for the one people's project is within the people out in the street opposing these people and he can spot the good in some of these people and and with Ken and amazing sense of compassion can be tapped to them and and say you know I can gay this if you're willing and he does and threw two years of surgery. Brian is given a gift here it's all removed from the stance and and yes the potential to change his life. And start again. Well we watch the movie and we can by watching the movie and watching your performance and watching how it is done. Put ourselves in that position but it's hard in the beginning with the hard for you when they sit would you play this guy gets excited it was. Canada and on kind of moral seesaw from the ailing U us summit talks of the real brunt of their shots for example I'm and in that conversation. With him and colon the director immediately after thinking them this is good idea I think this is. Still sort of the wrong time to tell the story. Also of filming a by the way is as Israeli filmmaker than. It's meant to be exactly as we went to the atrocities of the Holocaust and so for him to wanna tell the story and have that unique sense of compassion and that expansion of kindness and those quite interest and and again you know what I would walk around this molten can someone shut this but have become in the tattoos and human interest he usually. A in all the can amongst an exit they don't look at things that are challenging and anywhere all scary how they look away and I feel like that. If we do that is culture that's dangerous because we can radically normalize. These kinds of people I think that's very dangerous and hopefully this film. If nothing else is an engine can wake up call. We don't see him in a really good light in the begin known until. And we're basically seeing somebody where you do want to look away not just because of the detective. You want to look away because you're thinking this is reprehensible. But couldn't Muster plays a character and initially it was completes detached from. And I think he's detached from compassionate from love and kindness. He's literally I think he's come completely lost touch with what his ideology means he's in a drunken stupor most of the time. And he's he's indoctrinated by these people and indeed the ideology that this group follow is based in kind of viking Oden mythology which is about bloodlines and it's complete its announced Salem. True it was about that character finding something in this Julie carrots Daniel McDonald plays and minding some sense stability in finding. That there are obvious cousins of empathy that he has and tenderness and care. And suddenly that coming to the surface. Well let's look at a clip jumped in so that people continued who haven't seen yet again in theaters and we look at this the time being magical the. Its annual incomes can. At an appointment you know he can think it's it's safe. When. Oh. You come back to you can. Fast. As a family that is kind of ready made for him him not his should amp and he begins to see a big a war all through that. And me and into enemy is she's really good she's an incredibly usually yes quite remarkable and that you see that through this movie I mean the performances are all. Spectacular car that people are dimming especially. When you see beer for amiga or build camp where people play the people you really don't like yeah. Yeah I mean there's especially with suddenly veering in a so much of that was kind of unscripted into really just summed up. And we cannot much prep time with its policies can end in this wonderful. Three dimensional fully realize can act that was really late. Scary to all of us announcement that the places he was going to do that yeah phenomena like when a presidency and I felt like literally terrified I was meant to be the one that was in which it is grades. It was it was a hardship I think all of us we all knew what was in the headlines we only knew the kind of world that we were living in and and now in Poland this was to betray these people. The way they hop I think what about this menu plan what was her relationship with him complicated. Purely because of the things he's done in I ying and someone who defines forgiveness. Quite difficult it is to come by in I really like to hold people accountable for their actions he. I could go meet with him he's in the witness protection program and spent the week this kind of Channing to hand mostly talking about with stuff that wasn't in the script is child. What is early life was like he's nothing about him as a if if you didn't know that he once looked like that. I mean you'd have no idea that is once coveted thing from him mean he has been given. The gift he's been given a new lease on life he's an extremely paranoid doesn't. He lives in constant theories he lives in constant reckoning. And that that's what he has to atone Fo the things he's and system. The great thing that you literally do and that we see in this is that we see somebody removed an ink. And then we wonder is it gone you know that it you can take it away at us and let. What has become a way has come from here and from here as well. It's only proven through actions only prudent and to but I think excelling right now I think isn't what worthwhile question to ask how much compassion do we have enough funds. The hope in this movie's mean is that there there really is. The kindness of strangers people like Daryle LaMont Jenkins two Michael to pleasant Islam. Is solely responsible for getting mad at this moment movements in did the money in the funds that provided for his surgery provided by an anonymous down. In if anything that's the hope the move means that the raw raw human beings willing to extend this convention. This. Out then what you do but you do that it right Giuliani yeah you're putting on somebody's skin and no matter what part your. Yes whether there's any disguise and what do. Mayhew dude I mean I know Billy Elliot is the beginning and the ability it is a lot like. Yet what he would that is exactly via. Amazing acuity all of I don't I don't know what does it show I just think fortunately that'll yes you are likely to know why. Palestinian because I was the first time a film set from the of that movie. I'm a moving very overwhelming like unsuccessfully to come to town the cameras pointing these very extreme and just really trusting a guts like had no idea what is today that this. Fulmer and the decision to make this. What was one of every challenging myself and and seeing. Is it possible to completely trust bomb myself to degree had never done before com. And so challenging they have as to what most challenge of things for me it was was not holding the character any formal judgment you know that's what it was certainly become a judge Karen yes you can very difficult circumstance. Coats Tom. There's upon them at him and introduced myself. Or else. But then also just that that level of detachment that the current hands and. What you'll do better but the reason I bring a Billy Elliot in addition to it being such as Seminole thing for you again and in what was happening views that. You're being brought up this way you you've got a sister whose dance you know this is this is the home much like you and yet there's all these cameras have. Sure it and I are saying why. What it. I thought I certainly Hollywood I had wings of my way through that for the first time in. But it also means. You know and I never met my father useful. That the relationship that Billy hands with his father in the film. Is very challenging. Certainly this is as a tactic to. Certainly lacked male presence and a male role model guidance and leadership that is looking follow. Elton John when he solved Giuliani in canned. Wecht he was weakened when amendments fault that he's seen a movie version before he writes the millions yeah Wednesday. When your kid guesses at least we think he's weeping because he his own father. He's he's now passed. As if you seem we have nothing runs very he's not a good relations from tecumseh tones of this on sexuality and everything else and that happened must operate in him for was. He never showed up to one of the shows. Not long so I think when Billy's father time's up in the zone and time's up for his son and performing with the wrong about school I think that really. Started you know. That that looking up to people in having examples of this so crucial selling phones in. In an assistance may be his life of the Tenet of. What happens now after you meet Elton John again and you're playing burning to up and movie like really weird I don't know what the Mexican action yet has version because obviously did that the musicals. Lee hall news wrote the Lilly wrote the musical heroes rocket. Mom does a lot of kind of cosmic. Touches so this. And I love them as Benito open at which it's again antithesis to this characters such a loving supportive. Accepting. Human being and such a loyal friend it was really nice to doing this which is quite unpleasant experience. To go and play catch that there was some news. Lovely filth is that means you have years and years of therapy are happy in the Reno sort of relatively normal like I mean I would hope relatively in all it seems relatively normal Samie. In I mean I don't think I'd kind of relative if we're the ones experienced. But I think you know work for me is real form of therapy I get to plant some cactus from. Lots of different places and different walks of life and that to these variants to get to meet all the people that I'm playing lessons on the still with us that I did musical numbers revolutionary. One. These things months it's about it collectively it's an active uncle films does them done livable than banning. He was around he was extremely useful extremely lonely guy and would come. What wildlife. He has lived in that's like is that as well. So the really that is. An apple on smoke that's another really terrific perform thank you thank you you tend to give them. Now so to me hopefully a lack of its I don't I mean I'm still wing it to breathe. You know but now you keep doing. Right right right and still thinking what I'm trying to get that from you is what you get that satisfaction or validation. From that. Within Europe the best judge of yourself them. You're now nine I don't but I'll watch anything. So that's it to you iodine your wife think he he say how was I. I don't get it right there should like. To Iowa watches them which friends please. I don't enjoy it actually why don't join because it's done what does nothing I can do to affect it in. I like to be in control of Zeta won election city goes away want to as a Nazi a very little control and ultimately it's. To direct as mean. Removing myself and creative control tricky analysts think you can almost be bad. I really do it well you know. He can't behind the movie so. Died he better idea to put my perspective is on get acts. They got up next. The next. We do see this fact coat that it exists you know it's very erotic and Norway have had erratic yet it's it's the strange profession. Let's take a few questions from the world that oh Steve what they say like. Emily. Did you ever going public with the tattoos it's no. Do you think people or intimidated or did you feel as if you wanted to hide. I did go public with the taxis on mostly. Through necessity as we made this movie for peanuts. And we literally run out of money to print new months. So much of choice. That I had to go out to get that means you have to take them home and sleep and no I slept in them went to get gas and then went to breakfast and them. Like I had to his there was nowhere like if I took them off ruin the movie X we have to shoot the next week and people did. Feel intimidated by them and at when this when when human beings know that as a monster in the rooms and very that we mentioned. So that's very disturbing aren't comfortable they choose to look away. They they refuse to gonna make eye contact with others. Tendency to ignore all the monster in the room elephant grabbed said. Did you feel like you want to hide them couldn't could take. OK let's get one more question from here within EP thing watching your film should mean that the corps did playing this reelect I changed UN anyway. It's you know what it hasn't it's challenged me very much about who I am as a person my relationship with forgiveness. It really has its its. I really cannot hold grudges coil on that's I know that's not a good thing here. Didn't think that what's more it is not something and the union. We you have your argument about Revere areas. God when that happens. I'll call you can't see this become filthy Alley the grudge go to bed and god forbid you constantly. But I mean what do what you have. It's. Yes he's done don't have a big time and again stones side. What do you have angered do you do you yell I. Hold people accountable and enough for that's a jet Bubba I do know about maturity and this film is genuinely challenging that sense of holding people accountable to their actions and and that choices and I think it in this dumb even making it and playing the character has has them. Many really look at myself in. And how I feel about some people in. How Fonda's my passion expand them. All of us well let it show ends its first permanent about this for you that announcement about missing on YouTube take it right it is coming up Aaron. If. So what a show doing had a question we didn't have time for somebody that you know Jamie you look like Tom. Currently Spider-Man Yucca. The people tell you that costs because you were Billy Elliot yen it's OC. When he was here I think that electricity from Billy diseases it will. You oh yeah I can't I will not do that. So at least nobody's says. Friends with sitting out there at least green that made him right right right right but he said you don't know torturing. Do that and it's not because you wouldn't be. You do that had that anger against it like psychotic that goes in the time. You have to live with that grabbed. A note yeah great war yeah are now Brad thank you and I'm so that is generally samba is very easy to be proud of because I still meet people today. Who was so. I mean is this still so affected by an and now it's it's become it's own thing happening at bats on of it to people like Tom Allen on to move. And discovers phenomenal talents and you know is that that legacy continue in other people getting to split up Thompson's. But then there you go open and should get active the rest of us now. That little bit of music yet as the Jamie got caught right it doesn't. Have to be this like long piece of well me. Down into thirty pounder will be very along well I don't see how. Might we as anyone having lost and I wasn't in that we haven't two don't with Allen in. It alleges solace in in my own time. Because we have our own time and went on sun April. So good he in the period room. Where the dogs of society. Two in the division we can't plant meaning it it's and go on backed him up. Back to the hound angled down in the woods hunting going back. Too. Little. Oh. This in future. Beyond. The end but in old. Room. LIV Maria thank you. Rea Ina a tricky. I repeat to yourself yes and instability al-Qaeda Al has gone out and and every when you that this will it is. If that now he's done if all of that. Thank you so much good Rea it really great.

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