Sylvester Stallone talks ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

The silver screen legend discusses the return of his beloved character in the latest film in the franchise.
4:10 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Sylvester Stallone talks ‘Rambo: Last Blood’
to find out if it's really the final chapter. I'm going to tear you apart. Reporter: John Rambo is back. 37 years after Sylvester Stallone first brought you the iconic war hero, he returns for the fifth action-packed thriller "Rambo: Last blood." He's home in Arizona. He went home. And 11 years ago when I finished it I went he's walking down the road and everyone is going, oh, good ending and I'm laying in bed and ten years later I went, who is in the house? There could be a movie in the house. Depends. So that's where it started and when he goes inside he finds a family and that's where the audience catches up to them. There's no reason for a man to throw his family away. He's lucky he has one. "Last blood," is it really the last time because the way it ends, you feel that there -- the story could continue. No, it's the last. It's the last. I mean, I will -- it's the last. It'll never happen again just like the second or the third one. I'm the worst. I mean seriously, call me untrustworthy because I just -- I'm a man of my word. What is it? Something happens. It's only been two rambos in 31 years so if you dig deep enough just like there's another rocky. Do you want it? I'm on the fence. It's a lot of work. It's a lot of work but it's a lot of story. You have to have a nemesis, a great nemesis, one -- when I see people like Apollo creed, Carl weathers, he is one in a trillion. I'm telling you, the voice, arrogance, movement. Then you have, of course, Mr. T. Give me a break. Where do you find that? And Dolph Lundgren. The intense hatred I felt for that guy that I know every other guy in America was. Your daughter was here not too long ago. Feature film. What advice do you give her? I told her, man, I give it to every actor, this has to be something that is made for people that have alligator skin because it's all about rejection, rejection, rejection rather than taking and beat yourself up which most actors do, you have to be able to somehow channel it. We've come all this way and don't even see the temple. Really? It's good for young actors to hear this because they forget your story. They see the end result now but they forget the story about how you got rejection after rejection and you were not going to take no for an answer. I refuse, refused to go down unless I have failed every cell in the body has failed? So why should people come see this film. I think it's fantastic. I think it hits the violence, yes, it's there. It's hard and it's real. I didn't want to candy coat it but the fact that you will be able to relate, everyone who has a family knows that the worst fear in the world is when that family is taken or jeopardized. But there seems like there's a lot of John Rambo in you other than the violence part of it. There's 100%. My father is a very hard man. I try -- I try, I try and I channel it, this kind of expression, I think you just have it in you and it's better I do it there than somewhere else, you know. But I went, okay, then why don't you use that for that kind of the screen really does if you look closely, it tells you who that person is because you can't hide from yourself. We don't want to hide from you. No. You come screaming through. Thank you, Sylvester. Thank you. Robin said it right, we don't want to hide from you. I am looking forward to this. I'm the biggest Rambo fan. Keep making them. "Rambo: Last blood" is in theaters today.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"The silver screen legend discusses the return of his beloved character in the latest film in the franchise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65740631","title":"Sylvester Stallone talks ‘Rambo: Last Blood’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sylvester-stallone-talks-rambo-blood-65740631"}