Taylor Swift drops anticipated new single, 'ME!'

Plus, the singer takes "GMA" on a tour of her beloved Nashville.
5:25 | 04/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift drops anticipated new single, 'ME!'
Taylor Swift right there. New song dropped last night topping the iTunes charts and Paula Faris is in Nashville. Taylor surprised some fans and appeared on stage with robin. Good morning, Paula. Reporter: You got to admit it's a catchy song, don't you think? It is. Reporter: Do you like it? George. Well, Taylor Swift putting out her first new music since 2017 and fans rewarded her as George just mentioned already topping the charts but what a treat we got at "Gma." Taylor Swift getting behind the wheel and giving us a tour of her beloved Nashville, a city that just absolutely adores her. I'll promise you'll never find another like me Reporter: At the stroke of midnight setting off an earthquake in swifty nation releasing "Me" featuring panic at the disco's Brendon Urie. Me I'm the only one of my Reporter: Optimistic and awash in pretty pastels, the new music video is a departure from the darker themes of her last megahit album "Reputation." In the last two weeks the singer/songwriter has been sending clues about the new music to her fans. Launching a countdown clock on her website and dropping cryptic hints across her social media platforms. Overnight fans reacting to the midnight release losing sleep and their minds over the new song. Aaaghh! Yes. Reporter: And earlier this week Taylor took ABC on a tour of her beloved Nashville telling us about the special places and music city that helped her get to where she is today. All right, so here we find ourselves in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm your host, Taylor. I've lived here for longer than I can remember. I'm going to be taking you around to some spots that are really significant to my life. All very me, me, me but that's what we're doing today. I'm going to take you to one of our best streets, you hate to play favorites but I really prefer the place where the music is made, and so turning onto what we call music row. I was 11 when I first took a trip to Nashville with my parents and I was like, it's spring break, mom and dad. Can I please go to Nashville and become a singer. Look that way, look that way, look that way, we're safe. Actually walked into that building right there. That's curb record, I went there first because Leann Rimes was signed there and I was like, you got to start there. The receptionists were all really nice to me because I was a fifth grader. So where we're going now is we're going to Sony atv publishing where I got my publishing deal to write when I was 14. We have just pulled into my high school parking lot so this is Cray nostalgia. This is where I met my best friend. I would go to school here and a lot of times be in nye classrooms writing ideas on the sides of my notes and then my mom would drive me downtown to have the songwriting appointments. Double life. I had a really good time at this school. So thank you, hendersonville high school. Next stop on our tour of Nashville is going to be the country music hall of fame. So come on. This is where you can come and check out the entire history of country music. Then there's this part that focuses on the present and the future and it's called coincidentally the Taylor Swift education center. You can come here, you can learn about the craft of songwriting and it's really amazing that the country music hall of fame has done this to make sure that the current generation and the next generations will be educated about any kind of music and how to create it if they would want to do that. So we're going to head to bluebird cafe. Bluebird cafe is one of my favorite places in nashville/the universe really. There are a lot of places you can perform as an artist but this is just for the writers. I'm Taylor and I just moved here about six months ago and this is my first time playing at the bluebird. When I played a show here I actually ended up getting my record deal out of it. People love to throw around the term was discovered here. It's pretty accurate though. I can't believe you did it again took my heart with you This is the place where I like performed and ended up getting signed. Thank you. It's a sacred spot in musicdom. I hope it stays this way forever. Reporter: And she has had such an amazing journey. Kind of mind blowing to think when she played at the bluebird cafe which she just showed us there she was playing for 40 or 50 people and last summer she sold out the Nissan stadium which is just in front of me, a capacity crowd setting all kinds of records but coming up at 8:00 more on the clues she dropped for her fans and the moment that she surprised them at that mural in Nashville. She loves this city and this city loves her right back. That city is having a big weekend. Uh-huh. The NFL draft and now new Taylor Swift music. A lot going on. Thanks, Paula.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Plus, the singer takes \"GMA\" on a tour of her beloved Nashville.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62649027","title":"Taylor Swift drops anticipated new single, 'ME!'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/taylor-swift-drops-anticipated-single-62649027"}