'Toy Story 4' star Tony Hale on why it was easy to get into 'Forky' character

The actor appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers," and talks about joining the cast of "Toy Story 4."
21:17 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for 'Toy Story 4' star Tony Hale on why it was easy to get into 'Forky' character
Except for close. I don't really air I told there just what about a lot of it has been stopped it yeah there's no movie it's a movie there's nothing at least Chad. Well. He and I definitely Tony held court is immortal. Playing Gary on the and then busted loose. Is now found another iconic character. In for you turn out to be a plastic. Bork. And they're all neurotic but they're very murky. There's a through line go on what do you think you one that need Disney's slash pics sellers today. We have this war. And the base of the plays Iowa who could really boys this. Well there are they brought me up to Pixar fewer benefits Pixar iPad and the places that creative wonderland it's a beautiful. They brought me up when they're like yeah we have this sport. And we he's coming at an erotic energy and we like we not a value. Shahak kick. I was Nixon Atlantic energy with some humor there comes from a lot of play a lot of pain. But don't we all they yeah they described him as you know I just like he's very simple he was simply made in UCs though life very simply overwhelmed. I'm always longed he has now own. He has a bit of an impostor complex is like I don't know how I got here I kind of feel the same way you know time so we we have a lot of income for Q. A lot of. Eat your trash and will go to actually. All I've. Back clear plastic trash you what everyone wants to get rid collide but you know nothing but he's happy with that. That's though about he's like. My life my lifeline inflate I help deeply chilling in the negate the trash that Soledad and woody comes along he's like no you have a greater purpose and that you value. And then of course you're crying and corners are watching too there's a lot of weeping at goats did you see any end in between the the laughter and things like this so Graham it's typical picks make you laugh and some here we shouldn't murder people. That's usually things that they do but affects let students let's talk about it is though that it. I never got to go after Abbey's mother being dead I said no it's not all right I think ultimately cost of breakdance and you look at you look at frozen. Parents killed in a boating accident a child is an isolation because she's got a gift from resistor. Proposal you know solitary confinement nutri. Kidnapped by a which shocked totally dark stuff it's you choke on your popcorn with Erica it's totally totally had as a parent you're watching non. Insist our man. Twisters in nice. It's nice and refreshing. Your parents on how alters your dog she's thirteen so this is of my words this is the first thing she says she can see. In any case she's nobody much from her until she's middle aged. Since she does a strict household weekends that we can enjoy. We can enjoy as he has those funds mean I was who has little if you come on. Instead of me and everybody had headphones as you can without phones whose language so that this is what grounds is let them figure the snacks. Or adequate if you don't look like good people and what we did not play gave their usual. It was the work but. I want to go back a little tidbit Genesis. Fort user yes it's okay to say we have this erotic the you sport. It's doing it and yes we would want you to do this but did you have with me in besides doing the voice port. Now this character one finally presented. I mean it was the cool thing about what Pixar does me I've been fortunate to do other animation typically your kindness separated by this time sheet of glass you have had phoned death. And then you mean you know when known talk you know talks he you do your thing and everything goes out and and you just these voices talking about democracy and it's very insecure. Feeling. Picture keeps in the same room so it's like you're in the room with a rise in interest bruises you on the same room. You feel like you're kind of a part of the collaboration a kind of put that energy out there which I really appreciate. As we would try different voices. And I was able to ad lib stuff every now and then but the thing is today Millwood in the cast read the full script we weren't allowed to read a full scripts they just hand do you pages as you went. So I really resident before he had no idea what was going on I didn't know what was happening. And he's constant doesn't know what's happening he's asking questions O time I'm asking questions that all the time. Where what's happened whom I talk you know so it's like I felt like this kind of I was. So her little girl named Bonnie hey what's happening threat what am I ended. The only flexibility toward there's arms everything else is just no yes no flexibility can't even move his feet. He's just a mass. We you all ready and cult with that inculcated. In which would ever worried worried nobody had ever I don't you did really well interesting to use that that was the only way ever came up but I. Breakdown we're what does it mean it means that he had you ever been so absorbed in that every single thing about Toy Story was a part of your life. Broker or get a cup nurture politically I never saw as a Toy Story in the he said what is oh have I ever done yet. I well you saw them all I've seen them all actually I moved to New York in 1995 to be an actor and that's in the first blistered came. And remember seeing in the parliament passes Oakland at worth somehow be associated with it. But nine years ago ism. For the third one came out and and my daughter was for so that was one we really watched a lot easier. So that you were inculcated and we're just gonna use that would've much looked at right now I'm going to be addressed in my life and I'm not gonna and I am an acclaimed yet he didn't like I can multiply it short then you know you can only and that's it I'm genuinely amazing that you that just came out now I am its just as well. My kids are doing it here times crossword. Decided to throw at you Tony. But we need to look at you fork. We need to see you. OK so that we can all become inculcated. In you and your hair okay that's I'm these roll the clip colony. Houghton on. Her started the machines. Debbie. Christina Hendricks who can. And then. Move from Harry. I hadn't eaten only that you eat and you this is I'm trash. At this marketplace guys. Last cozy and warm it is all that I was happy here. Stress he says it isn't a statement it's just like that's my lifeline I'm going to trash but we all have the vision that you all of the boy sectors that do any of these movies are torture. To do 47 reading that so that people with a tone let's just try idea I did my face wrath. Contrast Tom Hanks was saying I guess that that I don't care how you come. I want but he would pay the one thing he flew over the years is among guys. How long guys he says I'm sad that so many different ways I feel it for accuses Strauss like a number of times music trashed and the Iowa Clinton like him insurance. And address. Contrasts but he so much wants to go back to being tracked tricky guy doesn't want to beat or he doesn't want to be a toy that doesn't say. Knowledge is on a vehicle away he's also like almost sport so I don't know why am called forecast. That's a whole other system to crack completely support it why can't be sport you because Bonnie name them porky. But he you know he just kind of but again. On a medal level there isn't sound unhappy you already drafted guys there's gonna terminate the program. But it like. You know it and the like anybody's feel like trash yours Sammy is made them feel that way can a greater value. Greater purpose and that's when woody comes on teachers everybody needs of these issues. I guess everybody does in the way but he. This is a character who was tremendous. Or they're a lot going on muscles so I'm saying this is just belong thing. How much is fort the in this process I feel I do sometimes look around them like. Okay we're spending in the plan what's happening right but also leg and has overwhelmed as he has to even be a part. Hey here's that they not to sound like the cheesy cliched thing but an even overwhelmed via of them working actor much less a part of this movie. So I kind of I'm in and I'm also kind of like he'll walk four Q walks rise like. What is that what one might here. That's like asking them all the time how my talking to Peter Travers like that's like out of I think it here. You know even at this point in your career here you're mad racists doomed I'm using as many big worked as a candidate. I still think you are still ahead 30 Rock with any. Well to look at them every day say look I'm told I have two time Emmy winner. At them as of that the meaner. Aren't those Emmys are. They are in the kitchen there think. And my wife actually had age enemy before reaches a make a partisan she she had an enemy for work when she was in New York. And to she was the first but she's on the top shelf them. I haven't made it to the top so well it's never gonna change he had the first dance and I don't care when the third which are rooting for you to do our. 300 U Emmy voters ethnicity you watch me I'll religiously. And you've you know having been in the business in the round politics and stuff like that it's. There is it was a lot of truth I think that came out in view of kind of behind the scenes chaos and something that would buckle with the. With a kind of brutal honesty to it if it's almost difficult for me to see you will now the icu as tea plastics Bork. I then saw you always with that tote bag with that you always had that that system. News. And in poor Gary was just be used mostly many in. While in Carrey's. There was like he would like lines his own pockets and sewed pockets and haven't. In Tony's bag and it was like water bottles and script pages that he would have been ashamed if he knew. But it was nice that I won't violate some it was asking me about what's it like to go from beat to to answer honestly. I mean from like the abused like the nurturing of would like I Philly dairy needed it would be in his life just like talent that was going to be okay. What has that changed. Gary in a way that we well I mean something need I don't know if you saw the last episode but that would. With Selena did to Gary Willis what you teach and test the bomb. She's off her ring death. But it was I think that last that was that was the only thing that was gonna wake him up out of the abusive cycle because he was like a dog returning to it's vomit he just. He just kept coming back to the if it is. You know and he couldn't not that was just. About it until then I'm stressed I'm middle class if I get the I'm going to get there is that the people all his you're reverse things which ran on them so expect. And you in playing this character for what was it is its seventh season with the innocence he's had an all of you bastards decided to end it. When I was not ready. I did my news Iowa I would have gone on for years but the raiders and Julia they all and nicely with the community there was the story had to. Come to a close but the bummer I think we were so. Carriages were so abusive to each there. That we were just who love each other so much else that a little too much just like balance this crazy. I think I was called what are some names of people got called on the outset like zone a got the worst Timothy Simon's I think one some somebody said to him once his character's descent. You have a weird she. Initially. Blowing not take it personally when you send out mice ate I was called iPod and make. There's obviously personal. I was called cow lions. It was called a line that was one. I don't think that window and speak. Those that back peddled and mind I'm just. Yeah but that Germany got the worse I can say. Twisters are provision through and through with a whole. Yeah he was called cloud disturb or his use of Tel. He was caught and accused of Frankenstein's monster the monster was made entirely of its. Who thugs just billion dollars what went on there what you purport that you wanted to tell me that it was nothing but love. Well that was odds and it was harp on an awful who knows what. We want it we wouldn't find out who. What are named what you were calling us and until the table reads like it's he calmly. Reading these stress like hot hot. And weird shape when he leaves. Recently. You know obviously. I'm hoping it was authored about. We each other's therapist's its Indian can't let them get through this together. How teams you. Get in this crazy thing is in the business. Woolen looking organized by my first. Acting thing was Shakespeare in the parking lot. It came through parking lot of the east village. And. Yeah my first game and I had every job under the sign I loved cater waiter in you have to talk to people you just put food. And then I talent. And a great thing is I want I often do with a time that can be so obnoxious about food. And then I would Tampa and I would only go for the digs and they know if Iowa might have an audition and they only wanted to warm body in the seats or make long distance phone calls. Analysis of excited as I can make all while long distance phone calls for free. And attempt and then I started doing commercials and the more commercials. Account that was able to get the pope's hand the Volkswagen commercial that stuff. And Arrested Development was my first time that they'd. TV gate. And was a really eye opening because I'd actually did it ever children's book about it because it was my big thing. And actually do satisfied with the list autos incessantly scared me. And it's because I think I gave it too much weight like all that sitcom. And it's a whole thing if you're not practicing contentment where you are you on TV content you get what you want. And I feel like my whole time and your cousin was like that big things coming up big things come and and I was never really present and so after that kind of lesson I really started I did children's book about a little chicken in March bonus knows what Hindus next big thing. And that would be travels around with him anything yet to be a man. Yes be it and I. And he realizes that his big thing like my big thing is re here talking to you that's that's my big thing. Some Morales but what was that first thing your view on screen. That you can then say to your friends I got hired for this show or Deutzman. From my first thing was that. Was actually MCI commercial those very very excited about varies. An immigrant told my whole family and never tired. Old network care words of note to self. Until it airs don't tell them. And I do the second time. Where. Durable. Shoes and a movie with them Geoffrey Rush reads the piano player yes shine shine shine. I remembered Conan brought me on years ago and I was just he just a guess they thought it looked like him I was playing him Geoffrey Rush in a skit. Told the entire family everybody state Utley cut state sketch was cut it again Tony. Do not health family until there's nothing you don't I get this day they don't know I'm doing this thing you don't know. And we don't even now they're not ensure Toy Story forty Kanye exactly document and Arrested Development paris' day they say oh honey. Might might my friends we like that show Arrested Development we still don't yet. I. Might. And really and why do you feel mostly about your mother but I think we've got to it's. Do something we can enjoy. We'll literally throws its support. There re everywhere I have no idea where it rose out of my Allegra. When Mars there was an arrest ago McMahon I think as my mom or dad does now he's funny. Well let. Yeah that there are not here it's funny if and when it. And I need to go up let's talk about therapy that we have a couple of questions from. The social media from the outside world that we located Louise all horses Toy Story was the first with the yes on my wife I don't think I'm more excited than my children. And sir do you have a favorite character other and the four. I mean it is all about you. Back to Buckman. A it will say it's cliche but it's what he. And I think it's because of this kind of connection for Turkey and woody. And also over the years just hearing woody. Keep that team together and meet again not to sound Matta. But it's like I think what has been so attractive about this franchise you see a group of these characters. Very different characters. Live life together and work their staff and keep walking to life together. It woody and buzz totally different characters but they've found ways to celebrate differences and work together. And it's like we can all take a lesson from that we're not meant to do this by ourselves we need each other as what he's always going come on guys aren't alone is we're not we're not supposed to be good seeing you never got to work without. I'm you know and he greeted a sign of pictures that partner's open. The great. Here we out number two here Renee teases my daughter already collect all the large. From the kitchen the dangers any tips on how to make the perfect. Fort. Cash great question well I mean he's a sport. So I've I've become a little bit of a Sporkin Angeles like it's a very underrated Utah council. It's the unicorn and long pants when you I'm ashamed. But it's also it doesn't get enough attention so I'm really trying to create a movement for the sport beacons you know it's perfect for a minister he. You stab that he and then take the bras that you can do. Just an hour. But any attempts I would say. I actually went this elementary school Lester we all made fourteen together. And I loved that they just did there all of their own interpretation. Fourteenth can look many different ways. Well that's good see you opened whole world oh yeah yeah color yet I grew but this is the first time you've been on the sector can't believe because you're so great. To talk to you but we ended song Auld Tony really always everybody's here is Tom Hanks himself does that race at the public. What do you think even like anything that you what you do it mr. bossy thing that alleged saying that so I'd sort any song are you serious would I am very serious everybody that comes on the show. Whether it's Clinton Eastwood or timing saying okay. All right minutes he directed to Cameron yes OK opportune time okay. Perfectly. With. That is true. Though that it should. That is true I'm. And on the letters and you can stop me. From madam mine. Motto that is shown who edits. Led is that is. A follow. I can rip. Read read you active repaired my so many lifting its. Anything. Vocal coaches all across Europe it. Help me without. Please come back all that I'm kidding that's only.

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