Tracee Ellis Ross on her singing debut in 'The High Note'

The Golden Globe-winning star of "Black-ish" talks about the show being renewed for a seventh season, her iconic mother Diana Ross and singing for the first time in her new movie.
7:08 | 05/26/20

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Transcript for Tracee Ellis Ross on her singing debut in 'The High Note'
this Tuesday morning. Robin, you are about to talk to one of our all time favorite guests. She is the winning star of the hit show "Black-ish." She's now starring in a brand-new movie "The high note," yes, Tracee Ellis Ross, we thank you, thank you for being with us. Joining us from your home, good to see you, oh, stylish as always. We're going to talk about your big singing debut in a moment but first the dancing. Those videos that you posted online. Where did you get those moves? Obviously didn't get the moves, robin. I don't know if you tried to do a tiktok but it is so much for the brain and the body to do it at the same time. I was like I cannot do this so instead I just made my moves. It was brilliant. I did not do it. Uh-huh. But you have challenged others. We'll see if they're up to the challenge. Okay, my friend, you can sing. You can flat out sing. I mean your voice, your music -- this is the first time you've ever recorded. Why did you make us wait so long, Tracee? I don't know. I think I got busy doing other things, robin. My -- I mean, I was doing pretty good with the TV and the acting and all that and then this role came along and that childhood dream that has been just like waiting to get out, go the to do her thing of the I was so in love with the role, it was worth the risk, worth taking the lead. I love the message of this movie. It was just worth it. Grace Davis, my character's name, got to hold my voice. And what is the message? What is the message in this movie? The message is no matter the phase, the stage, the place in your life, it is never too late to go for your dreams, never too late to go after your passions. It's never too late to change a lane. And even when people that are close to you or your own fear is telling you that you should stay in your place and play it safe, go for it. And I love that message. I felt like it was time -- also this movie is a feel good movie and so rarely do we get to have those and even specifically and especially in this time, a movie that's going to give you a little bit of joy and some feel good is like this. Yes, and we so need it and to be willing to venture outside of your comfort zone as you did. You know, we all know your mother, Diana Ross, what did -- Who? What did she say when she heard your voice, when she heard you sing? She cried. She cried. She was like, finally. I think, you know, I have an incredibly supportive mom who really allows her children to find their way and I think she knows when there's things we really want to do but we skrnts done them so she felt really -- she's just really supportive and really proud. It's exciting. And rightfully so. All right, let's give everybody a little sneak peek of "The high here it is. Are you sure all of this is still okay with you? Because after that little show at the recording studio, I'm not sure, because if there is something else you want to be doing I don't want you to be here if you don't want to be here. No, grace, I will -- Yes. I want to be here. Good. Because I want to go through my closet and donate things that aren't sparking joy or whatever. Aren't sparking joy. We know what that means. You got on the stage. You got on the stage in this film. What was it like to take that stage in front of everyone like that and perform? It was fantastic. I think we have created a monster. I loved it. You know, I love being on stage but usually I'm hosting American music awards or whatever and hide behind a little bit of shtick but grace Davis doesn't hide behind anything so to have a hot mic and actually be able to sing live in front of an audience even though they weren't ticket holders, they were just background was just really thrilling for me. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I loved being in the studio too so -- I have a new passion as well as grace Davis. Oh. I love hearing that. I love hearing that. Yeah. Of course, congratulations, the seventh season now, just renewed for "Black-ish" so tell us, tell us, yes, what will the Johnson family be up to post-pandemic? I don't know. How are we going to shoot this show? I was saying I have this vision of Anthony andny a parking lot somewhere, both of us like holding our own cell phones shooting each other and that we'll send that footage in and they'll edit it. I have no idea how we're going to do this safely but I know we'll be able to figure it out as we all re-enter society in a new way with the new normal but I'm excited. The Johnsons are -- have such a big place in high heart and I'm excited to get back in there. We are all very excited and lastly, Tracee, what do you tell people, you know, based on your movie to go for? You know, whatever it is that, you know, here you are singing, something you've had in your heart and finally doing it and the character as well, what is your message to folks this I think my message is always follow your heart and I know that particularly now in this time, it's not easy. I know that, you know, we are all dealing with and our country and our globe is dealing with so much real loss and heartbreak and the loss of livelihoods and everything. But I think even within this, there's ways to find joy and to lean towards that and those are the things that, you know, find the joy in the gratitude where it exists because that exponentially grows for you. So I think that would be the message right now and I'm also just sending everybody so much love and so much life. That is so you. Thank you, Tracee. You bring joy and light. Folk, if you follow her online, it is so uplifting, your videos and the things that you say. It's incredibly uplifting and we just appreciate it and so excited about "The high note." So you and your loved ones take care. Always good to see you. You too. Good to see you.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"The Golden Globe-winning star of \"Black-ish\" talks about the show being renewed for a seventh season, her iconic mother Diana Ross and singing for the first time in her new movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70879185","title":"Tracee Ellis Ross on her singing debut in 'The High Note'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tracee-ellis-ross-singing-debut-high-note-70879185"}