11-year-old helps other girls of color find dolls that look like them

Meet Zoe Terry, 11, who made it her mission to help other girls be able to find dolls that look like them after she was bullied for her skin color and hair texture.
8:21 | 02/16/18

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Transcript for 11-year-old helps other girls of color find dolls that look like them
We are celebrating happy to celebrate Black History Month with incredible game changes and this morning where. So thrilled to get an issue to an aspiring young girl he that we Harry is her name can craft a nonprofit. Joseph we've Dalton. To help others love affair therein are gonna chat with her in just a moment but first point you take a look at restore. You down. The lanky. An eleven year old Zoe Jerry loves doll giveaway day. And not just because of the smile she puts on little girls faces. But also for the powerful message she delivers to them. You lack. I'm and that it. I study Terry Stotts whereas citing salad. It at that time I was believed because of color my skin and says he himself healthy. It's just really made me feel really bad I felt like accidentally pulled him. To make sure that no other little girl feels the way she did 102011. Zoe with her mom's helped launch is always dolls. I really define away Wagner have little brown goes now that day in the east is beautiful no matter what annually said. And I stopped and dollar big name came into being graduated children today so he says she has collected and donated 20000. Dolls. To be the first to tell you is not about me you just have my name on it. It's about any little girl who has been in my situation. Now in sixth grade and thriving at the same school she was once bullied Zoe has sparked an important conversation. Not only does she spread a message of diversity and inclusion she really does feel that we are all beautiful and lack any little. Brown that's now that nothing it's impossible. Film latest sales and I'm possible. I'm not certain material. Oh. I cannot be eleven years old how my goodness. I'm so proud of you think he's still only incredibly. Proud of you would your productivity. And just what you are just what you're spreading the love you and inclusion. So tell me what ever happened to the little girl who bullied you way back when whatever happened. Neiman gal I now friends and she donates his only solace every yeah. And think how we Cain today semi school and my mom. Really helped me in the got to understand that I'd get since his or make a special and visited with his celebrate active that this machine gavels Heather. Because of like if it's that's wonderful that fact that you guys are friends now he's helping and you know as a as a parent. You want to protect your child and you don't want to see them hurt it any way for for any reason whatsoever. And the reason that you're. If you thought that this was a teachable moment what your daughter was going through. Yes absolutely for three reasons one not everything is gonna going your way and move to I needed her to be able to turn her lemons into lemonade and three I wanted to be comfortable at the black girl announced Stanton. And what me for there with him whose bat so I awaken my first stop mine and visit our prototype. Simply Delhi but he's not think she'll like most of the publicity you're all they hear me yeah OK get your working time is still waiting on the motor my face of the doppler and I really wanted dollar look like me OK my dog. My Dolly is very fashion both dislike me but the book. My expand I think John continued kind all of the close by the dollars and eighty Tisza Lebanese owned and just like yeah it'll yes Connecticut did this you have different hair styles yes. Armor could think about my dollars in you can change your hair could I loved changing my he had that I wanted to copy they incorporate that to my docs. Film she has interchangeable here pieces. Another clipping about my Dolly's that she come to let all combat low cost of these Alley at tells today given this stowing of my journey. Aren't sharp. Mama this is the proto it's. I couldn't there's a lot to goes into. To designing and getting the doll animated movie it was a long tedious process we're not doll makers didn't know we head no clue what we're what we heard when it. Still come have no clue what rigid. But what we've come to a really good spot where we've had and we got product tied Maine down. Course we could still use mentors ship that we are trucking along bay is it has been name. Hard process could take a work on that it will be a ticket commercial break but all but you were saying. Look what we'll save with can do something about them. And Zoe has distributed 20000 balls to help young girls love the skin that there and and he's also creating her own simple. Zoe stalled that's at the prototype and we have this great audience here with us we want. OK. We. How did you. Has day who want to promote that these sterling is stepping sterling here she is not clear having got. CEO of Goldie blocks. Ability to come help you don't you just happen to be here this is though in her mother. The Kiev. And would only blocks. All that this week. So let the founder and CEO of the will be blocks what do you wanna say to doing him. Yet icicle but because I want it mart howry options for curled. Out. When I heard your story. Here's my eyes and about doing it. Three day from blue Keaton who. The first line is that Vietnam blacks would like to donate five. OK OK sorry for the great Diego. If that the first surprised to have freed today is a vehicle that blacks are linked to donate 5000 calls to Israeli self. And on top of that for the rest of the month every doll purchased on goalie box dot com we're gonna donate another dot. His oh. More high. There's more to say whether or not long ago that goalie box this is supported tightly keep having your hands now. And act I wouldn't have as much success to have today if it weren't for the mentors who help me along the length and said today I would like to sign ups to be your mentor. All. Okay. There's some extra little girls here we have some little time left to have a Montrae that you say yes OK let plenum of the want to have those. And Alan I think I didn't end up and I need Tuesday night and out of my head. Fatty end yeah about her grandmother and that daddy hey Brad and our. Well. Okay. Well and and home. Yeah. Thank god for helping make silly dream come true. And we're sending Pete Carroll and our audience know what they're CommVault.

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{"duration":"8:21","description":"Meet Zoe Terry, 11, who made it her mission to help other girls be able to find dolls that look like them after she was bullied for her skin color and hair texture. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53131665","title":"11-year-old helps other girls of color find dolls that look like them ","url":"/GMA/Family/video/11-year-helps-girls-color-find-dolls-53131665"}