Educator says kids should take responsibility of their lives

"Prepared," a new book by Diane Tavenner, says letting kids take more control their lives and education could be the key to success.
3:16 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for Educator says kids should take responsibility of their lives
Blackout shade, I looked like I just blacked out. Now to our parenting alert and the question this morning, do parents really know best? A silicon valley educator says letting kids take more responsibility for their lives and education could be the key to success. It's all part of a new book, "Prepared" and Becky Worley has the details. Hey, Becky. Good morning, Michael. So many folks want their kids to be educated the way that they were educated and so many people parent the way they were parented but the world has changed so fast, how could we raise our kids differently to truly prepare them for life? This high schooler is cooking dinner for his parents. It's a simple task and yet in many families it's unheard of. Educator and chef's mom Diane Tavenner says it's a strategy to start him on the process of adulting and getting parents to let go. My husband and I had to look at each other and say, who cares if he burns dinner. There's always cereal. You know. We'll be fine. Reporter: She wrote a book on what she's learned from starting the summit school system. A project-based learning environment where kids take control of their education and learn with real world tasks. I'm able to find my own opinions and be my own person in this society. I feel like I'm able to contribute better to the society by like learning here and these classrooms. Reporter: Jonathan who is interested in environmental science -- The feeling that my mom and dad are interested in what I'm doing is what I like. That's when I really open up to them about things like that. Reporter: Tavenner's secret sauce teaching kids to take responsibility early. Something all parents can work on. I think the most alarming thick for me is when we as parents get caught in the trap of doing it for our kids. Reporter: First stop doing everything for them. So what did you do well this time? Reporter: Next embrace the process. Definitely hamburgers are The key there is developing habits. And so what it takes as a parent is relentlessness around instilling a habit and then practicing it every single day. Reporter: And know that it's not going to be perfect. When we're trying to give our kids Independence sometimes we as parents accidentally undermine them. The one right way problem that we have as parents and, you know, it's normal and human that we think the way we do things is the right way to do things and that's not always true actually and even if it is, we forget that we had to find out and discover and figure out the right way. Reporter: As teens mature releasing the controls and letting them make small mistakes to learn Independence and eventually be prepared. Her new book is out today and the process that Tavenner lays out, I summarize it as look up, ask your child what their purpose is then look forward, make a plan with them and then after they're working on whatever this behavior they want to change, look back and reflect with them. Letting go of control has been pretty powerful for me. I like having kids have a little more responsibility. I do think it leads to probably better earlier adjusted adult. Adulting. All right. We G.O.A.T. Got a lot to figure out, Becky. I can tell you that much.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"\"Prepared,\" a new book by Diane Tavenner, says letting kids take more control their lives and education could be the key to success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65662750","title":"Educator says kids should take responsibility of their lives","url":"/GMA/Family/video/educator-kids-responsibility-lives-65662750"}