Is popular app TikTok is desensitizing kids?

Experts are raising concerns that young children may be exposed to inappropriate content.
3:27 | 10/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is popular app TikTok is desensitizing kids?
We turn to our series on the secrets of tiktok, and what parents need to know. Kids using this app could be exposed to inappropriate content. Becky Worley is here with more. Good morning. Reporter: Tiktok has over a billion users according to estimates, and young children seem to flock to the app. You may think it's fun, lip syncing videos, but some of the content shocked parents and experts alike. Tiktok is like a greatest hits of user-created video. I like big boys but the dark side, content that would be totally inappropriate for these South Carolina fourth How many of you guys have tiktok again? Raise your hand. Reporter: Who are learning about the dangers of social media. Tiktok seems to be popular with most students now. Some of the language is some of the videos and the way the students are dressing is very inappropriate. Reporter: People from Jersey to Idaho are saying parents need to pay attention to the popular app. These bay area parents of tweens need to learn more about tiktok. I'm scared because I have never really introduced myself to their social media world. We don't understand what the real ramifications are. Reporter: Some really young kids use the app, but common sense media says, hold on. It's recommended for 16 plus. You may not see anything objectionable, but there's a lot of profanity in the music, and dancing. It makes it better for older teens. Reporter: The parents watch potentially dangerous pranks and r-rated language. It's shocking to see how those kids expose themselves. They're pretty disturbing being that it's so performance hch based. It offers more shock value and emulation. Reporter: Tiktok says, promoting a safe and positive app environment is our priority, and you can report content or a profile directly within the app. They offer safety videos, a parental guide and parental controls. Listen. There was so much material we could not show you on broadcast TV, and this is not about body shaming. This is about content that's right for kids. The company that makes tiktok list it at 12 plus in their app store and say children under 18 need parental consent to use it, but common sense media says it's for kids over 16. Okay. So many parents will see this and want to know what they can do to limit what their kids are seeing. You can't blacklist everything, but you can try to limit it. What you want to do is go into the profile here in the bottom corner, and then you go into settings, and you will see in digital well being, there's a restricted mode. You enable that, and you set a pass code, and once you do that, the kid can't turn it off, but we did find some video getting through that still had profanity and a lot of stuff that I don't want my 11-year-old seeing. Hard to block all of that out. What about what the kids are sharing? Anything they can do on that end? Parents should make their profiles private and turn off messaging. Okay. Good tips. Becky Worley, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Experts are raising concerns that young children may be exposed to inappropriate content. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66365199","title":"Is popular app TikTok is desensitizing kids?","url":"/GMA/Family/video/popular-app-tiktok-desensitizing-kids-66365199"}