Chefs answer 'GMA' viewers' 'Thanksgiving 911' questions

The annual "Thanksgiving 911" series is back on "GMA," with celebrity chefs Jamika Pessoa, Geoffrey Zakarian and Eddie Jackson answering viewers last-minute culinary questions.
6:40 | 11/22/18

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Transcript for Chefs answer 'GMA' viewers' 'Thanksgiving 911' questions
More of our annual Thanksgiving 911. You've been sending your last-minute cooking questions and our incredible team of chefs are back to save the day. We have food network celebrity chef Jamika Pessoa. Hello. The owner of the lambs club which is a fantastic restaurant right next to us in times square and this morning he's the master of sides. Give it up for Geoffrey zakaria. Thank you. This guy is all about the dessert especially today host of food network's "Christmas cookie challenge" let's hear it to Eddie Jackson. You can smell it. Absolutely. Here's how it works. We've got a bunch of questions for you and viewers sent these in and we'll spin the Thanksgiving wheel right over here. Whoever lands on it has to answer the question. Let's spin the wheel to see who is up first. Pin it. Come on, come on. All right. So we have a Twitter question from Donna. Quote, I'm feeding a large crowd today and want to spice up my Turkey. What do we do? I'm going to show you how to spice it up. I'm bringing you Jamaican jerk Turkey today. We have all of our spice, dijon mustard, oil and green on yens then the bird, all right. So blend all that together and make your marinade and start with gloves on, people. We got to keep it clean and going underneath the skin first all inside and then on top, all right. So you rub that all together. Get up in there. You've got to show that Turkey who is boss. You tie your legs together, tuck your wings in and you'll tent your file on top and make sure there is an inch of room for the air to circulate. Crank it up. You got a jerk Turkey, people. Jerk Turkey. Vanna white, spin the wheel. Spin the wheel. See who is next. I don't think Vanna spins the wheel. Ah. And, Eddie, we have a question from juwanna. How do you keep your pie crust from getting soggy. Nobody lines a soggy crust. Walk us through it. Egg white answer take your crust and you just brush it with a little egg white and par bake it just to crisp it up like toast and that will keep your pie from being soggy. All right, perfect. Love it. Did we have time for one more? Okay. Time for one more. Spin the wheel. One more time. Who could it be possibly? All right, gee, I wonder. And our question, somebody has to give me the question. Here it is. Geoffrey, we have a question from robin on Facebook. I always made the stovetop stuffing but never tackled a homemade recipe. Help. We have a simple thing. Carrots, onion, celery, garlic, can you smell all that then my secret, those are hawaiian sweet roll, cut them up, cut them up, bake them a big. Where is the fork so I can dig in. We'll cook it a bit and put it in and add a little bit of egg, some raisins. Back with more "Gma." Keep it here. This is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. A good morning. It is Thursday, November 22. Topping the headlines, the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade kicks off in about 30 minutes. This is a live look at the parade route. The balloons will fly despite earlier concerns about wind. Bundle up. This is expected to be the coldest Thanksgiving day parade on record. Passengers arrived in Penn station after a terrifying train ride from upstate where they were left in the cold. The front passenger car was attached to nothing. The seven after the adirondack number 68 left Albany. A passenger said someone found the emergency break in the dark and pulled it and stopped them. U.S. Senator New York Josi Peralta has died of a heart attack. He was the first Dominican American elected to senate. ??? Introducing Fresh Step Clean Paws, with low-tracking litter, your vacuum becomes a cat toy. Let's make litter less of a mess. Let's start fresh. We are still dealing with these problems on the long Island railroad. New problems, service is suspended between Huntington because of a broken rail at northport and south shore branches with all sorts of trouble because of a power problem in valley stream. And delays on a and S lines. A nice easy ride around Jewell avenue. Street cleaning rules and metered rules are suspended. Outside right now, we have 19 degrees, but with a feels like temperature, the wind blowing out of the northwest is much colder. Wind chills are below zero in the mid-hudson valley, it feels like 1 below zero. It feels like 9 in belmar and -4 in Monticello for the feels like temperature. There is a lot of sunshine, but we stay in the mid 20s and hit

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"The annual \"Thanksgiving 911\" series is back on \"GMA,\" with celebrity chefs Jamika Pessoa, Geoffrey Zakarian and Eddie Jackson answering viewers last-minute culinary questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59359737","title":"Chefs answer 'GMA' viewers' 'Thanksgiving 911' questions","url":"/GMA/Food/video/chefs-answer-gma-viewers-thanksgiving-911-questions-59359737"}