Jamie Oliver shares weeknight dinner recipes with just 5 ingredients

The celebrity chef shares recipes for quick weeknight dinners that all contain just five ingredients and can be made in under 20 minutes on "GMA."
6:40 | 01/08/19

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Transcript for Jamie Oliver shares weeknight dinner recipes with just 5 ingredients
robin and I are discussing. This food smells and looks so good and we are so excited cooking with these five ingredient feasts with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Good morning. He has quick and easy recipes you can whip up under 20 minutes. And how many ingredients? They've been practicing all morning. Five simple ingredients and so why five. Listen, I've been cooking and publishing in front of people around the world for 20 years. And I'm a slow learner. It took me all that time to come up with the amount of things is the thing that really is going to get you to cook or break you. So keeping it short, keeping the flavor big, helping you guys with tips and tricks and those ingredients that really punch hard for one ingredient then that -- it's been a phenomena and, look, millions of books around the world. I couldn't quite believe what's happening. It's amazing. Under 20 minutes. Under 20 minutes. People don't have time. No one has time for that. No one's got time for that. Remember that? Remember that? We have two aspiring chefs, okay, we'll bring them out but first we want to you meet them. Here's Jackie. Jamie, I need your help. Every night I get home late from basketball practice and I'm hungry and exhausted. Have suggestions for something super quick and easy. Jamie has a solution. Jackie, come on out here. Come on out hey, Jackie, how are you? Good to see you. Jackie, you're not the only one. Our friend Jonathan needs help as well so let's check out Jonathan's video. So lately I've been doing all the cooking for me and my girlfriend. I'm running out of new ideas to cook for us especially because I want to surprise her. So at this point I need help. I need expert advice. All right, Jonathan, come on out and get it. Let's go. Good to see you. Nice to meet you. What is your recipe and the ingredients for Jackie. Jackie, tell America, we have a beautiful dish. Sausage carbonara. We have taglia telltelle, sausage, parsley, egg and parmesan. That's it? That's it. And under 15 minutes, it's a ten-minute meal and then over here we got five ingredients as well. Let's have a little look here. Come on, Jon. A quick steak stir fry. Crispy ginger, crispy garlic and what do we have. Garlic, ginger, the afar Gus, beef tenderloin and black bean sauce. I've been doing this a long time and I feel like I'm vintage chef now, roo it? But, look, life is changing and people want big flavors, good food and they want it quick so that's how I kind of framed this book so over here, come on, Jackie, carbonara, charcoal, charred. Tradition is the pancetta but we're doing it with a sausage because it's already seasoned so get a good sausage, not a rubbish one. You don't know what's in that. Get a nice sausage and what we've dune, show them how you roll it in black pepper. It is essential. It is essential to that flavor and a little bit of heat so this was a worker's dish, right? This was for miners and, you know, they wanted big flavor, big food so what we did is simply brown off these beautiful balls. Show them how to do it. Go et that color and, of course, the quality of this is by, you know, finding a nice sausage. Here we have an egg. Traditionally it was just the yoke but we don't want to waste nothing. Beat the egg, agos you know cooks very gently so we can't kind of treat it badly. We'll add parmesan and grate that. If you can mix it up. I'll great, you mix and so we have to have the trick here is heat control so we want to get aggressive kind of color on the outside of the sausage but, my friend, then we need to kind of break that temperature with the pasta so the lovely Jackie now is just -- if you can just show them, if you look in the pan, it's currently frying but if we put the egg in there now it's going to scramble. Not good. So this is not just about flavor it's about texture so we'll bring the water in and stop the frying with the water, right? So easy. People forget the water is an essential ingredient so as the pan cools down then we can add this beautiful egg mixture in and we'll keep moving and we'll just -- then we want to jiggle it around beautifully and quickly and want it to be shiny and not thick. Beautiful. All right, Jamie. Go on, my friend. Don't forget about us down here now. Let me just plate that up. Look at that. Just no time. Okay. That looks delicious. Now, show them how. So we'll tenderize this with his fist, a little seasoning and put this into the pan on one side. Also we want to flavor that oil and add flavor, maximum flavor, guys, so by slicing the garlic, come on. 30 seconds. We got 30 seconds? So by putting that garlic and ginger this there we'll get the garlic and ginger crispy and cook that steak and what we end up with is this beautiful dish here, let me just show you, we've got the steak resting and what we simply do is as that gets golden brown we then kind of use the black bean sauce, a swig of vinegar and then I'll show you now plating up, the steak here, nice and tender, cook pink which is the way Jon likes it. Look at that. It looks good is there then if you want to put the crispy bits of ginger and garlic on there and the black bean sauce, just sprinkle that over top, my friend. This is delicious food. Maximum flavor. There you are. Jonathan, you can impress that girlfriend of yours now, man. Thanks to the help of Jamie. It is five ingredients, quick & easy food out now. Everyone in the audience is

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"The celebrity chef shares recipes for quick weeknight dinners that all contain just five ingredients and can be made in under 20 minutes on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60227305","title":"Jamie Oliver shares weeknight dinner recipes with just 5 ingredients ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/jamie-oliver-shares-weeknight-dinner-recipes-ingredients-60227305"}