How to make an awesome cheese board

Chef Marc Murphy shows how to make a cheese board for your next party.
5:24 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for How to make an awesome cheese board
I do not discriminate I like all cheeses are you know they don't like a badge that's what I don't like. They have stepped Mark Murphy company making a super duper cheese and B ports and for me it she's bored really has to have pride. From yes that a couple of different parts of Hughes a couple of different types of means the most important thing about doing it she's an assured the report. It's really sort of you know going fine ingredients doing your research use caring good she's seeing and hearing good care Gruner I think you know. It really comes down in the plot. Was its chief sport. There. Okay the first thing I do when a story she's sort of put the cheese is down first and then I'll start sort of arranging might her career round so first I got myself a great. Aged Buddha. Just thank got a nice sharp sort of nutty flavor that got an a menthol which is basically a Greer achieves this area. Swiss cheese actor's. This got a nice variety it's very different and so that I got to dried. Right coach changed her chargers don't. And then right here this is distinct human trials like that one stinky cheese in this comment implies it's kind of washed line it smells. Very very pungent one of my favorites. As well that's a little doing so it's got to get it somewhere it's gonna go run unilateral move that. And then of course I've got my more. My favorite think. It's fantastic. It's really good quality stuff it's all importantly but of course while serving in America as well. That's for sure this is some tortured or from Italy the most and then. When my favorites nice. Salty so entries and we've got his outlook which is actually dried beef. And I think it's a it's nice alternative to all of its other alternate pork products. I'm and never got a little district courts in some salami here. Of course you know is many many different salaam is out there. Some federal and it ends up some don't it depends on where you where you got going on and then for garnish this. I loved apricots to when applicable. Plate. And these actually I think these are Turkish apricots because the darker than the actual orange ones. Then also we can also put a little bit of Hanik home. Now. On this is the real but so much on charities honeycomb sometimes you can eat. Some of the cheeses expresses some of these dryer sheet little regretful but I'm just gives it a done. I mention. And of course a little mixture of nuts on the play. What else we have and Rick and sprinkle some olives around us. I don't know all of this just seems like. It's a little refresher. It's update. The whole place as well and then sometimes. If I have an affirm up my crackers in my bread on the board but you know I think this is going to be just fine. I've also to different crackers and different brands of cuts and some Baghdad it's toasted I've got some Baghdad it's actually fresh. And then a whole bunch of the mixture of different crackers. You can also make your own crackers if you aren't really you know really go about it I forgot one Shays my favorite I'm sorry it's one point chooses that moment. So as you see are filled up my board you know what we're gonna leave the common side. The way our user and she's bored as I do put my Jesus sort of on the outside corners and in the meat from an adult because people are gonna come and you've got these cute little lives of people are gonna come and wanna cut the cheese and the size and you can get to it easier than if you put all she's right. Metal and of course with it would like to cavalier for example. And would you like to have them separately because you want to get an wedges. And of course. As I think you should all know me street Jesus waited she won the temperature cold she's. Up from me I'm sure there's just one she's that belongs energy's board because I think it depends in the time today if you're doing. Accused ordinances before dinner I would definitely always have a nun she's like the young like the age Houda. Because it's nice and dry have a cocktail when it goes really well last campaign as far as you know distinct your cheeses me not from before dinner that might be more of whiners saying it's more inclusive into a whole meal. The most important if you have a good she shot. Go to your cheese monger talk. And cheese and while that's all they do. And you're not scared about teaching and one institution refuses and if there is a price point you're looking for. This taste Jesus actually get your tastes good cheese shop this totally different case there's something forever. There's a lot of times and she's jobs they're gonna sell those Joseph is like those quince paste and things like that it's up to you if you like it I'm not a huge fan but I think that some people do survive you know our offer on board. There are I really like than an audience of this she's here would you be paid garuda with a little bit in the hunt him coming and you know diesels nutty and it's we quality and it's nice to try and vote. Sir Gary are this is my dream she's bored on opinions. And while. I'm. And can.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Chef Marc Murphy shows how to make a cheese board for your next party. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66411215","title":"How to make an awesome cheese board ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-awesome-cheese-board-66411215"}