How to make Popeyes chicken sandwich at home

Chef Michael Symon recreates the popular fast food items with his own delicious and easy spin.
4:24 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for How to make Popeyes chicken sandwich at home
we put a spin on some of the most popular foods that are delivered. Michael Symon is here. Let's see what we are making. Bring out the first delivery. Come on, Matthew. All right. What's in the bag? Fried chicken sandwich. What else we got? Macaroni and cheese. Macaroni and cheese. All right. You said fried chicken sandwich. Let me loosen up this button right here. He's going to eat a little piece. He's got to stay Strahan. According to post mates Mac and cheese is one of the most ordered delivery dishes. Also popeyes chicken sandwich has been sold out. It came back last Sunday. It's all the rage but you'll show us your version. I'll show you how to make the popeyes fried chicken sandwich at home so you don't have to run out, bad things happen. All kinds of crazy stuff. So, stra, when I was getting set up they go, oh, Michael really likes to cook. I don't know. He's got you fooled. We'll go to your house so I don't have to cook. We got to soak it in the buttermilk. Put it in there. I'll go kosher salt. Cracked black pepper, paprika. Garlic powdery hot sauce and then you just -- Move out the way, I'm cooking this. And I'll do the cooking. Then once you get that mixed up we put this in the buttermilk and it sit in it up to two, three hours. This is the secret to southern chicken and how they get the great crust on split that's what gives it the extra crisp. Yeah, that's starting the process. I'll show you what really puts it over, though. Love. Had has been marinating. This gives it. All purpose flour. Cornstarch. That's really what gives it -- sweet paprika, cayenne, kosher salt, use this fancy one now, come on. Treat that like a quarterback. Get in there, baby. Get in there. Boom! Unlike Daniel Jones you didn't even fumble it. Oh, stop it. So, wait, wait, wait. Can't make that joke in new I'm seeing ghosts. All right. So you take some of this liquid. Why is that? It gives you that craggy crust. Give it one more mix. Here we go. And you get those little kind of -- you get those bumps in there and then this goes in the flour. Ooh. And then we go in 350-degree oil till it's nice and crispy so that's going to go in the oil. This is the result. This is the rut. Super crispy. Now, we have a brioche bun. Brioche bun. Here. So you go mayonnaise. I'll give you this, mayonnaise. They put mayonnaise on both sides. Okay. Pickles. Pickles. I can speed this up. While you're making that we'll move down. Put the chicken on. Bam, there we go. Mac and cheese. Mac and cheese. Mac and cheese, people make it too hard. This is easy. Creamy garlic simmering for a hour. I add cheddar, jack, parm, here's the secret to make Mac and cheese creamy so it doesn't break, cornstarch in with those cheese, mix that together, stra, you put the cream cheese in the sauce. It's delicious. I'll put this in the sauce, you whisk this together. The cornstarch, make sure it doesn't break. When it is all melted which takes ten minutes you toss it with your noodles then you got your pasta. Bam. Nobody can do it like my man Michael Symon. You know what, I love you. Good luck to your Cleveland browns. You guys are going to need it. Get these recipes on our website. Trust me. You want these for sure. Ginger, what you got?

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Chef Michael Symon recreates the popular fast food items with his own delicious and easy spin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66845506","title":"How to make Popeyes chicken sandwich at home","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-popeyes-chicken-sandwich-home-66845506"}