More 'Thanksgiving 911' questions answered by chefs on 'GMA'

Celebrity chefs Jamika Pessoa, Geoffrey Zakarian and Eddie Jackson answer last-minute "GMA" viewer questions on how to prepare a Thanksgiving feast in the kitchen
4:07 | 11/22/18

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Transcript for More 'Thanksgiving 911' questions answered by chefs on 'GMA'
We are here with more of our Thanksgiving 911. The superstar chefs have been here taking your last-minute cooking questions all morning long and we are in the final stretch now. Let's see what other questions you got for our chefs here. Let's go to the wall. The wall. All right. Jamika, Emma on Twitter wants to know how do I prevent my Turkey breast from drying out. It can be a little dry. We are not serving a leather shoe today, people. We're serving moist Turkey. As you see I have the Turkey breast separated from the bird and just took a short knife and we'll put our stuffing in here. You can use your store bought stuffing. I have toasted bread, herbs and garlic and stuff it inside and secure it with toothpicks and put it in a roasting pan like so and have lot of butter too. Once again the Turkey needs love and put butter inside the pocket as well as on top of it. This Turkey cops with a defibrillator. One time of the year, we can do this. We'll put it in our roasting pan and pour in wine because wine always is great with cooking. And then a little chicken broth and that's what you'll use to keep basting that Turkey every 20 to 30 mens and roast and you'll have Christie skin on the outside too. No dry Turkey there. Okay. Spin the wheel. Let's see who is next. Spin that beautiful wheel. Okay. Geoffrey, we have an audience member, Debbie with a question for you. Hi, Debbie. I really have a mashed potato problem. I want it to be a crowd pleaser but it's got to be really simple. I'll solve that for you and sorry about your problem but today is your day. Okay, we'll take yukon potatoes, cut them the same shape and put them in cold water with salt, cook them all the way. Nothing worse than an Al Dente potato and take your old-fashioned potato masher. While it's hot you add cream that's warm, some milk that's warm. Always warm to warm. And guess what, yes, butter. There you go. You got to have butter. Butter makes everything better. And salt. Salt is something that a potato can take more and more of. You really need to salt it because there's a lot of density and white pepper so it stays nice and white. Nice and lump-free. Chives on top. You're done. Good luck. I haven't done a very good job of mashing. You can tell in the crowd getting hungry. Yes. Getting them worked up. Let's go to the board one more time. Who can it be? Who is it? Who is it? Boom. All right, Eddie, Amanda on Twitter wants to know what bread pudding recipe she should use. I have a banana fosters bread pudding I do. Yi, so basically want to use stale bread. I like a baguette or brioche and you want to layer your bananas on the bottom and go with the bread pudding on top and finish up with a candy walnut sauce made with some rum in it. Don't hold back on the sauce. A lot of sauce. A little cream that we'll put in and add in rum. Just until the sugar dissolves. Add the walnuts in. And this is what you're left with. I can't eat that. A spoonful. Actually you can. This one? Let's do it. All right. Is there an extra spoon over here? Utensils. How did you get over here? You know what, it's Thanksgiving. There you go. I'm going in. Incredibly good. Thank you all, chef, you guys are amazing and for all of the

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Celebrity chefs Jamika Pessoa, Geoffrey Zakarian and Eddie Jackson answer last-minute \"GMA\" viewer questions on how to prepare a Thanksgiving feast in the kitchen","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59359734","title":"More 'Thanksgiving 911' questions answered by chefs on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Food/video/thanksgiving-911-questions-answered-chefs-gma-59359734"}