Keeping front-line workers safe to keep food on our tables

The president of the U.S. food workers union discusses safety protocols and what it takes to keep grocery stores and meatpacking plants open.
3:55 | 11/26/20

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Transcript for Keeping front-line workers safe to keep food on our tables
As we all sit down for our Thanksgiving dinners it is so important for us to remember where our food comes from and the work it takes to keep grocery stores and meat packing plants and going strong in the midst of this global pandemic. Again these are the heroes right these essential workers who have been taking care of laws and being there are going to work every day since this pandemic in joining us now as the man who represents. Many of these workers more Barone president the united. Food and commercial workers international union sir thank you so much for being here with dozen 900000 of your one point three million members are grocery. Workers now there was there was hazard pay at some point of during the pandemic for these workers it went away. Should it come back with a comeback. You know TJ you know first call obviously happy Thanksgiving to union and and Amy. Yes I do believe that presentation come back quite honestly. The risk freshly grated today denying were back in Maine. Ullman a hazard pay starting to show up and includes stories and needs workers. For heaven challenges. As it relates to their children. To whom Biden. Child care for now milder word. While they're protecting some in many people can stay at home by. They can in many people can educate your children from home. But are members there have been some severe difficulties in doing that and that extra as are Friday. Would in fact be helpful and given the risk that there are facing and the challenges the figure. Let's talk about the risks and the hazards because you've provided us in pretty staggering numbers. Roughly a quarter million of your members worked in meat packing or in food processing plants are you satisfied with the changes plants have made. To try and ensure the safety. Of your members. Do I think that more can be done. I certainly do. What we had to get past this discussion about consumer BR. In be more focused on the actual sites that protects. Everyone that goes into the stores and meet prime plans to make sure there. That we contain this virus because we need to keep our video and I don't think there's any question about that. That needs to be done but we can end we must news lately for everybody that's involved. And one other thing sir would all of your Victor members of gone through grocery workers. Million dollars had to deal with that they've been put in the position also of being enforcers. Right they can say humans in the fatigue a lot of people going to the stores and wanted to masks on within their requirements that they have them on so grocery workers. Are now the position to try to enforce these rules we've seen videos. They've gone viral been out there for the past several months of fights it or arguments that are broken out. Should your members not be put in that position they try to do the best they can but is that a position they should not be put in in trying to enforce these mask rules. I couldn't agree with you more future you mean the fact of the matter is that thing they don't necessarily have to be escalation skills that that they need more room to be able. DS latest situation like look ultimately we need uniform. Mandates across the board so that. One particular location doesn't operate differently than another so it becomes more uniform for the customers don't understand that that's what they need to do. And that these workers are not their enemies are trying to protect. They own the customer is well as themselves. And I don't think there's too much to ask form. A special moment into this holiday season where we're always talking about. How we need to take care of each other. Thank you for spending some time with us thank you for your members you have CW president mark Cronin think you're being here with us on this day. TJ thank you and Amy thank you happy holidays everybody thank you happy holidays to you as wow and your workers.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"The president of the U.S. food workers union discusses safety protocols and what it takes to keep grocery stores and meatpacking plants open.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74418342","title":"Keeping front-line workers safe to keep food on our tables","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/keeping-front-line-workers-safe-food-tables-74418342"}