Take a tour of NYC’s original haunted house

Will Reeve investigates claims of paranormal activity at Merchant's House Museum in New York’s East Village.
4:05 | 10/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Take a tour of NYC’s original haunted house
Halloween is right around the corner. To celebrate we sent will reeve to one of New York's reportedly most haunted places, the merchant's house museum. We say reportedly. Will got a chance to try to chat with some ghosts. Let's see how this went. There's another room here. This is where the person pops out. Mrs. Treadwell, what is the best show in afternoon television? She said "Gma3." This is the merchant's house museum. It was built in the early 1830s. It still has some of its original furniture and according to some guests, some of its original residents too. Let's check it out. Hello. Hey. How are you, will? I'm okay, Dan. Yes. You are a what now? I'm the house paranormal investigator here at the merchant's house. Which means what? I come in and investigate reported instances of paranormal you only had one family that lived here. The Treadwell family. They moved in in 1835. The last child was born in 1840. She lived in the house until she died. They looked the doors in 1933. In 1936 it opened up as a museum. We have a lot of people will hear footsteps walking through the rooms. People will see people and interact with them. I'll show you some of the data we collected. I'll want to see that. You'll see something fly into frame. Could it be a bug? Bugs don't trigger the tracking. This triggers the tracking. It's there for a few frames. Whatever it is didn't show up any other time the rest of the night. Hmmm. Blink and you'll miss it. Absolutely. We have a guest investigator holly, she's looking into the mirror. She's asking Mrs. Treadwell if she thinks she's pretty. You hear a couple other people talking. Holly said feel free to be honest. We seem to get a response. Do you think holly is a pretty girl? You can be honest. It's okay. Pleasant enough. Pleasant enough. I absolutely heard that. It's called an evp, electronic voice phenomenon. We don't hear that at the time of the recording. We hear that later on when I'm reviewing the audio. We can go visit some of the rooms and do a little evp session, if you will. All right. Will, I'll take you into the kitchen here. This kitchen is in the basement. Basements are a good haunted area. Sure. This is Dan and will in the kitchen of the merchant's house. Hello. We would ask any member of the family if you would like to say hello. Where are you supposed to look? You can look around. Can any of the servants tell me what town they came from? How was your commute? What did you do here for the Treadwell family? Do we have what we need? Yes. We explored all around the merchant's house. We tried to collect some sort of evp. Let's take a listen. Striking out so far. Looks like I've been ghosted. Nothing so far from the merchant's house. We'll keep looking. Dan's going to keep investigating. If we find anything, we'll keep you posted. They didn't like the sound of will's voice. What can I say? Robach, why didn't you take this assignment? I would have loved to. They didn't ask me. Robach told me she used to live in a haunted house. I saged my house. That worked? Yes and then I moved. She's not kidding. She's not telling you the whole story. She absolutely believes she was in a haunted house. I don't believe. I know. We digress.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Will Reeve investigates claims of paranormal activity at Merchant's House Museum in New York’s East Village.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73764485","title":"Take a tour of NYC’s original haunted house","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/tour-nycs-original-haunted-house-73764485"}