Couples who use 'we' are happier

Researchers from University of California who studied keywords such as "we," "our" and other collaborative words found that couples who use them are generally happier.
4:00 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for Couples who use 'we' are happier
steering wheel, but I won't let you drive. I have something here I have want to talk to you about. We, we, we, we. There's a study from the university of California and it investigated using words like we and our and us in relationships. They say if you engage in couple talk, you probably have a happier relationship on all accounts. I could see that. One thing -- I just caught a glimpse of a guy, he's looking like oh, I gotta change how I speak. You know who you are. It's that guy. Don't point at him. He's here with his woman. How do you guys talk to each other? Is it we? It's funny I say we a lot, but it depends on my audience. When I'm out with my single friends, there's something empowering about being single. I like to remember I'm Sara first. I tend to change how I talk. It's true. I don't know if men are as sensitive. With women you know I've been single Sara and I've been coupled up. I like to remind people that I'm still just Sara. It's there's a single person in my midst, I do this. I like to do this. It's not like "Bridget Jones" at a dinner party where you're the one person by yourself. When you're a man, you don't get to hang out with your single friends when you're not single anymore. Is it illegal? I guess in some states. What if -- what if -- like, we're pregnant, does that fly? We're pregnant. My man is like I'm not getting pregnant. Do you like when a guy says we're pregnant? So we are having a baby might be the better way. I once said that and max said we are not pregnant. You're pregnant. I was like I didn't do this by myself and the hormones started flailing. I don't go to the we on that. For me it was a two-person job. We became survival. We are doing everything. I like the we stuff. I like the us. You say we? I say we I think. I don't know. I actually have never paid attention. I'll text Kayla and see. Please text. I'll see if you're a we guy. I don't know. I gotta pay attention from now on. I'm not married. So am I supposed to say we? Are you a we? I may not be in a relationship after saying that. I'm going to text Kayla. Are you a we? I'm just curious. Am I supposed to say we? Commitment is commitment. Wedding -- you ask Goldie Hawn, wedding is a piece of paper. If you are committed and that's the understanding between the two of you, you are definitely a we. The problem with we, ladies -- It's a video game. Is when you think it's a we and they think it's a me? How did this go to male bashing now? No, no, no. Sorry. Just because we aren't pregnant doesn't mean that I'm a me. There's relationships where one of you thinks it's a we and the other thinks it's a me. Maybe you weren't communicating. You hope it don't happen in a marriage. In my past I've been in those. I have too. Who hasn't? They're like we and I'm looking at them going no, you. I'm the girl after the first date that goes we're definitely a we, right? Use we, us, all that stuff, you, my man -- she's got a ring on. She just flashed me the Beyonce pose. She's like we're a we. All right. We have a congratulations.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Researchers from University of California who studied keywords such as \"we,\" \"our\" and other collaborative words found that couples who use them are generally happier.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58465029","title":"Couples who use 'we' are happier","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/couples-happier-58465029"}