David Hasselhoff's dramatic live reading

The Hoff takes the stage to read an excerpt from his book "Up Against The Wall."
5:05 | 02/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for David Hasselhoff's dramatic live reading
How about your latest project is called up against the wall. In YouTube wrote it used YouTube views spoke get in on audio book you did all these things if about the fall of the Berlin Wall. I'm just curious of all topics out there why did you choose this stuff. We use all the Berlin Wall before it came down right gets lavender and at the time slot flew O. Where guys I was going on tour in 1989. They call me Newsom would you like to sing. On New Year's Eve like Dick Clark show and I was assured we're focusing on the wall. And they said yeah right and it and the call me back and they said okay so I sang. On New Year's Eve of the first Americans is 19452. Million east and west Germans who were reunified. Line and they were saying in my song got I don't look unfold freeing some. Which sold eleven million copies law and I went behind the loss account behind behind that wall look like a snake you know as your truck parts are flying over. And they said yes went back. And it was like going from color Berlin yeah troop black and white and the was like a terrible day like sometimes you have a New York. And in California. And but there's nobody on the streets like was horrible so I said. No I don't wanna do the interview on the street our would be in the grand hotel which is really gosh real ritzy. So why outside these three girls came isn't. Hello could we have. That have self respect and we have to autograph. Hazzard to all you. You know me is a guy who talks of the car and they thought that I was crazy this is no you as a band seems to freedom. Concert and they went. I've been looking full freedom. That I doubted data do because nobody in east Germany could say the second line. Because their first language was German and a second language was Russian. And they couldn't that they've insulating what is what is Jerry rigged. That ad out I'm not enough. And I said when you think you're gonna get to Westboro west Berlin is like going to Times Square. Right there but that could angle cost they should not shall we get older program parents and I said. Two for job or take a picture of me such a picture went back put in the newspaper. And that woke up that morning and said. The pictures there so put it in my pants went through Checkpoint Charlie are smuggled in the the good the guards went like this state could lead new Y was but they still let me through right because there were Germans wearing Russian uniforms. And they let me through. And there was one girl. She's of the other girls didn't believe it I said look I have a picture. There's little piece of freedom. Well back. Because it was such an emotional experience going into east Berlin. I did a special on the National Geographic channel called David Hassell vs the Berlin Wall I'm telling you it's it's heavier and you can imagine so we wrote a book. That's fine that's funny. That's entertaining. It's about. David Hasselhoff and a guy who's a spotter who looks like David Hasselhoff and he doesn't know how to sign my name. But there's two s.'s are true apps. Do we even know Dave asked love is as an artist saying. And I don't mean I don't know how to deal with spies like Greta who talks like this I'm dressing and I love the color that you know we would love. Yeah it's still light reading France. William it's. The first time all right who first and exclusive to great. And. Trying to find my glasses for this. That happen. All right this is an excerpt from up against the wall. My name is David Hasselhoff. And I was aspire. Part play one at least. Who is one I got cast in by accident. Without a script or director. And with co stars have wanted me dead. Real guns. And real blood. To start where if we need to go back to word all happened during the weirdest and Wallace in some ways the most amazing time in my life. 1989. And the fall of the Berlin Wall. Berlin might have been a waste land and not for a few brave souls who saved this fall and whose names and story are unknown. But I know them are know their names. From what they did the risks they took and the sacrifices they made it. I remember because I was there. And now. Nearly three decades of secrecy. The true story can relax be told. Okay okay. I. Right now David we can't thank you didn't need me okay.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"The Hoff takes the stage to read an excerpt from his book \"Up Against The Wall.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61305438","title":"David Hasselhoff's dramatic live reading","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/david-hasselhoffs-dramatic-live-reading-61305438"}