Michael and Sara surprise Arman Shah, who paid his friends' school lunch debt

After he paid off his friends' lunch debt, Arman gets a GMA Day surprise.
3:35 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Michael and Sara surprise Arman Shah, who paid his friends' school lunch debt
We are back now with a story about a big act of kindness that came from one little boy. One amazing little boy because after watching a documentary with his mom on lunch-shaming which is about kids who are teased at school when their parents don't pay lunch bills on time. 10-year-old Arman shah wanted to help out. So the Orlando you fifth grader donated the money he earned working for his uncle to pay off his classmates' lunch debts. Amazing. Joining us to tell us more about it is Arman himself. Come on out, Arman. Come on. What's up, man? Come here. Plop down with us. Snazzy. Look at those shoes. You're looking good, man. Looking good. This was such an incredible thing to do. What made you want to do this? Well, I was inspired by my grandma and my grandpa because my grandpa had, like, a home shelter for these blind kids and he is helping them out and giving them food and all this, like, he is helping them out a lot. So you felt that this was your way of helping? Yeah. Because I felt a lot of sympathy for people who had to get, like, lunch thrown away or only get cold lunches or stamps. I mean, the heart that you have is something I think we all can learn from to be honest with you, and what advice -- a lot of kids out there are going to watch your story. They are going to say, I want to help. What advice do you have for other kids your age who want to help? I feel like if they have any extra change or if they can help out in any way, do it for someone who needs anything and not for what they want and to help other people and sometimes if they need it, they can help someone they want -- they need to help or want to help and they can help themselves. I'm so impressed with you. And a lot of times -- and the great example of it is because and I think Arman, it's not all about -- sometimes it's not about money. You may not have money and and change. It's about your time too. Donate your time. Your mom, Bella, is here. Bella. I have to say as a mom and I'm sure Michael would agree, just a parent ourselves, this is the goal for raising a kid that they have this beautiful heart. How did it make you feel when he said he wanted to give away his money to help these kids? Yeah. That's how it kind of all started because initially everything was just a dollar, mom. You know, just pay for it and when he came forward and said, you know, hey. I'm going to use my money to do it, it really made me feel good because it's just very warm and kind to hear him say it from his own heart to want it. Yeah. You have done something really right. We wanted to do something special for you kind of as a thank you for your good heart. We are friends also at Walt Disney world resort in Florida. We want to send you and your family to all four theme parks. And just in time for today's premiere of new exciting and magical entertainment, you can join the celebration happening right now through September only at Walt Disney world resort. You're going to Disney world!

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"After he paid off his friends' lunch debt, Arman gets a GMA Day surprise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60472907","title":"Michael and Sara surprise Arman Shah, who paid his friends' school lunch debt","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-sara-surprise-arman-shah-paid-friends-school-60472907"}