Michael and Sara's favorite #Dare2Chair challenge photos

'Chairgate' comes to an end with some of your favorite chair photos
4:29 | 02/01/19

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Transcript for Michael and Sara's favorite #Dare2Chair challenge photos
come up with that. I got to say. People seem to like the actual title of the show. The actual title. They like the title of the show. They love the set. Yeah. But the one thing America's united on, everybody hates our new chairs. So much so it's even making news. So check this out. This is a story that says, in a divided country that's wrestling with important issues such as immigration, government shutdowns and racism, apparently the one thing that almost everyone can agree on is that they hate Michael Strahan and Sara Haines' new chairs. So -- That is an actual, real thing. It's true. It's a uniting force in hate, chairs. But all week, we have invited people to follow us on social media @strahanandsara, which is the actual name and send us pictures of themselves in their chairs that are so much better than ours, using the #dare2chair, and before we show our latest batch, we want to let you know, we have seen honestly all of the posts. There have been some hilarious ones involving pets and kids and very lazy people enjoying TV, but we have loved hearing from everyone and getting to know people and, you know, we're grateful you played with us a little bit. Thanks for chairing. Yeah. Thanks for chairing. Thanks for chairing. Well played. Well played. I love that. Thanks for chairing. You know, we're going to take a look at our final batch of dare2chair pictures and we'll start out with my man, Wayne Johnson. Not Dwayne Johnson. Wayne Johnson. This is not Dwayne. This is Wayne Johnson. He says, I am 6'1" tall and extremely comfortable. Okay. But why does he have a plate of ziti on his lap? And he has a cowboy hat in the background. That's going to work against you. Oh, yeah. Wayne is disqualified. I don't even know why we showed that. No, no, no, and we also got this message. My rocker glider chairs, I made the cushion covers. Look at this. Most people can't tell, but I'm a person of television at this point. You are not actually sitting in that chair, ma'am. She photoshopped herself. You're going to insult our chairs while breaking the rules of the contest. Won't even sit in the chairs. How lazy is that? All right. And finally, Valerie tweets, I could use two funky fresh chairs. If you get rid of them, can you send them to me? That's a butt. That's the picture she sent us with that request. I guess she's trying to tell us there is a butt for every seat. That's a dog butt she sent us. She tweeted a dog butt. My dog likes to put his butt on the seat. I agree. He doesn't have a chair though. That's not daring to chair. That's daring to butt. That's a whole different show. Okay. But, you know, the one thing I do love, I love that everybody sends these things in, and we are serious about switching up and trying to find the right chair. We have been trying to humor everybody. You have been helping us out. We showed you different chairs all week. We had our Archie and Ethel? No. Archie and Edith. Archie and Ethel. Rewriting history every day. "All in the family." "All in the family," and then we had hand chairs. They were uncomfortable. Mine was plastic. Hurt my butt. I know. That was intentional, and now we're going to go even fancier. Boys, bring them on out. Whoa. Look at that. Yes. Yes. I really love this show. We are having such a good time. This will be my last episode of this show. Come on, man. How do I get this? Must have been a budget thing. I don't know. Do we have any money here on this show? Anybody? Do we have any budget money on this show? Yeah. It's not a budget issue at all. We have plenty of money. We just like Sara more. Specific. You know what? I don't doubt it. Okay. A chair will not -- Michael likes me better too. This works out nicely. I used to do this anyway. This is like my college dorm room. It doesn't even matter.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"'Chairgate' comes to an end with some of your favorite chair photos","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60783285","title":"Michael and Sara's favorite #Dare2Chair challenge photos","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-saras-favorite-dare2chair-challenge-photos-60783285"}