Michael Strahan and Sara Haines break down the news you need to know this afternoon

Michelle Obama is inspiring so many with new memoir "Becoming," and Halle Berry called out an NFL QB!
5:00 | 11/13/18

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Transcript for Michael Strahan and Sara Haines break down the news you need to know this afternoon
always had a girl crush on is Michelle Obama. Right now she's like omnipresent. That's my word of the day which means everywhere. Present everywhere. You're welcome for teaching you that word. Thank you. She was on the front of "Elle" magazine. She sat down with Oprah. She was with robin Roberts. I feel like she's yoda. She drops truth nuggets everywhere she goes. Normally in an interview you see one or two that sits with me. Then I'm like I love that one. You're amazing. How is she not the president? I love her. There was a cool thing she said about the role men play in women's life. I found this really important. Let's take a look at this. For a girl to have strong men in her life, you know, like I had a father who loved me, a brother who adored me and cared for me, made me stronger. I want to make sure that men understand the importance of male role models in the life of a strong girl. I feel like we joke behind every strong man is a strong woman. I say that a lot. There's such truth to behind everyone of those strong women have strong men. I've been saying that for years. Nobody wanted to listen. For some reason it sounds better coming from me. It's true, though, those people you surround yourself with, those fathers, brothers, guy friends, all of them, we impact each other. Although it's more fun to say that women rule the world, we do that with the help of those strong characters. What I love about Michelle Obama, it's as if -- usually it's the president and then you have the first lady. I feel like she's running stuff as much as he's running stuff. Yeah. I feel like when he comes in he's like baby I got this problem and she's like I'll help you out. She's a strong woman on her own. I think that's the one thing she's shown. You can have a strong man in your life, but you can still be a strong woman who does not lose your identity and you can contribute in more ways than ever. I was fascinated by robin's interview with her on "Gma." Yes. She's everywhere and deserves to be everywhere. She's an inspiration. She embraces her bruises. There were times that she talked about counseling and talked about missing Barack when he travelled. As a strong woman, you don't follow it with I miss my husband when he's gone. That's true. That actually happens. To be so honest on every front, she still comes off this strong, unstoppable force, yet she's vulnerable. Just, amen. I love you seriously. We love you. I don't know. Do you watch football on Sundays like I do? No. I know this one player though. Maybe I should just rip up my card now. In football games, when you're out there on the field and sometimes the microphones capture it from the game -- Like blue 42. Blue 42. Peyton manning used to go Omaha. It was a big thing like what is Omaha. They never tell you what it is because it would give away secrets. I think Peyton used to say it to throw the defense off. It really meant nothing. Did it work? Never worked for him. I used to hit him. Hey, Peyton. Jarod Goff in the rams game was calling a secret play and the name of the play was Halle berry, but he didn't say it like that. He was like Halle berry! For me I would have been like Halle berry. What does that mean? We don't know. They won't tell us. The great thing is Halle berry was watching the game. She caught it and tweeted. She wrote, hold up Jarod Goff and the rams, what is Halle berry? He was like a school boy. He was like it's my favorite play ever. Which is code for I love you Halle berry. I love Halle berry too. All of us do. Do you, Michael? I do. I'm a big Halle berry fan. Prince Harry got busted with a picture of her in his dorm room. Halle berry is everywhere. Which she deserves to be. Are you kidding me? That's Halle berry, baby. Go find out what that play is. I am going to ask. I really want to know. Then you can run it on "Gma day." You run the Halle berry, Michael. I'll run to Halle berry. Yes, I will.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Michelle Obama is inspiring so many with new memoir \"Becoming,\" and Halle Berry called out an NFL QB! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59166198","title":"Michael Strahan and Sara Haines break down the news you need to know this afternoon","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-strahan-sara-haines-break-news-afternoon-59166198"}