Michael Strahan and Sara Haines welcome 'Pickler and Ben' stars to 'GMA Day'

Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron appear on Thursday's episode of "GMA Day"
7:59 | 01/10/19

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Transcript for Michael Strahan and Sara Haines welcome 'Pickler and Ben' stars to 'GMA Day'
hilarious talk show hosts who bring a lot of fun to daytime TV. No, we're not talking about ourselves. Take a look. That is amazing. That's really good. Now, when you taste this part on the outside, there's a different layer of -- Save some for later. Yeah, oh, yeah. Oh, my god. When you have that joker smile, you know you did a good job. Please welcome, Kellie pickler and Ben Aaron. Who's who? How are you? Great to see you. Hello. Mwah. Thank you for having us. Of course, thank you. Nice set. Thank you, thank you. You have real people. You have real people. That's amazing. You don't have real people? No, we don't. No, we don't. We have cardboard cutouts. Foam cutouts of our family members. You shoot those videos where it looks like you're entertaining an audience. He's messing with y'all. We have to say, Ben. You're a member of the "Gma" family. Kind of You're married to ginger zee. Yes, married in. My wife, ginger zee. Very exciting stuff. And you're good friends outside of work. Unfortunately, yes. We have no choice. I love that people took it a different direction. Yeah, right? We hang out in Nashville, is where we film the show. After taping, we all go to dinner with my husband. I'm the third wheel. She is the third wheel. I have no friends. Okay, let's explain this picture. You're going to need to explain this. This is after a long night of drinking. I'm kidding. We were zombies for a Halloween episode. In a haunted house. It's 2:30 in the morning. We're starving. What's open? Let's eat. We're like, Kyle, come meet us. We'll go eat. We're in full zombie gear. Poor Kyle is totally Normal. He's in that picture. So we're like, we gotta take a picture. All the waiters and waitresses are walking by going, what the heck is wrong with these people? Did he know you were dressed up? Not until he saw us. He looked really pleased. You could see the picture. He's like, what am I doing? I didn't sign up for this. Something that's not a part of the show is you like to prank each other. What are some of the pranks you have done lately? Hmm, what have you done? My greatest fear is spiders. I do not like spiders. Her only fear is spiders. Spiders, they, ugh. Spiders. Spiders, by the way. He likes to prank me with spiders. You like to mess with her with spiders. I do sweet stuff. No, you don't. I do, too. You did one sweet thing. I did two. You did one sweet thing. You put balloons in my trailer. Filled his whole trailer with balloons for his birthday. That was sweet. I pranked her a couple of times. So one day, I woke up in the morning. My sparpt right on the sidewalk. You can walk right out on to the sidewalk from my apartment. She taped pictures of her face -- Where I'm looking in. I opened up my shades and this is what I saw. I'm watching you. She got me back. I got her back. She got me back. The best is recently, maybe a couple of months ago. There was a huge spider, a wolf spider, outside her trailer. I'm going to get Kellie. I'm going to prank her. Come on. I want to show you something real quick. We have a video. This is the spider here. There she goes. She's scared of the spider. And then -- Is that coffee? That is coffee. My reflex. A visceral reaction. Oh, spider. Is it -- was it hot? No, it was cold. I love that you're not in front of her. She's like -- Oh, crazy. I smelled like French roast for six hours after that. Luckily, it wasn't hot. It was cold. Who is good at what? You do a lot of DIY. Cooking? Crafts? Do one of you have a strength? If you want something -- Cooking is -- -- Burned, Kellie is the best at really destroying it. I caught the kitchen on fire. She actually caught the kitchen on fire. There was a board. The cutting board was over the stove. And there are so many knobs. And -- it caught the board on fire. Yeah. It was in front of Jonathan Waxman, one of the greatest, most world-renowned. 17 James beard awards. We're talking. The whole board is on fire. And people are like -- fire, fire, fire. Keep me out of the kitchen. It could be worse for you. I'm waiting for the fire. That's the only thing you haven't done. You're not a great cook either. No. I'm a little bit better with all those knobs. I am far off the mark until I heard your story. She can mess up a hot pocket. You cook? I can cook. I'm the James beard awarded chef. Oh, no, no, no. Well -- I actual. He's only James beard next to me. I boil a mean pot of water. She does. Do you cook? I love cooking. You're great cook. Not that great. It doesn't need applause. No James beard award. You do interesting things on the show. You do weird stuff, too. What is the weirdest thing where you're in the middle of it, you're like, what are we doing? I feel like your stories are endless, Ben. Our producers hate us. We did the escape room with the -- speaking of her fear of spiders, we eat bugs all the time. For fun? We'll have a snack between shows. No, no. Apparently, the newest protein is bugs. Well, they said we're going to run out of food in what year? Next year. No, no, I have no idea. Everyone is like, oh, my god, call pizza hut right now. 70 pies. Put them this the freezer. We have done some fun stuff. The American -- My fear of heights. She conquered -- She conquered my fear of heights. Are you scared? No, no, no. I can do heights. I can't cook, but I do heights. I don't do heights either. We might be the same person. Oh, my goodness. A couple of cooks that are amazing. That's a new reality show. Ben, you're such a new Yorker. You're such a southern belle. Have you learned from each other about the different parts of the world? Has he new yorked you up at all? I'm a local here now. She is, right. I'm pretty much a local. I love New York. She was -- we were driving to this very studio this morning. And the window was down. She's in this glowing white jacket. She goes, howdy, y'all, good morning. Good morning. Have a blessed day. Have a blessed day. People are, like, holding on to their wallets. Checking to make sure their kids are still there. She's so New York. Yeah. She really is. Has she made you more southern? I hold a lasso at all times. That's all I do. How I -- how I -- ginger, where are you? Lasso into the kitchen. I don't do anything. I think I'm a little more patient. I think I'm a little more patient. I'm less likely to yell at people in traffic. Do you greet them out the window? No, I don't. We're working on that. We're working on that. Hi, y'all. Have a blessed day. The Uber drivers in Nashville, I don't have a car. I take Uber everywhere I go. They're like my friends. We've had five Uber drivers on our show at this point because we're just like -- They all have amazing talents. Do you invite them on? They're like, I'm a dancer. Let's get out and do dance moves. Oh, my good. You're great. Come on our show. Ballroom. Latin. Trained, amazing dancers. Nobody knows I'm on the show. Some people call it, I love you on that show, "Kellie & pickler." I'm like, it's "Pickler & Ben." Me and this Uber driver were talking. I said, I work in TV. She goes, oh, my god, what show? "Pickler & Ben." She goes, I watch that show every day. What do you do on it? I'm, I'm Ben. You're taller on TV. Ben, you're unforgettable. So much so, you're going to stick Arnold. We'll get more with Kellie and

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{"id":60292148,"title":"Michael Strahan and Sara Haines welcome 'Pickler and Ben' stars to 'GMA Day' ","duration":"7:59","description":"Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron appear on Thursday's episode of \"GMA Day\"","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-strahan-sara-haines-pickler-ben-stars-gma-60292148","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}