Can you microwave a turkey? Well, Sara Haines did.

Find out if you can microwave a turkey or not for the ultimate lazy Thanksgiving.
3:32 | 11/20/18

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Transcript for Can you microwave a turkey? Well, Sara Haines did.
As we know Thanksgiving is right around the corner. That means it's time for Turkey, stuffing, yes. The most important thing annoying your relatives. It's inevitable. Which is what this viral prank is doing. It's frustrating parents across the country. It's #25poundturkeychallenge. It's encouraging kids to text their parents a simple question. Mom, dad, how long do I have to cook a 25-pound Turkey in the microwave? This was sent to mom and dad. Here are their responses. Mom said to call. Dad guesses it will take a week. I like that dad takes the question seriously. This person who is also named Michael, it is not me. They got a brutal response. I don't know, Michael. How long does it take for you to stop being a huge disappointment? I mean, sounds like it's a little deeper than just a Turkey. We even texted our parents. What did your mom say? Your mom was cute. My mom was actually cute. I said mom, quick question. Can you microwave a Turkey? She said no. Do you want me to cook a Turkey? I have one in the freezer. I love you, mama. My mom wrote no, love, and five exclamations. I said what if it's a smaller bird? She said I would not no matter what. I know some people microwave Turkeys. Does she really know that? It's difficult and it doesn't brown properly. I wrote my dad and he said no. To the point. Kids are seeming to drive their parents wild. Butter ball got in on the action. They tweeted we started microwave Turkeys before hashtags existed. The 25-pound Turkey challenge is a little ambitious. The 12-pound Turkey is doable. When someone throws down with a challenge, we accept. That's right. We found out you can actually microwave a Turkey. So we did. The thing is we did the 12-pound bird. We didn't do a -- Ours is 11 pounds. It's more the size of a chihuahua. Visual, that's not good. Let me help you with that. It's a heavy bird. There we go. That looks better microwaved than I thought it would look. It said it has to be 160, right? How deep do you go? I trust it's 160 degrees. I'm going to cut the Turkey. I like a leg. I was going to do the breast. I would like a leg. I'm a leg girl. Yeah. I want to do it at the same time. Before we do this, I must say this Turkey is moist. It smells good. Cheers. I made them pinky swear -- That's good Turkey. That is very good Turkey. My parents are wrong. You can do this in the microwave. This is going to change my Thanksgiving. This is really good. All I can say is this, we should cut this sucker up and let our audience try this. While we digest -- never eat Turkey alone. It sticks to everything. Coming up we have the co-hosts

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Find out if you can microwave a turkey or not for the ultimate lazy Thanksgiving. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59319209","title":"Can you microwave a turkey? Well, Sara Haines did. ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/microwave-turkey-sara-haines-59319209"}