You don't want to miss 'Holiday Reunion Week' on 'GMA Day'

Watch Michael Strahan and Sara Haines give the surprise of a lifetime, thanks to Zelle.
3:26 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for You don't want to miss 'Holiday Reunion Week' on 'GMA Day'
we're bringinghe friend and who have stggled to S one anoth due finance, distance and other life obstacles. Today's storvo sisters, one god daughter and a magical holiday surprise. Ta lsisters China and mae grew up together in south Florida. And E ur years apart were always the closest of friends so close in that Christina made Maggie the godmother to her hter beatre and even after christmoved up north nearly 15 years ago, Maggie still C to vit for btrice's bihddays everyingle year, but due to N bs, little flexity and tig budgets, this year marked the fitime Maggie missed her G daughter's birthday, a ble to celebrate the holidays water sister but thanks to Zelle, we're changing of th we F Magg up to new jerto rprise her sister and goddaughter. It's about to get realoud here. Christihicameras are here to shoot footage for the story and has no imaggie is outside. Hold on, honey. Let me check Surprise! H how you? I'm gd. H Are thowers for me? Course. Thank. You didn't know, did you No. I'm going to cry. I know.I tried Toake it a sise R you. Does moowre N Oh,god. Look atom crying. My mom crying. Obody knewut it. Oh, MD. H, my god. What beautiful use. T her here and for them es ia blsi 'S what life is really about. It's about being together. [ Applau hve Christina and ie here an you knoit was so ea you watch thatogether.christina,hat was going ur mind when that door openednd your sister was standing there? I was really annoyed that S knocking oe door then I opened it up and I was shocked. S soonfused and then just deoytion and just suris yeah. What does it mean to see your sistndte It meant everything. So surreal. I'm still in shock and, you know, that we got to spend this together. It's jt amazing. Off now but we want to make sure it haens again so Z, sa and easy way to send money is senou $5,000 to stay. What! Oh, my god. Thank you. Thanyou so muc nd

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Watch Michael Strahan and Sara Haines give the surprise of a lifetime, thanks to Zelle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59824933","title":"You don't want to miss 'Holiday Reunion Week' on 'GMA Day'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/miss-holiday-reunion-week-gma-day-59824933"}