It's Oprah's Favorite Things on 'GMA Day!'

All your favorite "Deals and Steals" picked by Oprah herself, and all for under $25!
6:49 | 11/13/18

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Transcript for It's Oprah's Favorite Things on 'GMA Day!'
edition of deals and steals. It's Oprah's favorite things. We have these items under $25. We partnered with these fabulous companies to give you some amazing savings. Before we get to that, to kick things off, Oprah sent lunch for everybody. Bring it out guy. This is Oprah's line of pizza. Check it out. It's her special cauliflower crust pizza. Not only are you eating it here, you're all going home with a voucher to get your own. This is so good. You have no idea cauliflower is in it. So delicious. That's amazing. How is it? Fantastic. Let's get to the deals. Let's start with the first thing. The mixer. Every baker has a mixer. Not everyone has a mixer where you take off the lid and all the different tools are in it. This snaps on for easy storage. Think about it, you're always losing these things. You don't know where to put them. She loved the fact it was so compact and makes your life really easy. You're all playing with these. It makes mixing better. You can mix everything. Five different speeds. Cool colors. Two of Oprah's favorite colors. The color purple. And baby grass green. Michael is going to mix. You have to plug it in. Yeah, plug it in. A really good deal from black and decker -- You think I didn't know I had to plug it in? You're over there about to have a heart attack. Is that funny? Normally $30. These are all slashed in half, $15. I have to tell you, Oprah loves trees almost as much as her dogs. When I showed her this grow your own Christmas tree set, she went crazy. It looks like the Charlie brown one. I know. You plant it. Within six months it becomes this tall. Then you plant it outside or it can stay in this for up to two years. Wow. If you buy it today, you'll have it for Christmas. Or if you're giving it as a present, people will always think of you. That's a great gift. They're from urban agriculture. We love what they do. Normally $40 to $45. Slashed in half $20 to $22. It's a great gift. Add a ribbon and you're ready to go. Someone in this studio wants these as a gift. There he is. I have to tell you these are pudus. They're so comfy. They're so cozy. They're boot socks. They're what? Pudus. This is two years in the running on Oprah's favorite things. Yes, for two years. Last year Gayle posted a picture on Instagram of the whole family in their pudus. Everyone wore them. You can wear them with -- lounging around your house or wear them with a boot. These are so cute. They're so soft. Fonzy is ready to wear them with his sneakers. Is he? That's good. Oprah loves a good Buffalo check and we love this Buffalo check. They have sizes for kids and adults. So the whole family can get in on this. Normally 16 to 20 bucks. Today slashed in half $8 to $10. You should do that with your whole family. That would be super cute. From K. Carroll, this cross body bag, when I showed this to Gayle, she ordered them before favorite things came out. Gayle has a personal shopper in her. She does. You bring her everything. Everything comes from our run through. This holds four credit cards with the rfid projection. That's a safety thing. And your phone. This is the perfect thing when you're running out and you don't want to carry a big bag. It's a cross body. I'll put it on. If you work in any office with an I.D. Yes. Leslie our art director had this clipped to her belt buckle. She had everything lined up in here. It's vegan leather. The women go crazy for these K. Carroll bags. They're normally 20 bucks, today half of that, $10. Literally stock up. 10 bucks is good. I know. This year Oprah said what's going to be the gift that's the stress reliever for the year. Remember last year it was coloring books. This year it's about water coloring. You can do your own water coloring. You get all of this, all these paints and brushes. Do not touch. You want to start doing it now. I know you too well. The pad has 40 sheets of paper. I love this. It's a great pad with all these color pencils. We were torn because we didn't know whether to do the pencils or the water color set, so we brought you both. This has organizers and calendars. It's very type "A." I love it. It's for busy people who want a beautiful efficient life. Whether you're creative or need some zone out time, this is for you. Really good deal by three by three in Seattle. $6 to $30 normally. They're slashed in half from $3 to $15. I know what this is. You know this. The rapidx. Even Oprah's phone runs out of juice. You need this with so many kids. When you're traveling with a bunch of people everyone is looking for a charger. You plug this in. Look how long this is. One in the front seat and it holds five different chargers. I need this for my kids. It's genius and two times faster than any charger. This is one of those things I look at and I wonder why didn't I think of that. Normally $25. Big assortment of colors. Today slashed in half $12.50. It's rapidx. You have 24 hours to grab any of these great deals. Go to Our audience is going home with products from rapidx, K. Carroll accessories, three by three Seattle and pudus. Thanks, Tory and Adam, we'll be

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"All your favorite \"Deals and Steals\" picked by Oprah herself, and all for under $25!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59166156","title":"It's Oprah's Favorite Things on 'GMA Day!' ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/oprahs-favorite-things-gma-day-59166156"}