'Real Housewife' Bethenny Frankel shares her ultimate side hustle

The "Shark Tank" star visits Times Square with her new Skinnygirl jeans.
6:24 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for 'Real Housewife' Bethenny Frankel shares her ultimate side hustle
Frederick." Take a look. I might get some saki. You're crazy. You never tell a woman she's crazy. I'm not the first woman telling you you're crazy. Give it up for bethenny Frankel. Hey, good to see you. You too. That's the best quote ever. You ever call her crazy? I would never call any woman crazy. That would be crazy. That would be true. Self-inflicted wounds. This is the thing, you're far from crazy. You are the ultimate hustler. You're a best-selling author. You're an entrepreneur. You're a philanthropist. With all those hustles, what is your side hustle? It's currently skinny girl jeans. I'm getting into apparel. I thought there was a void in the denim market. Most all jeans we know of are designed by men. They're from businesses run by men. That's what happened to me and cocktails. I realized no one was marketing to women. It's an emotional purchase. You're walking into a dressing room. People feel anxiety. Every woman whether thin or larger sized has flaws and assets. I learned through the models that there are girls who are size 16 and they're feeling themselves. They like to show their butt. They may not like their ankles. I have a flat butt, but I like my legs. I tried to think about the psychological aspect of the denim world and making jeans for every body. There's no plus size section. We're altogether. The jeans are totally so comfortable and really fashionable. I think in a world where there are so many jeans brands there needed to be a new voice. There hasn't been somebody since Gloria Vanderbilt speaking about female empowerment in women's apparel. And jeans are such a staple. Everyone needs a couple great pairs of jeans. You don't want them to be too stretch. You don't want to bend down and feel them like -- Thank you for that visual. Yeah. I could do lunges in these jeans. They're so comfortable. Hey, these jeans got me excited. Bring out the models. Let's bring out the models. Come on out here. You can tell us, bethenny, what each of these looks are. These are my girls. I'm going to stand here. Brittany, Laura and Cody. This is the signature skinny girl red tuxedo stripe. This is placed here. It's thinning. Not that she needs it. The sweat shirt has a little detail and they're not covering -- I don't believe in covering yourself up. Is the sweat shirt yours too? I believe we should show our assets. These women all look amazing. I don't mind. She's a size 16. Show your butt. They love showing their butts. Everyone, show your butt. This is the tuxedo strip, but it's got a chain detail. I like that stripe. It's classic. This is your dressy Jean. They have the crystals. I have it in black and I'll be coming out with it in white. It's studded to the ankle. Do they stretch? Do your lunges. Do your squats. Whoa! They're really comfortable. They're like pajamas. I don't like to feel trapped in my jeans. You can wear them on an airplane, on a road trip. These all have details. She has lace on the side. The colors -- everything goes with everything else. Like garanimals. I wanted to be that -- Dress by number. Yeah. Everything is neutral. They want you guys to -- they have to leave now? Bye, my girls. Thank you guys. They helped me design them. Every time the girls came in I would say tell me the truth. Are you comfortable? Do you like the way your butt looks? Do you feel good? We have girls of our sizes. They helped me design them. You're like a pioneer. When you started skinny girl and now to go into apparel, it's absolutely genius. No pun intended, genius. We have an audience member who has a question for you. Her name is Kelly. What is your question? Hi, bethenny. Hi, Kelly. I own a bakery. I'm a sole proprietor. My question is how should I expand? How should I go about expanding? You have a retail bakery? I do. Where? Upstate New York. Retail is expensive. Use that as a flag ship store and do some sort of baked product line. That can function at your retail space and also as your bakery and figure out a shipping business versus opening more bakeries. A lot of times in the beginning we get excited when things are going well and we expand and then we're trapped in fees and rent. I would come up with one product that's really good and not too perishable that you can ship it or park -- package it properly. Or baking kits. That lasts forever. Come up with something that's gluten free or allergy free. I would do something like that to scale it. Great advice. Bethenny, after the show, I'm going to need some advice. You're a full on hustler and you always have been. I'm following in your footsteps. Thanks, babe. Love having you. For more information on her skinny girl jeans check out shopskinnygirl.com and pick yourself up one, two, 20 pairs. Check out bethenny on "Shark

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"The \"Shark Tank\" star visits Times Square with her new Skinnygirl jeans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59086048","title":"'Real Housewife' Bethenny Frankel shares her ultimate side hustle","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/real-housewife-bethenny-frankel-shares-ultimate-side-hustle-59086048"}