Salt-N-Pepa on Peppa Pig, today's hip hop and 'Ladies Night'

Michael and Sara welcome the original queens of hip-hop.
7:48 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Salt-N-Pepa on Peppa Pig, today's hip hop and 'Ladies Night'
legends who have sold over 15 million records worldwide. They were the first female rap duo to win a grammy. Now Salt-N-Pepa have a new reality show on B.E.T. Called "Ladies night." Let's take a look. ������ Are you ready? ������ ������ Like, this tour that's coming up right now with Salt-N-Pepa, swv. It's going to be big. This tour is a chance for swv and Salt-N-Pepa to establish another legacy. Please welcome hip-hop royalty, Salt-N-Pepa! ������ Hi. Have a seat. Hi, everybody. Okay, I'm going to start with a really personal question. Oh, god, like that. Yeah. What's in there? I might need a sip. Have you ever lied to get out of a speeding ticket? Yes. Okay. Yes, I have. She's lied about a lot of things. It's just speeding right now. So, I got a good one. I remember back in day salt and I were in our car, and I was driving, backing down the highway -- Backing down. Backing down off the exit. What? And then a cop -- as I was backing down because I missed the exit, the cop was right behind me and then I was like, oh, shoot. He was like, pull over. I was like, salt, don't say anything. Just start looking sad. I got this. Look sad. I spit on my hand like this. Put it on my face like I was crying. The officer was like, what someone was chasing us and we were really scared. I was just looking forward, likei have nothing to do with this. Then he goes, what's color the car -- No, he said, what kind of car was chasing you? She said, blue. He let us go. I was amazed. That sums up pepa. I got out of that ticket, though. Well, something we can't let go. Feuds happen all the time. But I just wonder if you and peppa pig have, like, put your feud aside since peppa stole your name. Okay, before you do that, I got to tell you, peppa pig sent you a message. I was trying to Google -- every time I was trying to Google my name, peppa the pig came up first. Every time. I was like, I am pepa. I have been out here way longer than peppa the pig. 32 years. Google, get it right. Pepa. Not peppa. Peppa pig knows your struggle and sent you a message. Really? I just wanted to say I'm a huge pepa fan. I love what you do. I'm so sorry that I come up number one in the Googles. Best wishes. How do you feel? Apology, you know, accepted. We're cool. We're both pepa. Yes. You guys are such a dynamic duo and females in rap, you're pioneers, what do you think of the rap scene today for women? I like the rap scene for women. It's always a male-dominated field as we know. I love that with social media and all the women coming forth, there's the cardis, the nickis, there's a lot of women coming up in the music industry, taking charge, taking control and saying what they want, what's on thash mind now. Hahahahahahatststs offff T T to ltltltltlt-p-pa a a a bebebebeusususe always a cop. He lt-n-pepepa andddddd n,e voice what I was respect is they're E bosses. Ey're reallyreally taking G rol of theirmpire and they're really taking control of their image. It took Salt-N-Pepa a long time to get into that position. The record company, the management, the producer. But these ladies are coming out the gate, you know, making a big splash. Who's the best right now? Do you kind of hang your hat on one of them? I just hang my hat to women, period. Cardi, hats off to her story, she won a grammy. But, anyway, it's like I love it. I love the voice, and you know, and women out there are showing what we can do. We can stand with the best of the men. Shout out to nipsey. Hats off to that music. He hustled. It's all about the hustle and the grind. Just stay focused and you can do this. There was a time when it was just Nicki, and then cardi came up. Now cardi is really doing great. But what I like, you support each other. That's the biggest thing, support each other. The platform we have to piggy back every time a woman makes a mark, we got to support women. Because it's limited. You know what -- Hip-hop is based on battlings. That's kind of a cultural thing in hip-hop and sometimes it just creates more hype to sell more records. Sometimes I think it could be that as well. Well, we know you both are very busy. You took time to come here. You took time to have a gift for Sara. Oh, yeah. Oh. We got -- it was early. I was just doing a big stretch. Oh, my gosh. Push it real good. You guys are the best. Okay, but Sara, can I give you some advice? A lot of women play "Push it" when they're having their kids, please don't do that. All right, let your baby come out to something like meditation, you know, yoga-type music. Don't play "Push it" when you have the baby. Push it real good. Is it your first? Third. I heard they fall out at this point. Okay, on that not, ladies' night premieres April 30th on B.E.T.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"Michael and Sara welcome the original queens of hip-hop. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62435152","title":"Salt-N-Pepa on Peppa Pig, today's hip hop and 'Ladies Night'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/salt-pepa-peppa-pig-todays-hip-hop-ladies-62435152"}