Tricks for transforming your home into a haunted mansion

Michael Strahan and Sara Haines learn how to pull off some last-minute Halloween decorations.
5:09 | 10/26/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tricks for transforming your home into a haunted mansion
By your home into a hunted house celebrity party planner and lifestyle expert Mikey Russo is here with some last minute. Procrastinating. Creations freedom yeah. He looks like we've been playing with the is for like. He's itself on so everything is kid friendly and obviously its last minute Halloween tips. So these are mortar beads so you see these little beads than those little bull right here yeah he just add water and it comes to these any squishy clothes yes Kelly I am like crazy. Yeah like any arts and crafts got a warm fingers or but it's funny when you put them in what are they expense he don't know like how big they'll get your sink overflowed. Kraft and you want to grab valuables are. We haven't you make this thing so you sorry what do you just put his bones and there was developing an effect the net and my nose cone did you want to actually just pick up the bucket he. The fuel and I heard Michael successful thing. Oh yeah. No but that's what happens with crafting these fund yeah they're the guys aren't happy that I know you're getting some players though the lights and he wants to put all the needs and he's cute little accessories like the brutally highs in the trials. And then he's going to be true that you. Put them so you can see the eyes on the outside than any in another Herman. But again and I'm Michael Strahan and then one south of the mind. And then once that's done. Look we're making an ass all over I'm either put these spots emerged blue lights in them for hours. And then we'll changed the color the color we want to see Portland and Exel didn't. How are we. I think its vacancy to. OK. Yeah. OK let's see well. I peered out. This actually really simple. So com if you making this that the kids I would suggest I'm hot gluing theirs on first sounded absolutely not currently held at. So you could aside blue jurors or at OK so just all the Darlene good a and you can just wrap around me in a money exactly and what I do is I'd. I could end it this applause thoughts yup I'm you can always have this the house just in case of emergency. But when you doing it just twisted around yeah. That's sure that the idea and it cut once you're done you can just tucked the excess in the topsy your kids can do that. To cut. That I happen negative due out at the high as you just hot glue. The is right on. Com and you can he flew everything the same side as we depict light definitely no wonder how long they Aaron sends exactly. Super G right. So this is really easy to do it totally easy and then you just and the candy so I used travelers. Fourth crazy hair. And that. Calling me. No hey yeah. Yeah a joint. All right so moving on to the door and tied Germantown today. But now. Melanoma going out. Inside yeah outside so outside so this is the first thing your guess see when they come to your house so on the top tier I created this parent using plastic tablecloths. Then. And some tool. That I play it straight to you is filled plastic because if it's outside it could get wet winds early on so how I did that was I just. Took the thirty tablecloth and that's like this put it in between street construction paper and stapled it together. And they disabled that two or write to the top of the door OK he did not yep pretty betting Udinese 83 foot tape on the back yup. Also leave a classically I. And then if you notice the smile Michael. Or. Okay. Creating. Okay. Admitted. Since I. So moving on to that's so this is a spider old so where's my little spider we're Cindy I can't. Yeah we have something else I Eric so I'd need these legs right out of garbage bags were in the. So it's tissue paper OK so we have tissue paper in here. Garbage bags and 236 inch pollutants also I blew the balloons up tied them together and that I created these little legs. And you're out at what's great is you could even in so doing balloons you can do garbage bags fill them up with leads and stuff yeah. Ever even like yeah yeah I have the means so much cooler in the making thank you don't think you know. Yeah okay.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Michael Strahan and Sara Haines learn how to pull off some last-minute Halloween decorations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58776038","title":"Tricks for transforming your home into a haunted mansion","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/tricks-transforming-home-haunted-mansion-58776038"}