Watch NY Ranger Henrik Lundqvist surprise three-time cancer survivor Connor McMahon

Meet the resilient teenager devoted to helping other kids find hope.
8:54 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Watch NY Ranger Henrik Lundqvist surprise three-time cancer survivor Connor McMahon
Perseverance and most importantly hope. Take a look at three time cancer survivor Connor McCann story. Seventeen years ago when the shelling Don McMahon welcomed their second child Connor into the world born with a positive spirit that never seemed to waiver. His parents admitted they always knew Connor was special. Unfortunately. It wasn't just Connors contagious attitude that medium unique. Because at just three years old Connor was diagnosed with a cute little plastic leukemia. A form of bone marrow cancer. There were two things that kept him going. One his passion for playing hockey and the phrase his father told him when he asked if he might die never ever give up hope. At each of twelve Connor was over he diagnosed with cancer. In after being declared cancer free once again the disease quickly returned for a third time at each fifteen. Through every diagnosis and Connor maintained his positive attitude and miraculously. Due to a groundbreaking new form of immunotherapy. Connor is three you know against cancer. And he's been cancer free for the past two years. Connor now made it his mission to help other sick children who are fighting cancer. And for the past ten years he's been filling backpacks with coloring books puzzles and no pads to help lift their spirits while receiving treatment in the hospital. On every backpack he was Reuters the word hope. Which is the word that has gotten him through his most difficult times. His intention. Is TT niece kids. To never give up. So. Hauling I'm doing great a just had two years cancer free if you don't see. Okay okay. It's. Right now I'm just gone high school and then this kind of my first year that I had a normal. Oh like normal school years I'm just knowing myself. In everything appreciation. How close are you weren't. Treat anywhere around all your friends all the time we said battling cancer being cancer free pat me who have better person how is that. Com and I definitely think it made me think of others before myself. And because I know someone always has or worse tonight it. And that that was one of the main lessons that having cancer taught me was that. Even on battling cancer is always someone out there that that battle and coming worse. In the fact that you going to be battled. To make you thought you'd get through anything. For the most part I've gotten in trouble remaining three. He let's say he's getting mad. Living life like a normal seventeen year old he's getting that down right yeah. Unless the hardest part for you is a panicked. The hardest part for me is in the beginning was definitely when he asked me if he was gonna die. He was only three years old. And I just don't think a three year old should have to think about mortality but here he was coming to me and kind of asking a grown up questions of three are okay itself. And tell us how he approached you with the idea of helping. Other people 'cause his first instinct was to say he thought put others first but usually when someone is dealing with something you get to time to turn inward. He wanted to go out and help other people. So when Connor is going in second grade it was time for school to start. Said he was getting new backpack new clues he knew new school stuff. And he said mom Dunn can you buy me some thirty backpacks. Were like thirty backpacks in the very graphic for. Face that I wanna filling up with things for kids in the hospital because I know how boring it is there and so. We kind of self funded you know and we just all kinds of things and are that the kids in the hospital. Musings yanking grade when he thought he and second grade so a lot of people think you know. Your parents probably thought of you know hate Conner when nappy that idea but it really was him and he's kind of always been not selfless. Kid you know paid for his friends lunch when even have money. Congressman Peter Hughes when he didn't accuse so he he's always been. Kind of a self with it. But I do think that's a reflection of your parents in the in the community and people around you and ideas got to say we have so much for your family. Yeah there are. O'Connor also he thought a piece he had on the Rangers. New York Rangers general swift certain and her you don't look he opened up. My. And it's blog and I saw was. Driving skating since I was three and one when I got diagnose a cancer out. Hockey it was kind of just like my escape because while of that and I think it really like clear my head and parking zones noticing him out. Like while I was on the ice I wasn't that can with cancer I was a hockey player. So it really in home through a lot if you're goalie ray okay. We can be and we know your huge New York Rangers fan so glad we have a little message from some of the players street if you can't. They don't. They garner team out hurdle is already in the fight against cancer are pretty inspiring. No it was me yes senator Hillary without sin. In the universe itself. Give up everywhere but it oh season here. Okay. You yeah VIP gift that met with regard to. And I. I don't I do know I know your favorite player Hillary along with the goalie who would like alleged. And and and and hockey. And I talked to him and he will that in the video he tried his best to be in the video. But he still want active and something and do something for you so he wasn't a video because he's actually here in person. And and yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Fatal again. I'm dead it's great to see you see you know I. I've been aware resource for a couple years now and I'm just super excited to have you here in new York and like my teammates told you. And we're flying again and again take care of you. Come down to locker room mean all the guys so I brought a couple of jurors season. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. We ask you to companies that he'd be your no matter what of course. I remember the story. And you know and the walls of Reading about it it's have my own kids Stalin and it's. I don't know how you battle through it but it just shows. All you big fighters and it's inspired if it's often for you to come out here. And gives be apart your his favorite player in Connor got to ask you how do you feel. Grade. Again there. Never quit if here hanging out with the man we gotta say it no different hockey fights cancer awareness month is well so he and you're great ambassador for the sport. One of my favorite players one of the best dressed player who always important I got. There is credible products and I don't know maybe one day you're wearing a uniform. And you're on it's still give it out to the next person. Okay. Helper T it was Donna L Connor in in him Rick thank you. Thank you all and having it really appreciate it. Okay until there every.

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{"id":59032893,"title":"Watch NY Ranger Henrik Lundqvist surprise three-time cancer survivor Connor McMahon ","duration":"8:54","description":"Meet the resilient teenager devoted to helping other kids find hope. ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/watch-ny-ranger-henrik-lundqvist-surprise-time-cancer-59032893","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}