180-pound Saint Bernard rescued from rooftop

Whiskey became stranded on top of his Minnesota home after knocking a screen out of a second-story window and climbing onto the roof.
2:31 | 06/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 180-pound Saint Bernard rescued from rooftop
We're back with the latest edition of how did that animal end up there? This raccoon scaled a building and he is safe and sound. Well guess what, we have another animal. This one in Minnesota climbing to new heights. A 180-pound St. Bernard and we figured the best person to bring this story to us is Diane Macedo because she's back on her animal beat. Reporting for duty. Another case of animals where they don't belong. It's a St. Bernard proving raccoons aren't the only ones capable of climbing on a roof, but the dog seems to have forgotten about the getting down part. They're the playful and powerful dogs whose miff chiefous personalities were made famous in the movie "Beethoven" but this morning another St. Bernard's antics are stealing the spotlight. Homeowner's requesting a ladder to assist a 180-pound St. Bernard that is stuck on the roof. Reporter: You heard that right, a 180-pound St. Bernard named whiskey found himself stranded on his Minnesota roof. We occasionally get the cat in a tree call but not dog on a roof. Reporter: This woman was watching the dog and knocked off the screen and ran out. I ran out to see what was happening and the dog wasn't in there and I just thought the worst. Reporter: She says she tried to lure him back inside using treats but he wouldn't budge. That's when she called for help. It was kind of an organized effort of pushing from the outside and pulling from the inside and then once whiskey figured out what we were doing he cooperated and jumped through. Reporter: Her son a member of the National Guard will need someone else to watch whiskey when he's deployed in September. He's a big old hairy lovable slobbery St. Bernard but he's a great dog. For anyone wondering how many firefighters to takes to get a St. Bernard one pushing from the outside two more pulling in from the inside. It took three of them to get it back to safety. And luring him with treats didn't work. It didn't work while trying to lure him back in the house. As soon as he got inside he found and ate the treats. I know George thinks animals can't talk but the owner was calling for the dog like where are you and the dog was like, roof, roof. Let that sink in. That was good. I was wondering where you were going with that. Somewhere George is laughing too. I'm not helping myself. Thank you, Diane.

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{"id":55887840,"title":"180-pound Saint Bernard rescued from rooftop","duration":"2:31","description":"Whiskey became stranded on top of his Minnesota home after knocking a screen out of a second-story window and climbing onto the roof. ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/180-pound-saint-bernard-rescued-rooftop-55887840","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}