I'm a 5th grade teacher, here's what it's been like to teach during a pandemic

Katie O’Connor, a teacher from Colorado Springs, Colorado, documented her emotional experience as a fifth grade teacher during the pandemic.
18:05 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for I'm a 5th grade teacher, here's what it's been like to teach during a pandemic
This is. Not. I want it don't act and I want you. Don't know. I I lucky and I miss my passing and this my kids. I am currently thank you might instead. And I am he admission that's social distancing attacks. My district is going back full time will be back it is about a half weeks. We still have to figure out how to get these to be three hip hurt. Hello welcome Chris. An elementary school. Certain. With case numbers higher than ever children can spread cope it nineteen if you're sending them to school do you trust the new safety precaution. It. My hand is Katie O'Connor I may fifth grade teacher in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And we. Have just started aren't you planning. Our district made the decision and reading eat before school started TV eLearning so lets teachers have spent the last three and a half weeks. Half an hour rounds and art classes are being and her today and then the reading for a school started we were told since. Scrap everything and start over again. Welcome Argentine tango yes we are optimal but we also want to plan and make sure that this can you plastic can be. So we need. On the more than three days' notice actually make sure we are meeting on our students' needs. We start each morning they're huddled zoom in meetings. And then they have a twenty minute exam. With age forty network timing Astor three times so we teachers are zooming slower times a day the kids are assuming four times a day. Oh. I. He just signs is also studies and mental grammar sprinkled in there as meeting at. Bicycling is as its quality patents are online platform. Protestants aren't. They joined lies down payment and video to show them and they're doing. And they had to activities for me. You are here. Time at. Her purse. And yeah I birthday on dean. Anti dash camera. Now at your view lots to lessen the snow I'm honest as Spencer dealing. This. Is exhausting sitting here its Terry at night computer screen. All day I don't know how these kids are unique. I'm not want to do it I did not become a teacher Justin behind us. Environment and getting solid different students know little. Personalities that same day grade they're really starting to become little people. I am teach density were all teenagers asked my cat. Welcome back to date he thing. Except Cuddy is all I'm allowed they had tables before. So my actor has sat act. And on might ask our southeast battery heat up the hearts I just used a yardstick on the ground. Each it has been colored dots and than they are guaranteed six feet away from. You're seeing public stops. I only have one that's in my around eight I have 22 on her ouster. Let's summer I can't consistently eLearning it's that would immediately figured out here. Yeah. Date terrorists here in Colorado have at times closed. For at least a few days when there's been an outbreak. Or up possible exposure even and the question is what's going to happen when there are many more cases. Happy meat to the moment of science cleanest. And the science teacher. Lap and that a normal morning. But only after new loans. What we've been doing assessments for students haven't coming in and groups. Fortis sex just depending on the numbers. Three teams are normal my idol and my first class as and then my third block which is by homer and then coming to meet far science and social studies. They have to get a crew record classes since I didn't. With other kids here and act like even as an apartment her already regarding. And so just trying to find how did you now's the hard. Pulling hard for me to build those relationships other hear my program. Felony we might see them on sound I. You click we're comfortable with mean. It's all just to keep is that melt president. Cases and is wrong. That's just impossible right now own and companies have in my room I'm thinking control that. Rally held. Pat I'm initiatives. I sounds and I have not been tapped quarantining. How you. Happy Friday from a new look change. I'm living room we saw yesterday that wherever accidents than Kabul. Wednesday for assessment had a positive hope that like symptoms. I was getting past it. Beyond these of the kids on Friday anyway insists art teacher workday pretty much. So who worked at different times a day. Simple you just on the front here you know. Saint you know but unlike my birthdays in October. Or smash. It's a thinker at. This is like here 56. Very spot student. Many young. This is how I can't welcome really lose and end zone staring at me. Please I have mean. I don't like I'm really get very much I will say. Judge me and dose. I'm sorry he. And I didn't hit Cleveland Hindu. At key to stay September her it's the student who has covered like symptoms last week. They're testing negative Celek I'll come back. Just nine that there have been two cases are if students coming in haven't positive as. A little leery having the kids back spraying everything down before they are in there I'm not touching anything at times. But my group ten day I have four of them and I only had one assessment I'm just finished with them like twenty minutes they retire early still had eaten uncle's car half together. And they were fully on board. You wouldn't we were at the water park. I want to play together and how find and use your imagination and and the laughter and might lose my teacher Curtis how have here in them. News you don't get fat rumor virtual. I'm there talking to mean anything apparently talking to each other there just isn't my questions. And I hope that I can still find ways to. Make sure there have been posting interactions. In my classroom. In. My last day in mind now students and so we sent us are prepared to see if they want their child to stay on eLearning more Q. Back in person and I personally had eight students remain behind me. I have thirteen coming into school by only thirteen tasks which means they. More. It was nice. I recently as. That it may turn that class are not going at recess now have attended meetings I got to go to him. Me I'm. His first opening eLearning. Hands in hers ends so I didn't ask Eileen nervous how it's an account. Teachers are rotating. At least some college money forty dial the monument under construction. Argument ended and American scientists heart it would make actually watch means that at mountain. But that kid you have to. Keeping private discussion. Aren't air. Italian. First and yeah aid package or an army boots that you're using ingredients I think that accident and increase decrease or eight. Happening and yeah means you make them that. Our guys my spotlight Aaron. And I. Let. Yeah. Last hit was our first full week back of in person learning. So we have in person it you learning simultaneously. Addressing her as a certain ingredients Allen leaving until. Ice thirty ash Mao's sayings and I was. Dad they're the fifth grader another class. And act does not come in like symptoms and sounds that whole class went home. For the next week and a half until October fest. And hands and I Don that class I have to be quarantined until October and so my kids also be here with us. While I'm at home. Zooming in. And I am released and I half. Believe. I legend and today we want to play he man. On the first point and it's and it was we will miss you know. I. Almost started crying as losers falling through the cracks this seems like. Expectation hasn't is the salute of how we're expected to do what we're doing it twice and keeps changing. And I nominally did you feels this way this is so incredibly overwhelming and stressful Ryan emails begin today. I'm time two hours other stuff but I still have kids in the rim. And are you really wants it. Just my own stay. Writing Wednesday in front reads lacing out Nancy Reagan a whole list there is heat where. My eyes and Harry agreements here for me in that. He had not used chat appropriately. Very kind and yes John from them. How are you welcome today one of me working from home wildlife students are still in my classroom and I do it. So clear to critics who working from home it is an. Getting you up my dogs dynasty created Ian eagle T waste little selects. It's yet. Otherwise I don't like best. Ago as will be there. A senior aide says. I know what I'm teaching. And I wanted to keep it and the full time. If. This is my last day working from. And handsome in. Tiny and we're working from home and loner an eyewitness gone from work Sullivan suspended median home alone. Per let me get a half now and I'm barely eat and stay GE. I must tell you what we're working on pay because I'm sorry EK. Correct yeah. So we aren't when he went Jamestown the first. Subtlety here in North America from in Clint. Hello gentlemen Jamestown finally hammer time and. We need to sock. That we need to talk that's what got. Eight you'll lazy socks you can help us. And not paying. Sock. Like. And it minds even Alex Johnny. Paris. Pigeons and feet and gaining her song you Arizona. Hello there I didn't say it. After acting. See you Tuesday no Thursday heard. Ninety. And did nothing like I've seventeen. You know exciting time like it's Marion center a lot of rearranging of everything. From their whole schedules change. Once again. Regulators in some three classes. Looking at a happy life. So he's 59. To. Then. Outline. And CDC it's not on the wrong. GE a lawyer and Huntsman. Who might. And so we have like co host. Just very helpful if the one teacher can be monitoring the chat online is monitored a clothing in the three pages of students face six. Mullen is trying to just actually. It's impossible to do opryland but 59 kids on there. Kobe nineteen in Colorado is not slowing down several schools are responding by moving to fully remote learning. Is there today I don't know the lovely gentlemen twenties and then we had some. Really bad news today act. 1 o'clock. We edit email from. Its sister act. Telling us that her whole district is shutting down England virtual until. After. Winter break. I love having my kids here and now we're going back to foale. Virtual and ends. Access blame. And makes them a column stem activity. And what you know now and deciding what I have to get I've probably doesn't get them directions. By okay. They mean that holocaust tower you canyon numbers fights you. And everything. Everything. It can't imagine what that's and then kind of you know Jonathan. Hello and welcome to today's and listen to Katie brands and efficient our first week. Virtual learning take two. I miss my case. Higher really messed Patton. To the wrong I was going I want them strong trips and and and has been likes it. They talk about constantly. Miss but sounds of a classroom. I just got him back and swing of things wrong there are a lot of tears during our capitol that morning. Theater release. Or baby. So I'll let them get other grievances out let's switch gears now I have a positive reading gut the good things. There's a lot of hands forget things kind of ran fast all day. Can eat whatever I'll hunt and whom he needed to share. But they're friends classmates and me. The gut their findings. And that's with a heart rate Atlanta to get. I hope for the future. Same can go back to normal. Though this. Yeah senator norm. Acting you know how he for an act. How are. One of my he's on earth each. For analysts and million rather act. See what we can now and learn how they're learning how he used in electrical problems are. Each and it's not. We think pain. My experience. I helps every school. Burger parents and families. All the islands irony. For acts but I really activist. Neal art school. Building. It's people. Yeah. Yeah. Me.

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{"duration":"18:05","description":"Katie O’Connor, a teacher from Colorado Springs, Colorado, documented her emotional experience as a fifth grade teacher during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75481244","title":"I'm a 5th grade teacher, here's what it's been like to teach during a pandemic","url":"/GMA/Living/video/5th-grade-teacher-teach-pandemic-75481244"}