How an activist and artist is supporting the homeless community in Los Angeles

LaRayia Gaston started a nonprofit program, "Lunch on Me," which aims to end starvation and provide opportunities to Los Angeles' homeless.
5:46 | 02/18/19

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Transcript for How an activist and artist is supporting the homeless community in Los Angeles
We're back now with serene in 2019. Serene in 2019. It's an ek presentation close to my heart this year. If you follow my social media, I postman tras and quotes to help lift me up and you, too. Like the comments you see Ben hide me. Right there. We're focusing on the mantra, make one day day one. One day, I'm going to -- make that day one instead of one day. I wanted to highlight an incredible story of a woman who took this lesson to heart. Creating her own mt to help thousands in the homeless community in Los Angeles. Look at her story. I'm still cooking. Breaking down vggiesor vegan ch irk LI. Hopefully, I'll stop about 1:00 in the morning. Reporter: This is a labor of love for larayia Gaston. She launched her nonprofit in 2017. I don't know anything about the nonprofit world. I know now love people. I just knew I could do this. Like, to live you must give. Reporter: Today, laray irk a says lunch on me searches thousands of meals a month. 40% of food goes uneaten. 40%. It doesn't make sense that someone is hungry or lacking food when it's being wasted. Did you get a salad, sir? Reporter: Here at the monthly block party it goes beyond a plate of good food. It's important to share the meal with them. Reporter: Larayia and her team focus on other issues. They offer meditation and yoga. It keeps people healthy in mind and body. People that live on skid row come and volunteer and help us. Started passing out food. The smile took over. I continue to visit. I just knew that I was doing something better. I don't take it lightly. Because it means so much to me because these small things are helping. Larayia Gaston is here with us this morning. Come on out. Hi. Hi. How are you? Thank you so much. You call these love sax. You have been putting our audience to work. They're volunteering and putting things in a bag. And they're back there putting them Al together. Where are the bag going? They're going to all of the subways on Saturday. They're called our love sax. Sub waist here in New York City? Yes. We're launching lung on me new York Saturday. We call them love sacks because our foundation is love. We try to remind us every day that's the reset. Everything is about love. We're giving out organic food. We want everyone to have access to healthy foods and plant-based foods. I'm glad to see that. A lot of people are deal rg health issues. We try to give everyone access because it's so expensive. And so much food is wasted, why not redirect it. There's so many people -- you're beautiful. Thank you. Sbl so many people want to do something. They're motivated. They just can't do it. What was your motivation? First, I would always volunteer. I would spend hours. There was no connection. I would make plates. I didn't get to speak to people. It's a human exchange. It's important the see people. To have community. So I said, I needed to start something that was about that. Bringing people together and celebrate through food. That's what motivated me. So people could have access to organic food. Wonderful, wonderful. I love that. Thank you. Okay. So somebody's watching. They've been saying, I have been saying one day, one day, one day. I wnt to make this day one. What advise do you have? The first thing I always tell people is, my favorite quote, you want to save the world, you go home and love your family. It always starts with your community. Go the places you frequent. Grocery stores. A lot of times, gas stations. You'll see someone outside asking for something. It's as simple as grabbing a water bottle, saying, hello, I thought of you when I wept inside. It starts with one thing. You look at the big problem, you're overwhelmed. It's not about feeding 1,000 people. It's starting with one. Never let someone go past you without make Ang immediate need met. I tell people, keep at least two granola bars in your purse. You always see someone in need. The mindfulness. Sometimes it's a smile. It's acknowledging. We have to be mindful of the energy we bring into spaces. Sometime you're awkward in the elevator. Someone says, I lo you dress, it's cute, girl. How you doing? Oh, thank you. You are snatched. You are snatched. Oh. I'm snatched? Yes. It's about setting the tone. Being mindful. If gnat love isn't there, you raise the vibration by being mindful. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you, thank you. I love that these are healthy, health hi love sacks. It's all about love. Nk you. I'm so inspired.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"LaRayia Gaston started a nonprofit program, \"Lunch on Me,\" which aims to end starvation and provide opportunities to Los Angeles' homeless. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61143038","title":"How an activist and artist is supporting the homeless community in Los Angeles","url":"/GMA/Living/video/activist-artist-supporting-homeless-community-los-angeles-61143038"}