What to know about the so-called 'tampon tax'

21-year-old activist Nadya Okamoto has been vocal in the movement to push legislators to eliminate the tampon tax.
3:54 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for What to know about the so-called 'tampon tax'
The attempt on tax isn't nickname for the sales tax on period products considering that nonsocial ads items that don't these talks Rogaine. He hoped club's kid dean donuts tax day. My bill is the hunt cannot. And I think that what we are trying to fight for is that measurements to be should be considered medical necessity. Because it's a health issue I'm not the whaling is Arnold and the founder and executive Jack period. They think I hear any sort of period poverty where it was a big privileged child for me realizing that. Even though one my family was experiencing legal homelessness I don't have used trashing their period. Service here just lots and national campaign called national PSA and it is really about trying to you. Raise awareness about period poverty and ingenious specific period policy changes are to him in what freely accessible period products and schools as a president. And to eliminating the tampons access islands as at 35 states by athletes to and I wasn't around getting. Governments actually recognized as a product of necessities. And from there are some of the things we can work on from freely accessible carry ourselves in schools and prisons. All the way to trying to get things like food stamps and you know those assistance office to congregate products because they don't currently. We cannot with the legislators who don't get their period opt insistence legislators. I don't think that it's a necessity because they don't truly understand what it means humans right. And on the flip side we talk to commence trading legislators who get experience and militants like. But it will sure tell us that they feel nervous about talking about anything they will lose respect or lose support as they talked about here. So big part of this fight is just getting. The colts you're ready to talk about it so legislators can come out and speak freely about it without thinking about being the ones having to do all the heavy lifting its advertising exchange. What really surprising about the Tampa tots is that this is not just isolated acts right there are. Countries all aware of the world I have habitat untaxed. The US because of the way our sales tax system works. We can't do is it national legislation for me to go state by state. Twenty dollars sounds like a lot of money it's not a lot of money compared to their overall and much. Not in essence it is an insignificant. And I think that's a big part of what we're trying to get. Saying let there are other ways to make this and and then asking that night. And he is not feasible. I think it's important to take commentary on fox because. Minister hygiene is right and not a luxury and the tea tax tells us that it's essentially let history. And in this overall fight for the national movement and little access to natural hygiene. That sums it is one of our biggest barriers so we need to take that looking continue to fight her slightly.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"21-year-old activist Nadya Okamoto has been vocal in the movement to push legislators to eliminate the tampon tax.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66380157","title":"What to know about the so-called 'tampon tax'","url":"/GMA/Living/video/called-tampon-tax-66380157"}