Could this be the craziest Christmas lights display in America?

A family from Rockaway, New York, takes "GMA" inside their over-the-top lights decorations and discusses why it means so much to them.
6:20 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for Could this be the craziest Christmas lights display in America?
And we just put our holiday decorations up, but if you compare them to one family's in rockaway beach, New York, we got to step our game up, people. The holidays are no joke for the mure family. They build Santa's workshop and guard it with 20-foot-tall toy soldiers and need tractor trailers to haul in the decorations. I mean, take a look at all of that, wow. ?????? From rockaway beach, new York. We want to wish you merry Christmas. We've been decorating for the past 22 years. We added flavor to it. We got dancers and soldiers and a train that goes around. It's like coming to my house on Sunday and having my sauce with my meatballs. A little flavor added to it. You come here, you see the holiday display, you will smile. It's magical. Just like New York, the best place on Earth. ?????? You saw that. T.J. Is with that great family. They are ready to give us a tour. How is it going out there, T.J.? Reporter: Hey, good morning to you all. Yes, I'm here with Joe and Jodi. I put two strings of lights on my tree this year and they were not impressed. Thank you, both, for giving us a tour. Thank you. You've been doing this for 23 years now. Your 23rd year. You'll love this, guys. It all started because of an arrest. You're a defense attorney. Tell us what happened. One of my clients got arrested. I was hanging my first string of lights with my daughter. We were going around for the first time in our new home and I had to leave and go out to Florida. At that point I missed Christmas with my daughter and decided never to miss Christmas again. You haven't missed it again. I'm having microphone problems and pick back up here. You have been together about a decade now. When he first -- that first date did he introduce himself and say I like walks on the beach and I go crazy around Christmas. He said he likes walks on the beach and roller skating and does a little Christmas party. So once I came to it and got involved, I was like, oh, I fell in love with him even more. Christmas was your selling point. Now, tell me, we'll take a little tour and start off, ballroom dancers. Tell us what we got going on. Two dancers up there, ballroom dancers and dance like Fred astaire used to dance and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful display. Why is that important to have that as part of this? Well, listen, we have two reasons for lighting up the north pole. One to actually put a smile on every single child's face and to give them a memory of Christmas we know will last the rest of their lives and then, two, to help a special group of children that need our help and those are children that live each and every day of their lives with juvenile diabetes, type 1 diabetes. This is a fund-raiser and raise money and have been donating it every year it's been going on. We'll make our way over other. You can see family and friends that help out. Yeah, there's another question. How many people do you need to help put this whole thing together? Actually opening day we probably have about 150 people out here helping us unload the tractor trailers and start to erect the Christmas decorations. He called it opening day. That big. Opening day. Is this the main attraction here, if you will. This is a merry go round and the kids love it. Had they come out here they sit here and look up at the elves and watch the horses and they just love what they see. Give me an idea. How many lights? We got hundreds of thousands of lights out here. We got lights all over the place. Do you save up and have a special fund for your electricity bill? I got to be honest. The last two years we actually have a company that jumped in and liked what we were doing and stepped in and helped us out with the bill. That big of a display. He's got it sponsored. Beautiful. We'll make our way around. We'll take the front and go to the front of the carousel. Tell me what we got going on here. We got a bunch of skaters. We actually have a whole group of skaters that actually skate around. We actually have one that actually fell down. That's actually very Normal when people skate. We got Mrs. Santa over here. Santa, we got you here. Give us a good morning, America, that only Santa can. Good morning, America. Merry Christmas. There it is. The whole family here plays a part. So, Strahan, robin, this is -- you know, look, we all have stepping up to do to try to get to where these folks are for their display. I know. When you use phrases like opening day and got a sponsored and all that, you're right. Joe, he is an attorney. What does it mean to him and his family when people come out and they're so excited to see this? It's making an impact with a lot of people. How does it feel? We got two things actually going on. One, we're going to be on "The great Christmas light fight" next Monday night at 9:00 P.M. Going against families throughout the United States. I wish each of them the best of luck. But when they see our display over here, America is going to just absolutely love it. It is so different than any Christmas display you see anywhere inside the united States or outside the united States. You got to come out. We actually have an opening day the following Saturday. Saturday, December 8th from 3:30 in the afternoon we have live entertainment and we'll be hosting a great holiday party. Opening day, robin. You hear that. Opening day. Beautiful. Tell them thank you. Can you guys lift up that skater that fell? I think Joe -- he said it all. You can see the mure family on "The great Christmas night fight" right here on ABC next Monday all for charity which I love.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"A family from Rockaway, New York, takes \"GMA\" inside their over-the-top lights decorations and discusses why it means so much to them. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59440865","title":"Could this be the craziest Christmas lights display in America? ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/craziest-christmas-lights-display-america-59440865"}