What is 'laundry stripping'?

Real Simple's Katie Holdefehr is here to explain the new trend of cleaning your bedding and clothes -- the hashtag has nearly 12 million views!
2:38 | 06/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What is 'laundry stripping'?
Thanks, rob. Time for a trend alert. People everywhere are doing something called laundry stripping to clean their clothes and linens. So much so that the hashtag has racked up nearly 12 million views on tiktok. We wanted in, so we asked for real simple's Katie holdefehr to show us how it's done. And here she is. Katie, good morning to you. Hi, thanks for having me. We're happy to have you. What is this trend, and why is it so popular? So basically laundry stripping is this deep cleaning process that gets out all the gross stuff including all the detergent residue that is lurking on your bed sheets and bath towels, and since we're spending more time at home and maybe some of us are guilty of working in our beds all day long, we might have noticed that our bed sheets are not as clean as we think. I will never admit working from my bed. Right? That doesn't happen. Tell us what supplies we need to make this happen. Okay, so you can do this in your bathtub. You can do it in a top load washer or a bucket even. Today I'll use this pot that I do not use to cook food in. You want borax, washing soda and detergent. You also want to put on a pair of dish washing gloves because you are working with chemicals, you just want to make sure you don't get them on your hands and keep them away from your kids and your pets. Now that we're set up and have the supplies in place, show us how laundry stripping actually works. Okay. Let's give it a go. So I have my pot here filled up with really hot water, then I'll add to it a half of a tablespoon of borax, a half tablespoon of washing soda and then finally you just want to grab one tablespoon of laundry detergent. If you're doing this in a bathtub you want to use the exact same ratio but make it a quarter cup, quarter cup and half cup of detergent. Then you want to grab your prewashed laundry. Today I'm just going to do a couple of dish towel, give it a stir and if you're doing this in a bathtub, you could wash your comforter or your sheet set, and then you're pretty much done. From there you just let it soak for about four hours, give it a stir about once per hour and then you're going to come back and check how gross the water and then you just take all the items out, toss them into your washing machine and wash them as you normally would. And I have to say, I tried a batch of this earlier, and I was surprised by how murky the water got. Oh, no. Wow. Yeah. Okay. Apologies if you're eating breakfast. Thank you for helping us clean up and grossing us out in the process, Katie. Thank you very much. Of course, give it a try. We will. All right, Katie. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Real Simple's Katie Holdefehr is here to explain the new trend of cleaning your bedding and clothes -- the hashtag has nearly 12 million views!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71107928","title":"What is 'laundry stripping'?","url":"/GMA/Living/video/laundry-stripping-71107928"}