Teacher babysits so former student can attend job fair

LaShonda Carter, of Chicago, watched Larresha Plummer's infant daughter so she could look for a part-time job.
4:50 | 09/03/18

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Transcript for Teacher babysits so former student can attend job fair
Yes. I think in the car right now on Indian. And a few days ago. About the heart and educator. Arm holder of ABM. This is not Miami V Hamlin in my previous student protests in the early this morning. Had to be about to a 2 o'clock in the morning. And I can't could be up. Just sometimes at his Boston office and his son to come. So ahead of peavy still know my reach out to me about 2 or 3 o'clock this morning. And tell me you know she recently just had a baby. She was critical to something's going through some struggles continue to gates without fear today. SA you know me no matter what I had one afternoon. And as a talking about coming teaching. Made arrangements for my Asia mind what are and a civil I'll coming diction flack came in at this morning. She's in the afternoon am announced in his armor car holding her five week old beautiful baby could. This is the part that I have talked about as an educator sometimes as a teacher. The classroom. As are reaching out because I need to Los health and eat my village because this beautiful little baby needs something. I don't I don't think the Mon needs money. Or anything like at that this beautiful baby clothes. I wanna take it to weaken a few to see about getting cheap plastic it debate Lisa mailed. I'm she's you know she's a young teenage mom. She she needs some help. Our region that's an advantage I'm gonna do what I keen as much as I can't educated but I know that I can do a job on file. Honestly he's so cute. Until August reaching out to see out of here is gently used clothes I don't care if his connections. With the week if you see you know. I'm not for sure what Teva pharma the baby is on for one Puerto Rico plant that today but it could be anything from gently used babies them no baby stuff. Wipes diapers. I need my business to help in this is me because I wanna help as much as acts yeah. And I don't want to do what I keen. But I know that keen to do what about myself this is the part where most people don't know. Educators do. Gil to baby smuggling years cell. You know. People are complaining about the growth of that happened for me you know when that she'd. Won his with a I. You know it is part of the educator. People see so. Asher Asher who shall. We. But I can't reach out their base that means. If you know anyone who. Use baby girl. If anyone who hit each year. The ever. Happy with. Me or. An. Trees and she can be successful. That's if you act like it's as if it. Tried to them and we actually her know that she can you be successful there are people out here. Then how are who never even met or seen. I just wanted to put this year. And many people reach. Out to be today it is today at a different and but it happened. And that that's hard to go. Out when Donny is keen. Her items. And it should she. When it. It's heartening to. Actions. Do everyday for beef. Is that. As you go. In there me and nobody ever knows day educated. But you. Know whose babies and leave. You know of course it's. Clean common and he won a Tony. And his. Knew them but. They.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"LaShonda Carter, of Chicago, watched Larresha Plummer's infant daughter so she could look for a part-time job. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57575731","title":"Teacher babysits so former student can attend job fair","url":"/GMA/Living/video/teacher-babysits-student-attend-job-fair-57575731"}