This woman paid off $180,000 in student debt in three years. Here's how

Cari Swanger shares strategies you can implement today to tackle your student loans.
3:49 | 09/10/20

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Transcript for This woman paid off $180,000 in student debt in three years. Here's how
I graduated in twenty day yeah and we not to residency in rural Kentucky's the year after. And had combines. Student at 120000. Dollars. I spend most of my student years you know undergraduate graduate school not really knowing much about finances. Yesterday artsy school into that's an outlet and in this is a four year program. Aunts you know throughout that journey I had to take out a couple loans which for federal loans and dangerous threats and was pretty high. After four years of pharmacy school I then went on to residency which was honesty and that only racked up more interest and before I knew it I had about a 160000. Dollars in loans income including interest. Not only do we try to cut costs and see you know really biting. I don't think brutally we still wanted to deal is celebrating milestones but in terms of our major spending like rent and bills. My husband and you know he how well a lot of haze penis go towards our friends and that hurts a lot of the bills whereas I was able to use. You know like a lot of my income to go towards the student or events visit the combined effort and I think that we both really thought about this together. This in Connecticut campus mom better and that's close and that will be able to get to be able to celebrate his master's in financial independence and Romney's chances that I had I think that there's a lot of things that others can benefit from so here is some tips that might help others opposite ends. We are able to cut costs in in specific spending Sanchez. Cable and Dina plans and you can Spotify accounts we merged hurt spotted by day account into a payment plan. And that could help put many towards savings and along granted that money towards our debt payments. So another thing to think about is just being able to set and forget it you alienate your peoples he sent recurring payments is going to help pay down that debt and long term. It's kind of like easy or run cake you know you automatically get money into your borrowing Katie you know release ye go out here you can count. It's similar with recurring payments Turkish children dead. Where you're automatically paying money toward your student loan debt and your student days going down each month. I also recommends seeking out a sprint community there's so many people out there that have similar situations and experiences. As you know you all with. Accident months and I don't like evil tenants share your experiences and learn from those who have similar experiences it is very important. Anytime you're that I generic happy Hershey store is going to eat so much helpful towards putting money your savings. You know when you're at a local grocery store running down aisles you can see it generic price vs the brand price. And when you buy generic it is an easing to see how much seedings in January each month and put that money towards. You know investments are at that money towards a student loan debt. The biggest anti second or write to others to speak at your loans or any access for and not American I'm you know. I think it is over wanting to see that big number on it on statement. That your a bullet hit off in the long term they're so many people out there with similar experiences say in Che experience list. And just know that you're not alone. And try to be able to celebrate those milestones and you come along just because. This is a huge accomplishment he should be proud you know being able to pay off its line each month.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Cari Swanger shares strategies you can implement today to tackle your student loans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72917688","title":"This woman paid off $180,000 in student debt in three years. Here's how ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/woman-paid-off-180000-student-debt-years-72917688"}