100 million Americans now fully vaccinated

The push continues to vaccinate younger people as states move forward with reopening plans.
3:20 | 05/01/21

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Transcript for 100 million Americans now fully vaccinated
Let's start with a new milestone in the pandemic. More than 100 million Americans are now fully vaccinated. That is 39% of adults. Nearly 143 million Americans are partially vaccinated. That is 56% of American adults. The Biden administration is still reaching out to Americans who remain unvaccinated launching a text messaging service website and toll-free hotline to help people find vaccination sites and appointments. As the U.S. Makes progress in the fight against the coronavirus, delta airline also today will no longer block its middle seats on its aircraft, the last U.S. Carrier to do so. That's as India is struggle with soaring spread and the Biden administration will be restricting travel from India. ABC's zohreen shah is at the airport in Los Angeles with the very latest. Zohreen, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, whit. Thousands of international travelers arrive here at L.A.X. Every day. Well, America is about to cut off most travelers from India. The situation there is grim with their health ministry reporting about 3,500 deaths in a 24-hour period and experts think this is an undercount. The U.S. Announcing a travel restriction from India on Tuesday cutting off entry to most people who travelled there in the last two weeks. U.S. Aid arriving in India as the toll on the health care system grows. This is not starting from zero. We were already working but we are ramping up now. Reporter: India's covid surge nearing 400,000 new cases in a 24-hour period stressing the health care system. Overnight one hospital treating covid patients reportedly caught fire killing more than 15. The second such incident in a week. The white house touching upon escalating fears. People are worried. No question. People are worried. Reporter: Here in the U.S. The Biden administration announcing yesterday 100 million Americans fully vaccinated. That's 100 million, nearly 40% of all adult Americans. Reporter: The CDC director saying at this pace the nation could re-open soon. I think July 1st would be a reasonable target. Reporter: Disneyland opening at 25% capacity. This place and the five of us all together today was something we were afraid would never happen again. Reporter: Chicago's Navy pier welcoming visitors as the city loosens restrictions. Opening further in some places could hinge on more Americans vaccinated. The focus turning to a youhas the largest number hospitalized. Pfizer and biontech seeking the eu's authorization for kids 12 to 15 years old. They previously requested fda authorization which could come any day. "Gma" speaking to a 14-year-old who was part of December's U.S. Trial. I knew that if like people didn't step up then the vaccine like, we wouldn't know if it was safe for everyone so I wanted to help. Reporter: And that younger population so important, one doctor saying he thinks some young people think their age will protect them. Another saying he is seeing far more people under 40 right now than at any other time during the pandemic and they appear far more sick.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"The push continues to vaccinate younger people as states move forward with reopening plans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77435976","title":"100 million Americans now fully vaccinated","url":"/GMA/News/video/100-million-americans-now-fully-vaccinated-77435976"}