Adult film star offers to return money to Trump's lawyer

Stormy Daniels' attorney, Michael Avenatti, tells "GMA" why she offered to return $130,000 she received in 2016 for agreeing not to discuss an alleged relationship with Trump.
7:23 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for Adult film star offers to return money to Trump's lawyer
Reiterating that new challenge from stormy Daniels reports stars offering to return the 130000 dollars she got from president Trump's lawyer to keep quiet about the affair he denies. Deadline for trump is noon today we speak with a lawyer for storm again as in a moment. First time Elvis is back with the latest twist in the story good morning time. George good morning to you you know the president's lawyers tried to fix this problem with that arbitration proceeding. That turned out to be a pandora's box now there's a lawsuit and as you mentioned that new offer from stormy Daniels that leaves with the the president with no good choices. This morning stormy Daniels trying to play the order of the deal with president troll. The adult film star offering to pay the president would 130000. Dollars. The same amount she says the president's personal attorney Michael Coe would paid her distaste silent about an alleged affair she had with mr. trump. Daniel's attorney sending this letter to the president's lawyers promising the money if they toss out that non disparagement agreement. Allowed gay kneeled to speak openly and freely about her prior relationship with the president. Ed to use and publish any text messages. Photos and or videos relating to the president but she may governor possession eleven days before the election Daniels and Cohen signed this agreement. Cohen pain Daniels would 130000. Dollars he says he facilitated with the personal home equity line. But Daniel's lawyer says that deal is Null and void because the president using the alias David Dennison never signed it. She and her attorney are playing this about as well as one could imagine. So far there are keeping a 130000 dollars there publicly stating it there was an affair. And it seems like they're preparing us to do more Michael Koenen president trump park in a really tough spot here. So that deadline is 1201 eastern two days so far no comment from the White House or the president's personal attorneys. Including Michael Cohen. George shakes out thanks historically attorney for stormy Daniels Mike on the night thanks for joining us this morning Michael good morning as a leader no comment from the White House no comment from Michael Cohen have you heard from them. Crickets nothing nothing so what happens if that deadline passes. Well at the deadline passes the. In the offers going to be automatically withdrawn and then we're gonna get around her and and we're going to proceed in in a deliberate. Measured Smart aggressive. Manner as the relates to this case and we're going to get into a stage that's called discovery. And that's going to involve the issuance of subpoenas. Don't want it to depose president trial. Well I I'm Michael lay out our strategy but I don't think that's a stretch to say that that's likely to happen at some point in the future and in we're gonna get to the bottom of its. I want to be really clear about this. If we don't get answers to the relevant questions that we've been asking for a watch our which are. Did mr. trump no of this agreement do you think he did I think there's no question did it we're gonna prove. Did he sign the agreement. We don't believe he ever side you presumably his name is not on that David dentist in line. Correct and why didn't he sign him well we believe he did not sign the agreement so that he would have denied ability did the same deny ability that we're seeing right now. I'm so that he could claim that he knew nothing about it so that's the second question we're going to get answered. And then the third is did he have anything to do. With this payment to be reimbursed mr. Cohen that he of a surrogate reimbursed mr. Cohen what is the story any evidence that he did. What we have a significant amount evidence and we're certainly naturally and out right now in connection with this case but here's what I'll say. We did not include all of the facts and all of the evidence that we have when we filed the complaint no good lawyer would. It is stormy determined to tell her story even if this deadline passes even if he's not released from the NBA because. You know I'm no Michael Cohen a long time he's a pitfall. In his side says that they are gonna go out and every time she breaches disagreement it's a million dollar penalty racking up tens of millions of dollars in penalties. I want to understand this it if the plan by mr. Cohen in the administration is. That they're going to pursue. Millions of dollars in the images against a private American citizen. That it wants the agreement calls from Rupert who wants to exercise her first amendment rights. Bring it. That's our position bringing because our position George is that the agreement was never signed and therefore the million dollar liquidated the image clause. Has never come into existence and also say this. In this is a bold statement but on the stand behind it we don't believe that there is he court in California anywhere that will ever. Ever enforce that million dollar liquidated DNY us. Because that it's what is called legally unconscionable. It is so outside the realm of possibility or or what is legal that is not going to be enforced your client did sign an agreement to keep quiet. About whatever relationship she had with president tried how do you respond to critics say she's acting on bad case. She's not acting in bad faith because the agreement was never signed by mr. trump in order to I mean your your viewers know that. In any contract you have to have parties that agree in the Afghan signatures on the dotted line. And there's no signature by mr. trump and you're confident that that's going to make any court say the groom was no one away from. We are confident not only under the law but also under eight point six paragraph three point six the agreement which specifically. Required signatures I want to I want and one of the thing. I'm familiar with mr. Cohen I'm familiar with his reputation. I'm familiar with the fact that he prides himself on being a people. I'm a people to. And we're not going away. Or to what isn't so important to speak out now about the affair if ms. Daniels is willing back when this city in the Beckett before the election cannot say anything. Because what you've seen over the last two months. Is at the same time that mr. Cohen in the administration. Had been seeking to gag that's when silence her prevent her from telling her story. You have mr. Cohen and others. Out in the public domain out of the media making statements about this deal making statements about her they're quite honestly are not accurate finishing he broke with the we believe he broke the deal to the extent that there was a deal he brokered first and to those who say this is all about the money is about money than it's about money now. I think as evidenced by the offer that we just made in writing we've put our money where our mouth is it's not about the money. And then you we we've seen in the lawsuit references in the non disclosure referenced the text messages photos of other material about the relationship I know you have an able to comment. About this are you haven't been willing to comment about this in the past but didn't the NBA require. Ms. Dennis to turn over or destroy any of those materials we'll have the NBA actually be invalid and had it been signed yes but it was never saw him. Say you're lawsuits this storm was intimidated to denying the affair back in January what exactly happened and do you have evidence of that intimidation. Well we certainly have evidence of it and I think women if miss Daniels is allowed to tell her story. The details concerning that they're going to be known to the American public and we're gonna let the American public pass judgment on his told the truth. And who is not shooting straight wouldn't give his sixty minutes and added an air. We certainly hope so we don't know when that's correct but we certainly hope so and we hope that the administration and mr. Cohen. Are not going to take steps to prevent it from airing we want the American people to your story. My my thanks very much thank you.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"Stormy Daniels' attorney, Michael Avenatti, tells \"GMA\" why she offered to return $130,000 she received in 2016 for agreeing not to discuss an alleged relationship with Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53702930","title":"Adult film star offers to return money to Trump's lawyer ","url":"/GMA/News/video/adult-film-star-offers-return-money-trumps-lawyer-53702930"}