3 Americans die at same Dominican Republic hotel

An American woman died of respiratory failure in her hotel room days before a Maryland couple was found dead of the same cause, hotel staff told ABC News.
5:42 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for 3 Americans die at same Dominican Republic hotel
That is coming up. New information on the deaths of American tourists on vacation in the Dominican Republic. One couple found dead of respiratory failure last week and now we're learning that another American died of the same cause at the same resort just days before. Our chief national affairs correspondent Tom llamas on the scene in the Dominican Republic with the latest. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: George, good morning to you the this stunning new development is rocking this vacation Mecca. All three of those deaths you mentioned still remain a mystery and the family of those victims say enough is not being done and want the FBI to get involved and the state department to be here. What is clear here, several Americans have died here, one has been attacked in what is becoming a brutal year for the Dr. This morning, a growing nightmare in paradise as we're now learning of another American tourist ending up dead inside of this resort in the Dominican Republic. This just five days before another couple was found dead in their room at the same resort. The family of 41-year-old Miranda schaupp-werner now demanding answers after they say she took a drink from the mini bar in her hotel room then suddenly collapsed and died. A family spokesman telling fox News -- She had a soda mixed with one of the small bottles of whatever alcohol it was and suddenly she called out to Dan and he came right over and she was unable to Reporter: Just before the incident Werner thoefting these photos there with her husband, a doctor, celebrating their anniversary. After taking that drink she abruptly experienced acute physical distress and collapsed. The family says Dr. Werner administered cpr until paramedics arrived. Officials in the Dr saying there were no signs of foul play and Werner died of respiratory failure and pulmonary edema, essentially excess fluid in the lungs, the news sending shock waves. Maryland couple, that than yanl Holmes and his if I Ang CIA Cynthia Ann day were found dead, the cause of death was also the same exact respiratory failure that killed Werner. It's a stalling all inclusive property and the resort saying staff followed the proper protocol and telling us we are deeply saddened by the incident and want to express our deepest condolences to their family and friends. This coming as the Dominican Republic has already faced damaging headlines this year after two American tourists died and another was attacked while on vacation. When we go to these resorts, we really feel safe, we feel like we're in paradise. We let our guards down. We have a good time and that's when bad things happen. Reporter: Delaware resident Tammy Lawrence says she was beaten nearly to death in January by an attacker who was wearing a hotel uniform while she was staying at majestic elegance resort and in March, new yorkers Orlando Moore and Portia raffenell, their bodies discovered days apart. Their rental car fished from the bottom of the sea and authorities believe the couple was involved in a car accident along an oceanfront highway but now two members of congress are calling for an FBI investigation. Now, all of the hotels involved are cooperating with the police right now but, again, the families of those victims say enough is not being done. For instance, the Werner family wants to know why the glass she was drinking from befe she collapsed wasn't tested for poison and things are getting bad here. No suspects in the case. Even the locals I talked to some of the lows say they're spooked by this. A country that depends on tourism and this mystery is scaring a lot of people, George. Thanks very much. Let's bring in Jen Ashton, our chief medical correspondent for more on this. These deaths were so sudden. We have a list in medicine going from the most likely to the least likely of things that can acutely and immediately suddenly kill someone. Basically they go from heart, lung, vascular issues like a clot or a ruptured aneurysm to infection and then we start thinking of things like poisoning and trauma. Obviously the key here is going to be an autopsy report and toxicology reports. You've got three deaths in five days, you know the investigation is key. This is absolutely concerning and suspicious and I want to just speak to something we heard in Tom's piece. We're hearing reports that the same cause of death, pulmonary edema, cardiopulmonary arrest, that's what doctors have to put on a birth certificate when they don't know what the cause of death was because that was the most proximal thing that happened, the heart and lungs stopped working, therefore, the person died. Until we see a postmortem report, an autopsy report with full toxicology, we don't know what the cause of death is. What a miss not to check the glass. Absolutely, and the toxicology and postmortem, the autopsy will absolutely be able to tell what killed these Meantime we've had this other very strange and sad case out of Fiji where a couple just seemed no indication they were poisoned but seemed to get some kind of flu. Exactly and there's been a lot of talk there's some infectious disease, some virus, again, I spoke to a top infection disease expert yesterday who said there is almost no infection that out of the blue can kill two healthy people this quickly. So, again, their symptoms may be a clue but that is another example we need a postmortem autopsy and toxicology because when you see two more people, young, healthy die suddenly, that is really, really suspicious. Sure is. Jen Ashton, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"An American woman died of respiratory failure in her hotel room days before a Maryland couple was found dead of the same cause, hotel staff told ABC News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63499612","title":"3 Americans die at same Dominican Republic hotel","url":"/GMA/News/video/americans-die-dominican-republic-hotel-63499612"}