A look back at the biggest news and fun moments in 2018

The annual "GMA" yearender reflects back on the whirlwind past year and all of the moments that made 2018 a year to remember.
11:45 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for A look back at the biggest news and fun moments in 2018
Yeah. It goes me. Sox. But first we have breaking braking breaking news here in wins over Nashville. Jackson Mississippi got touching Santa Fe. That's cool right behind me Margie stone Douglass high school. Seventeen people have been killed. It's time for our country to take a look at the man realizes serious issues. I'm Rick Scott Hart Scott. Eleven. People that were killed there in Pittsburgh in the senate the alleged shooter is facing 29 charges. Big breaking story out of Tennessee gunman who killed four people at a Waffle House. James aug junior demanded quick after a stop the government you put your life everything to save there's they. Shepherd rescue effort to save a young soccer team trapped in the flooded cave in Thailand. I'm sure we'll. Thursday. The British divers came and you could hit it. Yeah I didn't shock. The six story display passion and activists and students protesting Washington's. Hot. Huge march for our lives yes. Until we. Take. The first meeting between an American president. And a leader of North Korea complete denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula figure to get rid of their nuclear weapons church. Crisis shelters housing migrant children. Image of this country that you want their children eight innings I want of this country is an immigration system that secures our borders. Confirmation battle for president from Supreme Court nominee. Okay. Yeah. Story he said she's at hearing mr. that's sexually assaulted me I'd never sexually assaulted him. Back no more than mid terms Democrats took control my house tomorrow looking at them day in America. Heroes and most likely will run for re election are you looking forward to. Possibly six more years of the ones I believe did my husband to and he's doing an incredible job. For this news. Yeah. It's the when he taught at this point everybody's qualified named by humor. They're saying that because of what we currently have yeah you leave your. The stormy stormy stormy Daniels the FBI raided the home office of Michael Cohen why don't just fire. Robert Muller won't Mahler investigation we're in the midst of very serious investigation. And I don't think the president have the option to fire defensive right now. The firing of attorney general Jeff Sessions he should certainly let us know if you going to review. The panhandle of Florida a mountain to field mean heavy. This morning Smart ideas and pleased in the. Something I have never seen in real life on air call. Taken off that Jason and we'll. Devastating fires in California. State statewide event though I think going on for days. I'm 43 run of what does by her own right. This entire neighborhood. He's been obliterated. I had a good fortune spent sixteen years of service to this wondrous thing. Former First Lady Barbara Bush and America's 41 president and member of the best father son or daughter can and I may sometimes be a little. Awkward but there's nothing self conscious. In my love of country. Jeff every morning this the path. Famous designer Kate stays. Comic book legend Stan Lee I guess one person and make. You just do. Yes people do. Sunday night up. Oscars after party Oprah Winfrey tweeting his night. Wedding of the year. I should've taken my advice in the world the best you got. Combatant I love you man. I'm sorry I didn't. Sorry for my that's you had a conflict all right Mary thanks so much Mary. Michael I would leg Mir who. It's as good at all how for the Sydney radio. Following. Resilient thank you for my Sicilian. Paul yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks Robin yeah. Good Morning America it is a cold we'll hear from the outside the change of my way to poll about hill and bill. And we'll hear the audience the premier performance review of a good idea. He figures reviewed that bad that I don't think otherwise not being handy around. I would that really yes got to be good at even irrationality here's. I have made it that way you. I would leave now. Have the audiences. Blacks and literally any card from. So the crowd your car. Good enough but it here it doesn't see there's no way that I could know where that is gonna do this and I think that's. Is that your car yeah. Now it probably. You know how much I love my family and my sister Sally end she is an icon in New Orleans has been on the morning show there for so long she isn't retiring this is the right time for me to start. The next chapter of my life do the reason I'm doing unduly any tears of joy purely on. Provided differ just a little while a little baby shower this morning. Thank you that I just here. Are you saying it have a baby about it. Big. Yeah I think hospital washed yeah. Rather than. Thrilled with the lovely here. Hi Amy Kaplan one of the biggest challenges the world. Mount Kilimanjaro five weeks ago. I had battled breast cancer a set of living here I decide to live defined here begins. I'm just so proud of my family. That being what I call they'll say yes and you guys are also my family and you've been with me every step of the you are with me on a mountain Whitney at. For the first time ever a wedding is going to be broadcast live in front of Cinderella castle. After being together for nearly five years from Lexus and Jane had to put their wedding plans on hold and hurricane already destroyed Alexis home your winner. Guys. Far. Challenging best friends Chris and Dylan are checking items off their bucket list after twenty year old Chris was re diagnosed. With chronic mental leukemia to submit to you it's it's been some incredible feat unmatched talent to help you guys set the world record. For the most don't have added to their bone marrow registry in 24 hour they said challenged thanks. There in Ohio with a man whose life. It's about the changes he cord was living with a serious kidney disease like filming people in this country needs on the organ transplant waiting list. Longtime friend and neighbor Nancy got tested to see if she indeed were a match your wait is over days. You're giving it. I wouldn't have it any other way. From. They stay like that did you have found a. And work to make the dream work right it's. I am happy of the line.

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{"duration":"11:45","description":"The annual \"GMA\" yearender reflects back on the whirlwind past year and all of the moments that made 2018 a year to remember.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59812364","title":"A look back at the biggest news and fun moments in 2018 ","url":"/GMA/News/video/back-biggest-news-fun-moments-2018-59812364"}