Breonna Taylor's family speaks out as protests continue nationwide

People taking to the streets after Taylor's family spoke out, demanding the grand jury transcripts be released.
3:46 | 09/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breonna Taylor's family speaks out as protests continue nationwide
Now to a third night of protests following the grand jury decision in the breonna Taylor shooting. People taking to the streets after Taylor's family spoke out demanding the transcripts be released. Trevor, good morning. Reporter: Good morning. The activists here in Louisville say they want to make the city as uncomfortable as probable. They have the support of thousands of demonstrators all across America who continue to protest and take to the streets. Overnight, Louisville under curfew, demonstrators on the streets for the third night, protesting the grand jury decision not to charge the officers in breonna Taylor's death. Police making arrests, the protests stretching coast to coast. From New York City where demonstrators marched on the Brooklyn bridge, hundreds taking part in a sit down protest. Oh, my god. Reporter: To California where in Oakland, crowds of protesters throwing bottles and cans clashed with police, and in Sacramento, protesters there also demanding justice. Violence in Albuquerque, new Mexico, too, this car driving through an intersection that was blocked by protesters. Breonna's mother taking to Twitter overnight saying I hope you never know the pain of your child being murdered 194 days in a row. In Louisville on Friday, breonna's family speaking out with their first public comments since that grand jury decision. The system as a whole has failed her. Reporter: Her mother, Tamika palmer too emotional to speak. Instead breonna's aunt Bianca making a statement wearing breonna's emt jacket. I was reassured why I have no faith in the system. Reporter: The family of Jacob Blake, the man shot in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We ain't go nowhere. We will not be moved. Reporter: The family demanding the release of the grand jury transcript launching a blistering critique of Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron. How insulting was it on the indictment that Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron didn't mention her name one time. You are a coward. You are a sellout and you were used by the system. Reporter: Breonna Taylor's autopsy confirms she died of multiple gunshot wounds in the police raid of her apartment back in March. The grand jury ruling the shooting was justified because Taylor's boyfriend had fired first. This body camera footage posted to social media by sergeant John Mattingly's lawyer shows the officer getting help outside Taylor's apartment after he was shot. Kentucky representative attica Scott, the state's only black female legislature, has proposed breonna's law, which would ban no-knock warrants. This week Scott and her daughter, among the more than 100 people arrested while protesting in downtown Louisville. I would say to all of the officers what are you doing? Stop it. You're making enemies out of the people who pay you to protect and serve them. Reporter: And Kentucky's governor Andy Beshear is urging the release of the grand jury transcripts. He wants the public to have all the facts, but Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron said he's not going to release the transcripts or any of the evidence at least for now because of a pending trial and an ongoing FBI investigation. Trevor, so many people calling for those transcripts to be released. Thank you so much, Trevor Ault

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"People taking to the streets after Taylor's family spoke out, demanding the grand jury transcripts be released.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73259094","title":"Breonna Taylor's family speaks out as protests continue nationwide","url":"/GMA/News/video/breonna-taylors-family-speaks-protests-continue-nationwide-73259094"}