New closed-door testimony revealed as nation gears up for second week of public hearings

A new witness has now come forward, claiming under oath that Ambassador Gordon Sondland took orders directly from the president.
4:22 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for New closed-door testimony revealed as nation gears up for second week of public hearings
To Washington now for the latest on impeachment. Big week of public hearings ahead. Eight witnesses set to testify including lieutenant colonel Alexander vindman. He sounded the alarm inside the white house after listening in on president trump's July 25th phone call with the Ukrainian president. Also testifying tomorrow, Kurt Volker and on Wednesday, ambassador Gordon sondland. The witness who had the most direct contact with president trump during the pressure campaign on Ukraine. Thursday, Fiona hill, the top white house official will round out the week. All this comes after new closed door testimony this weekend that ties president trump more directly to the push for political investigations from Ukraine. Our senior national correspondent Terry Moran is on capitol hill with the latest. Good morning, Terry. Reporter: Good morning, George. Investigators as you say worked through much of the weekend taking more testimony, sworn testimony behind closed doors. Republicans have been saying the witnesses so far that the public has heard don't tie the president directly, aren't talking about what the president said or did directly. This week that will change. This week the impeachment hearings zero in on a crucial witness, the middleman, U.S. Ambassador to the European union Gordon sondland who could provide explosive public testimony. Sondland is a direct link between the shadow campaign to pressure Ukraine into conducting politically charged investigations and president trump himself. A new witness has now come forward and claimed under oath that sondland, a trump megadonor took his orders directly from the president. Mr. Sondland has to decide whether his primary loyalty is to America or whether his primary loyalty is to the president of the United States. Reporter: In testimony released this weekend Tim Morrison put sondland right at the center of the alleged effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate president trump's political rivals youing Joe Biden using $400 million military aid as leverage. Morrison testified that trump and sondland spoke approximately five times on the phone while that vital military aid was on David Holmes, a top staffer in the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, testified behind closed door Friday that he and others overheard one phone call in which trump asked sondland for an update. Holmes testified that after that call, sondland said the president didn't give an expletive about Ukraine and only cared about big stuff like the Biden investigation that Mr. Giuliani was pushing. Republicans arguing that Democrats are still grasping at straws. I think the Democrats know they're in trouble on this, which is why we keep moving the goalpost. Reporter: That is the argument the investigation keeps moving the goalposts but the investigation also keeps moving closer and closer towards the white house. That's what we'll hear this week. Inside the white house, testimony about what the president said and did. George. Terry, that's why always pointed out ambassador sondland relayed the key witness, testimony over the weekend he had five phone calls with president trump and said in his previous testimony he didn't know they were about the Bidens. One of the big questions will he have to revise that testimony? Reporter: He's already had to go back and correct his closed door testimony it, a lot of I don't recalls and now witnesses heard him talk about, theyay, the Bidens and the president's demands for the Ukrainians to investigate them. He is on the hot seat. A new poll came in showing 70% of the public believes what the president did with Ukraine was wrong, slim majority, 51% say that they now support impeaching and removing president trump from office. One of the big questions going forward is going to be will these hearings make a difference? Will they change people's minds about impeachment right now? Reporter: Well, our poll also shows that 21% of Americans have made up their minds after the first week of testimony. That suggests that they were already locked in or that really the testimony they've heard is enough. But that is a big percentage who still have to make up their mights and 70% say the president did something wrong. The president keeps saying the call was perfect, he did nothing wrong. Our poll suggests that may go down in history with I did not have sex with that woman as the other defense. Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 9:00 eastern.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"A new witness has now come forward, claiming under oath that Ambassador Gordon Sondland took orders directly from the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67102140","title":"New closed-door testimony revealed as nation gears up for second week of public hearings","url":"/GMA/News/video/closed-door-testimony-revealed-nation-gears-week-public-67102140"}