These college students can't vote, but they're dedicated to getting others to vote

United We Dream volunteers canvass Houston, knocking on doors asking residents to vote.
7:23 | 11/01/18

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Transcript for These college students can't vote, but they're dedicated to getting others to vote
I'm sorry you're coming into the country illegally we don't want in the country. It. Arab Americans in their heart. In the mines. In every single way but want. On paper. Greater life. Folks we're talking about bridge and I had hidden in every one who would like to come here it's just that simple. About humanitarian. If there's anyone who's thinking about maybe now holding him. I did what I tell them that their bold and declining did you. I came this country when I was irony. I lived in my entire life I don't know anything. How about where obviously came from and it is very frustrating I don't have a voice in my community I don't have a voice. To change things I'll have a vote. So Kim same reporter working. Including any other city. When yeah tennesseans to remind people about voting and a solution with them issues that are affecting. My community so they can't take that into account when they light bulbs that he was born and he. Let them. A lot of you happy. The opportunity to go out and make change happen. You have a voice and a lot of listening to me down so it is to you and everyone who's listening. To go out and be the voice for people who don't have. Parents brought their children and only there but clothes on their back to the United States put them. He was enrolled in school. And I loved it I was reference to go to an advance war I remember going to my mom that day so happy my mom look look. She looked and me right in my eyes and say. Me call you can't do it. He not a citizen you don't have papers I learned. What I was I learned what was. I was an immigrant I was brought here. For when I learned. What doc a was it was like a beacon of hope. Mr. further action shot at a rival program or daka. Brainy young immigrants temporary condition. To stay and work in the US. But I've been here about doctor for so many years. Some people calling dreamers it's not dreamers. Don't fall into that trap you know we have dreamers do we have dreamers in this country who he can't forget our dream is I have a lot of dreamers here. I was on the way to class. I looked at my phone. And in the notification sense Jeff Sessions has and the doctor. That the Department of Homeland Security should be again and orderly and lawful wind down including the cancellation of the memo. That authorize this broad. Pain and pain anger. There is just a lot. Weighed in Seton. He fight as a push. She used to rescind doc and not all these efforts to make it go away and makes people feel as though. You know what is their best chance what is their hope for continuing to live in a country that they've. Really mostly only known as they're coming home. I knocking on doors to ask the community to go out and it's a barely over alarming and frustrating to see when it's happening in Texas. Poor. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I think he did and here it's not right to give US news and he's looking. It's unfair. In it. We welcoming him racing. Legal immigrants those who wait in line column there. What whatever they want to do want them to be able to do it here the only way to get there is to free them. From the persistent fear under this administration. A being deported doctoral country they've never known. And today I feel they fear of being put to. It's and one thing that I just one something something better. Just think that had been education. That's allowed masterful I just. Want to be let someone else and I'm a post on happy. I mean. The job to provide for that something. And we spend more money deporting a community in these people than we do on her own education you know. My Hamid said it's came here because. We were facing me it probably and I'm glasses will learn how kids who actually made here. You're looking at the end to all of us do walked up and protest in her. This all was transpire. Just recently because of apparently some sort of detention of one of the students by ice. Detaining school. Things and we analyst. I would send tool. Hypertension collection of TV guide in his TV with talking they stood and from his. Being detained and dandy school good luck I was so happy scene in act that was gaining. Help every day was. We hard for me just. Being you know while it's going to happen to me I have no idea if I was going to be born in. If I was going to have you with any school called back excluding easy mind you my mother on this and people in my school. Right now the need for us who confidently I'm afraid to two for our families to come than the deeply that the fear of mean. Still by the cops are risk setting eventually length find their way into the application. It's really necessary and I think our community. Has the power way who made. Those change hands and to face their voices. They have the privilege to do so.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"United We Dream volunteers canvass Houston, knocking on doors asking residents to vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58890827","title":"These college students can't vote, but they're dedicated to getting others to vote","url":"/GMA/News/video/college-students-vote-dedicated-vote-58890827"}