Dangerous winter storm continues to move east

The weather is causing hazardous conditions on the roadways.
2:22 | 12/29/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dangerous winter storm continues to move east
Well, the winter storm is barreling across the country causing dangerous conditions on the road. More to come for the new year. Rob is here with what's going on. Rob, we're looking at the new year's eve forecast. Some folks will have a hard time with it. Most folks will see this thing clear up. It's been a slow go. It's growing in size now covering about a third of the country. Severe weather down to the south. Winds gusting 60 miles an hour across parts of the north. On the back side near blizzard conditions shutting down highways. Reporter: Overnight a winter storm slamming parts of the midwest with snow and rain. In Colorado heavy snow snarling traffic for miles in Denver. Low visibility and strong winds making the roads dangerous. Some drivers stranded on the sides of highways. Icy roads in Minnesota sending this school bus pulling a trailer slipping and sliding in the middle of the road. Authorities warning of extreme ice. Telling drivers to stay off the roads. It's a tornado. Reporter: In Oklahoma a possible tornado touching down just outside Oklahoma City. The powerful winds leaving a trail of damage. The roof of this home ripped off. In Texas KCBD catching this heart-stopping moment as a tractor-trailer loses control plowing into a vehicle. State troopers responding to an earlier accident. Watch again as the 18 wheeler slides on its side two people were injured, including one of the troopers. Both expected to be okay. That is good news. Frightening stuff. In Denver they've had a dry December as far as snow. It was going to go on record as the driest since 1906. This happened. A couple inches there now. Slicking up the roadways and vans crashing into vehicles. Dangerous go of it in Denver. With the storm expanding look at over 20 states have alerts including new ones in the northeast including ice storm warnings. Upper midwest heavy snow. Near blizzard conditions. Another stormy day in the warm sector. We've had all this warmth. That rain will stretch into the northeast tonight and tomorrow. A lot of pink. That's the ice storm warnings. It continues right through new year's eve into new year's day. It will be windy and blustery. Could see some power outages. Whit, back over to you. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"The weather is causing hazardous conditions on the roadways.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67966930","title":"Dangerous winter storm continues to move east","url":"/GMA/News/video/dangerous-winter-storm-continues-move-east-67966930"}