New details on Mueller's questions for Trump

President Trump's legal team developed the roughly four dozen questions after meeting with investigators from the special counsel's office.
4:06 | 05/01/18

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Transcript for New details on Mueller's questions for Trump
Great dancing on the first night. Breaking news, that news on the Russia investigation. "The New York Times" published a list of at least four dozen questions Robert Mueller likely wants to ask president trump and cover everything from trump's firing of James Comey to collusion with Russia during the campaign and trump avenue businesses. Our chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas is in Washington with the latest. Good morning, Pierre. Reporter: George, good morning. Today we have more details on the kinds of questions that the special counsel likely wants the president to answer and it is clear the stakes are incredibly high. ABC news has confirmed a list of roughly four dozen questions, first obtained by "The New York Times" that describe the issues special counsel Bob Mueller wants to address with the president. The questions were developed by trump's legal team after they recently met with investigators from the special counsel's office. They met with Mueller's investigators and they went through subject after subject after subject they wanted to ask about and what the president's lawyers did is they wrote down all of these things and they came up with these 49 questions. Reporter: The topics include the firing of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, the firing of FBI director James Comey and questions about Russia. Flynn who pled guilty to lying about his conversations with Russian ambassador kislyak has been cooperating with the special counsel. Among the questions Mueller apparently wants to know, what efforts were made to reach out to in Flynn about seeking immunity or a possible pardon? On the firing of former director James Comey, Mueller likely to ask when was the decision made? Why? Who played a role and what did you mean when you told Russian diplomats firing Mr. Comey had taken the pressure off? These potential questions get to the heart of Mueller's investigation. Was the president trying to obstruct justice? In essence was he trying to cover up ties to Russian answer what does the president know about any possible collusion? George. Thanks very much. Let's bring in Dan Abrams and not surprising, Dan, the president is already up and tweeting. Let's put this up from the president right now. He says, so disgraceful the questions concerning the Russian witch-hunt were leaked to the media. No questions on Cloe Lucien. Oh, I see you have made up phony crime collusion that never existed and an investigation begun with illegally leaked -- No question these leaks did not come from Mueller's team but trump's team. How do we know that? In "The New York Times" article they make it very clear this came from a list of questions that Mueller's team read to them and so trump's team created this list that was then leaked by someone outside of trump's defense team but no question it came from trump's side. No question also that it covers everything you would have expected Mueller to be covering. Including collusion. I mean, the president is saying there's no collusion and yet there is a specific question related to Paul manafort -- Let's put that up. What knowledge did you have of any outreach by your campaign including by Paul manafort to Russia about potential assistance to the campaign. It goes to the heart of the issue. That Mueller has been investigating from the beginning. You read these questions, and you say to yourself, there is simply no way the president can sit down with Robert Mueller and answer all of these questions. Why? Because he's going to inevitably contradict himself at the very least meaning questions why did he fire James Comey? On the one hand he has said he fired him based on he was thinking about Russia and then Ator in time said it was based on a memo because of the way he handled the Hillary Clinton investigation. You could argue maybe it was a little bit of both, but if it was related to Russia, then he's got a potential issue. That suggests a potential mow fifth for a possible leak as well. We've known trump's lawyers consistently including John dowd said you cannot sit down for an interview. Any rational person reads these questions and says, the president simply cannot do the interview with Robert Mueller. Dan Abrams, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"President Trump's legal team developed the roughly four dozen questions after meeting with investigators from the special counsel's office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54847823","title":"New details on Mueller's questions for Trump","url":"/GMA/News/video/details-muellers-questions-trump-54847823"}