Dick's Sporting Goods to no longer sell assault-style rifles

CEO and Chairman Edward Stack tells 'GMA' why the sporting goods retailer will also no longer sell firearms to anyone younger than 21.
3:26 | 02/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dick's Sporting Goods to no longer sell assault-style rifles
Want to go to our interview with Ed stack. He's the chairman and CEO of dick's sporting good, the nation's largest sporting goods retailer and he released an open letter announcing dick's will no lnger sell assault style Rives or no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21 or no longer sell high capacity magazines. A dramatic move. Why are you taking it. Thanks for having me today to talk about this and as we -- as we looked at what happened down in parkland and we were so disturbed and saddened by what happened, we felt we needed to do something and so we've decided not to sell these assault weapons any longer in any of our stores and the other things we talked about. Yeah, and the shooter down in parkland actually bought a gun at a dick's store, not the assault weapon. Right, he did and he bought a shotgun from us back in November. And it wasn't the gun nor was it the type of gun that he used in the shooting, but when that happened, we realized that the system -- and we did everything by the book. We did everything that the law required and still he was able to buy a gun. He was still able to buy a gun and when we looked at that, we said the system that is are in place across the board just aren't effective enough to keep us from selling someone a gun like that. And so we decided we wouldn't sell assault-style Rives. Any regret you didn't take a move like this sooner. After Newtown you had a temporary shutdown of it. We said we would temporarily take them out of the dick's sporting goods stores. They haven't been back but in 2013 we developed a chain field and stream, full on complete hunting and outdoor store and put them in those stores but based on what's happened and looking at those kids and parents, it moved us all unimaginably and to think about the loss and the grief that those kids and those parents had, we said we need to do something and we're taking these guns out of all of our stores permanently. Though chance you'll reverse this. Never. Are you ready for the backlash? We are and we know this isn't going to make everyone happy but when we take a look at what those kids and the parents and the heroes in the school, what they did and our view was if the kids can be brave enough to organize like this we can be brave enough to take them out of here. You want congress to act as well. We do and we hope they'll act and pull "Together forevesomething together. We don't want one side espousing their position and the other side espousing theirs and they never do anything. We hope congress will come together. It's a complex issue. It's about mental health reform and it's around background checks and we hope they come together with the intent of really finding a solution to this problem as opposed to just talking about it knowing that they're never going to do anything, just speak to their base. It's clear you believe right now you can support the second amendment, still do more to protect schools. Yeah. We are staunch supporters of it and oil a gun owner myself but decided based on what happened and with these guns we don't want to be a part of this story and we've eliminated these guns permanently. A big move, Ed stack, thanks for sharing that with us. As the students return to

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"CEO and Chairman Edward Stack tells 'GMA' why the sporting goods retailer will also no longer sell firearms to anyone younger than 21.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53409106","title":"Dick's Sporting Goods to no longer sell assault-style rifles","url":"/GMA/News/video/dicks-sporting-goods-longer-sell-assault-style-rifles-53409106"}