Elizabeth Warren kicks off first campaign event in Iowa

Sen. Warren campaigns in a key caucus state a week after launching an exploratory committee for a 2020 presidential run.
4:16 | 01/05/19

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Transcript for Elizabeth Warren kicks off first campaign event in Iowa
Joining us now ABC news chief political analyst Matthew dowd. For once he's in the studio with us. Are we going to do the Ocasio dance? I'll let you do it. I'll dance on the inside. You're always dancing on the inside. Let's start here not with that congresswoman but with the other congresswoman who was mentioned in that piece, congresswoman tlaib out of Michigan, your home state. You have written a column on abcnews.com calling on her to apologize. Tell us about that. I was born in the district she represents in Detroit. I understand sort of grittiness and this sort of chip on the shoulder thing and why people are responding to Donald Trump because he's degraded discourse in this country. It doesn't do any good to sink to that level and utilize those words and in that way. And I think she is much better off even politically if you just take a look at not using those words but politically I think she doesn't accomplish her goals of what she wants in congress by doing that because she just forces the other side to respond to her, so even politically and just from a personal way, I don't think it helps our country and the discourse we have. Let me ask you about other news breaking overnight in the world of politics, Massachusetts senator Democrat Elizabeth Warren campaigning in the great state of Iowa. This makes her the first declared democratic presidential candidate to hit the stump in Iowa. We're expecting this to be a very, very, very, very crowded field, perhaps a dozen or two or three democratic candidates. How do you like Warren's odds in this field? I think she was really smart for a couple of reasons, first to get out there first. She had huge crowds last night, standing room over, overflow crowds in Iowa. She's ideologically aligned with a major part of the democratic caucus, a major part of the party and I think being a woman this year in 2020 will be a huge asset. Two-thirds of the democratic voters will be women and she has an advantage. The question for her and for all the candidates are going to run is how do they do under the glare of the spotlight of a national campaign because we never really know. Some candidates that you thought were going to be great fade and some candidates we had no idea about rise to the occasion. So I think she will be in the top tier as it goes forward but the question is, does she perform well under the spotlight? Yeah, anybody making predictions at this point is on thin ice. Especially as you say we'll have dozens candidates. Absolutely. So let's finish here with the government shutdown because this is really the dominant political story of the moment. Both sides are digging in. We've been saying that now for more than two weeks. Do you have a sense of who is going to blink first given all of the talking we heard publicly yesterday? Well, the lead-in to this, as you saw, Nancy Pelosi and the president don't seem to be blinking at all in this in the days ahead. We're about to next Friday. This coming Friday we're about to set a record on the shutdown. The previous record has been 21 days. What I think the best outcome is at some point as you said TSA people aren't getting paid. Air traffic controllers who are getting more irritable and aren't getting paid isn't good for anybody especially people who travel is that they don't give him the funding he wants for the wall but they give him the words he can use to claim that he won this debate. I think Donald Trump isn't fundamentally interested in actually the policy of this. He's interested in a victory and if they give him some route where he can claim victory is the only way out. What would that look like? They would have to do it in such a way that language would provide him an out and ability to say, see, I won and they don't do what he wants but I think at this point in time both sides are backed in a corner. Both sides are standing firm and could see it going on and set not only a record but for a month or two or three months as the president said himself. There's real human suffering here, we should not forget. I think Americans -- at some point Americans are going to tune in and really focus on this and then feel the impact of this. They're going -- when this happens both sides are going to have to come to the table. Great to have you here. You're always welcome to dance. Can I see you dance first? I have a pulled hammy. You can do the shoulders. Do the shoulders. Yeah, well, I'm a little tight. Thank you, Matt. I appreciate it. They're telling me we have to wrap. They don't want to see me dance, I appreciate it. Thanks. Anything to get out of there.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Sen. Warren campaigns in a key caucus state a week after launching an exploratory committee for a 2020 presidential run.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60177726","title":"Elizabeth Warren kicks off first campaign event in Iowa","url":"/GMA/News/video/elizabeth-warren-kicks-off-campaign-event-iowa-60177726"}