Families speak out after losing loved ones to conspiracy theories

People are opening up about how QAnon, a baseless conspiracy theory, has caused rifts in their families and impacted their personal lives.
4:20 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for Families speak out after losing loved ones to conspiracy theories
We're back with a look at the qanon, the baseless conspiracy theory and how it's impacting some family, even tearing them apart. According to one estimate last year qanon related Facebook groups grew to at least 1.7 million members. That was until the social media giant started removing them in the fall. T.J. Holmes is here with more. Good morning, T.J. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. Look, criminals, thugs, insurrectionist, rioters but when some see that video of the siege they see their husband, they say their father, son, brother, people they say they've lost in qanon in some cases and some believe it's the time to try to get them back. Symbols of Q among the angry mob that invaded the U.S. Capitol. Fired up by the misplaced belief that trump won the election. The aftermath of that day offers a glimpse into the I remember packet qanon is having on some families. This l.a.-based filmmaker says he grew up in a conservative Christian family in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas. We weren't allowed to watch secular media. A lot of the teachings. Reporter: His mother was especially devout. I felt a lot of love. Reporter: Experts say qanon followers have swelled in numbers since the onset of the pandemic. Jeremiah says his mother was one of them. She started saying, you know, the government's trying to silence us by wearing masks and, you know, China is behind this. Reporter: The baseless qanon conspiracy theory began with the false belief that Donald Trump was secretly battling a cabal of Satan worshiping pedophiles but they've touted a wide range of theories claiming Hollywood elites are operating a global sex trafficking ring, others about the assassination of JFK and existence of ufos. This makes no sense and point out but for her there's always an explanation or she's like you'll be proven wrong. Reporter: Jeremiah blames qanon for being the final rift that destroyed his relationship with his mother. I feel like qanon has been the final blow. Reporter: Jeremiah is far from alone. This Reddit support group called xaz casualties has over 100,000 people sharing their personal stories. It's official, my family is cutting connections with my grandmother. Another says both my parents are part of Q and I feel helpless. It's a place to go to understand why this happened to your loved one. What they're going through, what they fell into and that we have a community of people who can commiserate with you, can help you through this process. Reporter: Many qanon followers falsely believed that there would be some sort of last-minute intervention to keep Donald Trump in office. All part of a preordained plan but experts say the transition of power provides prime opportunity to start to repair broken relationships. People are recognizing that things didn't happen as they were predicted and that there are different groups that are forming and going in different directions, some groups are turning on trump. Some groups are turning on each other. So this is a real test of patience and it's also a real test of love because what is going to work is reaching out with unconditional love and acceptance. We reached out to jeer my's mom, did not hear back. Dr. Young says if you talk to a family member, you need to listen, mocking further drives them into these groups and we have to remember this is the group that thought JFK Jr. Was going to come back from the dead and be Donald Trump's running mate and thought the military would stop the inauguration and keep trump in power and the FBI has said qanon groups like this do pose a domestic threat. But to say what she said again about if a family member -- don't mock, you know, even though we shake our heads and go how can you believe -- you really have to have unconditional love. They are saying that is so key. What is giving an opening with these group is they feel like outsiders. Don't push them further to these groups. Thank you for that.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"People are opening up about how QAnon, a baseless conspiracy theory, has caused rifts in their families and impacted their personal lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75511236","title":"Families speak out after losing loved ones to conspiracy theories","url":"/GMA/News/video/families-speak-losing-loved-conspiracy-theories-75511236"}