Female gamers fight back against sexual harassment

Some top female gamers are starting a new campaign to fight in-game sexual harassment and create a more inclusive online gaming community.
3:19 | 04/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Female gamers fight back against sexual harassment
Thank you, GU we're going too to story aboutgamers fig back. Millions of womenre reporting harassment within multibillion dollar gaming siness and man are now joining forces tackle the problem head . ABC's erielle reshef is in Chicago story. Hey, erielle. Reporter: Manyom gather here in Chicago last night to try to put stop to what they says incessant sexual harassment. They're calling themselves the bully hunters goingundercov and going after some ofse would-be harassers in the game. Online gaming. It's a multibillion dollar industry and more than 40% of gameorldwide are women. Many of those female gam claim in-game sexual harassm is rampant. Comm like these so lewd we have to bleep . Back in the kitchen and take your [ bleands off a videogame. Reporter: Some of those S aren't just saying me too,y're sayingame on. Enter T B hunters. These are the B hunters. They're some of the female gamers in thentire world but they're so afraid of reprisal ey're concealiir identities. They're a vie hit squad who banded together to end Al harassment in their sphere starting with counterstrike global offensive developing bullyunters. Ieen a LEM. Rter: Natalie Casanova is a renowned gamer and goes by zombieunicorn. You changed your name because ofharassment. Used to go by M real name miss Casanova and it's cool, right but be harassed all the time. Reporter: She says she's been a victim of in-game sexual harassment for Y and to create tools to fight. Just really wanted to do something tart changing T status quo like doingething standing up, taking action becaifon't do anything nothing ever change. Reporter: The bully hunters launing their mission overnight Chicago, streaming live as female gamers reported abuse in realtimeo bully hunters.or within an houhis gamer says she was rgeted. So this comment, W this sexual in Na? Oh, yeah. It's usually when becomes harassment it's derogatory. There's trash talk which I'm going to get you or I'm coming after but when it become sexual interns it becomes really comfortable. Rhe bully hunters called to action. ING what T group calls their unmatched skill toeat an alleged harassern the game. In-game sexual harassment rienced by female gamers can take a ll. There's tons of research out there th shows that women experience depr, this C impact their work performance, their jobperfnce, their physical health and their relationshwith oth people so sexual harassment is V insidious and has very far-reaching consequence Reporter: Organizers tell us thully hunter will make online gaming aaf spaceor ture generations. And we reachut to the makers of csg and have neard back. By the end ofhe live stream they had 50,00vi they're hoping other elite gamers will join in global vementstamp out sexual harassment. That is some response. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Some top female gamers are starting a new campaign to fight in-game sexual harassment and create a more inclusive online gaming community. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54433991","title":"Female gamers fight back against sexual harassment ","url":"/GMA/News/video/female-gamers-fight-back-sexual-harassment-54433991"}